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Full text of "The third Greek delectus; or, New Analecta majora, with Engl. notes by F.E.J. Valpy"

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PrioB 14f . (id, in boards, or 15$. (xL hound. 


Thb Public ti here presented with the third and last of a Series 
of Collections from the Writers of Ancient Oreeee ; and with 
90 mall cooiidence it is respectfally informed, thtit u thorough 
perusal o€ this coarse of Greek stndj will ^vn the reader aa 
efficient insight into the beauty of the Greek language and inta 
the style of the Greek writers, and will enable th** scholiir to 
pemse the aepomle works q£ aaeh aatbor with much facility nnd 

'ome have indeed called in qirestion (he utility of Se!ectioil% 
and preferred confining the attention of their pnpils to the integral 
wrtttags of particular authors. But the %'ery gea«ral taate for 
idaiefibus is a proof of the inaccuracy of such an opindan, and tba 
inconvenience of soeh a mode of instruction. When indeed the 
scholar has well grounded himself in the lunguagv, tben it it 
proper for him to gather with no unsparing hand the foil harvest 
oi its ample field. Bat Euripides and Plato, Thocydides and 
Herodotus are not only important, bnt voluminous, writers: 
and the complete perusal of these authors, to say nothing of 
others, must, if T mistake not, be left to private study rather 
than to public instruction. In any way, only particular parts of 
the vorks of voluminous Greek authors can, from the nature 
of the case, be read at schools ; particular plays must be chosen 



from the tlmmattc writers, particular books from the historians, 
particwlar orations from the orators ; and what is this, after ad, 
hut a selection, a series of Analucta ? 

It must be observed in addition, that the Greek writers arc not 
only copious in their productions, but varied in their styles. How 
dilTerent is Horaer from Theocritus, Herodotus from Thucydides! 
This variety in style is surely best consulted by selections from 
various authors. 

The censure therefore of selections generally is totally unrea- 
sonable. Particular selections indeed may be conducted under 
bad taste and wrong judgment : but this is a very different point 

of (letermin&tion. 

I proceed then to the present selection : which is indeed already 
in a great measure sanctioned by public approbation, for it is con- 
structed on the basis of the Prose and Poetical Analecta Majors 
of Professor Dalzel, which have met with great approbation. 

It has been found advisable however to make here some new 
selections, and to omit some of those of the Professor. Indeed 
Bishop Blomlield and Professor Dunbar have already made alter- 
ations in these selections, and it appeared proper that others 
should take place. Most of the authors introduced afford in- 
stances of similar alteration in the present volume. It was thought 
right to omit altogether the selections from Aristotle. Such works 
as the Rhetorics and the Poetics can only be profitably read in 
private study, and must in general be reserved for maturer con- 
sideration at a later age. Besides, to make selections iVom an 
author, whose writings present so strict a continuity of argumen- 
tative reasoning, almost involves the same absurdity as would 
















arise rn>m making selections fmni Ksclid hiratdf; and tlie 
Poetics are of so eoneiie and ab«truse a iiatufd as to require an 

extended commentanr. 


In the Poettoil |>art8« instead of presenting the reader with 
complete dranius, I huve made selections from the less common 
plajs of Euripides, from every surviving play of iSsdiyltts and 8o> 
phocles, und from most of those of Aristophanes. The Cpigraaia, 
which formed a large part of the st^cond Yolume of Daisel, hate 
also been omitted. Curtailments it was naeMtary to make: ami 
it seemed preferable to remove what forms no part of University 

It seems unnecessary to say more of the present Selection ; but of 
the Notes we must make some mention. Tbeir grt^at object hat 
been invahubly that of I'TiLlTY : und if this has bM» attained, 
if snch is (heir churacter, the intention of the editor has been fully 


In the first place, the Notes are in Engliiih ; which is of im 
little moment. Lutiii notes contain a labor in tbcmM^ives, and 
tke pupil is unwilling T^trdflyxt it^Hv «^ra». This is a matter of 
fact, of universal observution r and it is astonishing that there has 
been on this point so long and continued a violation of good aeotO 
and diseretioD. 

I have chosen rather to account for ellipses und uther deviations 
from strict gnunroutical order, than to refer to other works for 
their solution. Nineteen out of twenty students never think of 
taking the trouble to refer to other ptiblicatioris: and indeed I 
should pity the interminiihle trouble of the scholar, who. led on by 
reference from one work to nnother, is sure never to come to the 
Jnal. iir. Maj. t 



end of his toils. This is a labor improhus^ which requires more 
incessant efTort than the >Jia.i ava<S^f of poor Sisyphus. 

Some may think that the Notes are too explanatory. I mast 
differ from them. Having experienced the crowd of diOficulties, 
of a greater or smuUer degree, which impede the progress of the 
student. I have been willing to lighten his burdens and smooth 
the asperity of his way. It may be said that too little is left for 
the ingenuity of the scholar. This will be his own fault : for he 
certainly ought not to consult the Notes, until he has endeavored 
to extract himself the meaning of the text, and then he will either 
feel a satisfaction in finding his own thoughts confirmed, or will 
receive profit in having thera corrected : and this is one great 
advantage of placing the Notes at tlie end of the work. I can 
promise the scholar, however, that he shall not have to complidn 
that the easier passages are explained, while those of greater 
diHiculty are passed over. I have on all occasions been desirous 
of confessing a difficulty, where there has been one; and I hope 
that not an obscurity remains unnoticed either in the sense or in 
the construction. 

I have freely availed myself of the remarks of the commentators. 
Indeed they are to be considered as common property for the 
use of students; and those writers are led by very false and fas- 
tidious feelings, who do not chose to borrow from the light which 
preceding critics have shed on the n^bttlte of the ancients. 

The long marks over the penultima of words will alTord instruc- 
tion to the pupil in the prosody of the Greek language. 

For general Etymology, History and Geography, the reader will 
consult the approved writers on these branches of learning. 

.">• ' 


• ■ ■ ' 

Book Chapter 


. I. 26-45 

■ ■ • 





II. 19—29 

I tU. ' 


.-i» . ' • . \ 


'n\*,. I 


VI. 109—117 • 

VII. 8—12 




Book Chapter 

i^NQPHOX.- ExpeditioDofCyros. I. 1. 

2. §1,2.4,5 . 

§ 2S^-27 

'■''''''"'■ •• 4. § 6-18 

5. § 1—3 

II. 6. 



Book CBapter 

XEKOPHON.— Memoirs of Soeratos. I. 1, 

2. §1-3 
§ 12—16 
§ 24—28 
§ 48. 49 
§ 51, 52 
§ 56—50 
§ 62—64 
8. § 2—7 
4. § 2—7 
§ 10—14 
§ 17-19 

II. 1. § 21—33 

7. § 13, 14 

III. 1. § 4—7 

IV. 8. § 11 

ISOGRATES,— Advice to DemonicHft 

PLATO.— Menexenas 

Pheedo, §146-156 . 
Cratylu8, § 31 — 38 (with varions omissions) 

§ 43, 49. 53—55 

§ 57—60 

§ 63, 75, 77 . 


DEMOSTHENES.— The First Oration against Philip 
The First Olyntbiac Oration 
The Second Olyntbiac Oration 


. 68 

. 68 

. 69 

. 69 

. 70 

. 71 

. 71 

. 72 

. 73 

. 74 

. 75 

. 76 

. 77 

. 80 

. 81 

. 81 

. 82 

. 83 

. 90 
. 106 
. 119 
. 123 
. 125 
. 126 

. 128 
. 140 
. 147 


^&TSIAS^--Onitio« aguwl EmiMUieQM 

Book Clwptar 

tHUCYDIDES— I. 1—23 

II. 34-51 
VII. 10-15 


§ 7-9 

§ U2, 14. 16, 18 

§ %, 35, 44 

THEOPHRASTUS.— From his Characters 


. 172 
. 184 
. 197 

. 211 
. 212 
. 216 
. 219 

. 203 

PART il. 

1 - 

Book Vene 


HOMER.— Odyssey. I. . . . 

. 238 

VII. 81—132 

. 241 

IX. . 

. 243 

* XI. 384-639 

. 250 

XII. 39-52 



. 267 


HfSIOD.— The Works and Days. 1—199 


The Theogony. 617—806 

. 274 

Book V«m 


. 279 


. 280 

II. 178-310 

. 282 

HI. 1—5 

. 286 


. 287 


Book Ver«« 

4P0LLON1US RHODIUS. III. 367-471 - a. 

^.M. 744—765 


' The Golden Verses of PYTHAGORAS . 

Hyran of CLEANTHES to Jupiler 

Hymn of C ALLIMACHUS to Jupiter 

Hymn of ARISTOTLE to Virtue 

Hymn of ARIPHRON to HenUh 

Ode of ERINNA to Bravery 

Ode of BACCHYLIDES ou Peace 
I Epitaph on Prote ..... 
^0de of CALLISTRATUS to Harmodius and Aristogeitoa 

B^aen Lament by SIMONIBES 

SAPPHO.— Ode to Venus 

Rapture of a Lover 

THEOCRITUS. -(The selected Idyls specified) . 
PINDAR,— (.The selected Odes specified) . . 

y Ver»e 

'iEURlPIDES.— Alcestis. (Beck's Edition) 750—863 




Iphigenia in Aulide, 
lphi;^eiiia io Tauris, 


374 -4m 
392— 45.5 
l*)feJJ— 1152 






— ADtigoBe,(BiiiDck'tEd.) 681-^723 




. 400 

■- . 



. 408 


. 406 



. 406 


. 410 

■ •• • 



. 411 



. 416 


CEdipus TyraDDus 


. 422 


. 424 

t •« if. 

(Edipus GoloDeos 



«■■ :' 




-Agamemnon, (Sehiitx Ed.) 600--62Sr 




. 433 

T' '.^' 




<'n'* :■■■:■, ■ 





. 449 




. 450 

•', ■ 



. 454 



. 457 

Seven against Thebes 


. 450 

AftlSTOPHANES.-PIotos (Bninck'i 

1 Ed.) 1—148 

. 4^ 



. 470 

#• ' ■ 




' ". 



. 491 

\ 4' 



. 508 




. 507 




. 510 

EMolish Notbs 

t • • 




and io be had of a!t Booksellers. 
SECOND GREEK DELECTUS; or, New Analbcta Minora. 

8fo. Price 'Js.6d. 

Tliifl Work is intended Io be read in schools jifter Dr. Valpy's Greek Ddectiu. It 
reUkina • tliird of ihe Gicek of Dalzel's Auakcla Miooraj and derives tlic leroiunder uf gla 
Text from oiher iwaurceA. 'J'be Nolcs arc in English, explanatory of the SjinUx wiJ 
difficultie* of ibe Greek, an<i are placed by themselves at the end of ihe Text. The 
Lexicon t» Greek and iCngliah ; and it almost Ltnivcrsally facilitateB the rBniembrancd of 
tlie words of the Greek Text bj the ioicrtion of words derij-ed from tliero in Latin or in 
English, tmct by a careful inTeaiigaiiun of thdr drrivaiiun. All auch difficult parts 
of verbs aj occur in the Work are pat in ihdr alphabetical order, and refened to ilicir 
proper leuae and root. 

* The extracta are from the beat aulliora, and the work is excellenilj compiled.' — 
Gnllematt'* MaigaaHe. 

SECOND LATIN DELECTUS, to connect the Ddectui 
tnd the Anaiectn Ltttina M<V4^ra. With English Note«. Bvo. fis. hound. 

GREEK EXERCISES; or, an Introduction to Greek Composi- 
tion; to arranged aa to lead (he Studeot from the elements df Gratiimiir to the highest 
part* of Syntax. In tibis work the Greek uf the Words is not a|>pendcd Io the Text, but 
fefprred to % Lexicon at llie end. Second Edition, in which raan^ important imitrove- 
j airnta are made, and specimens of the Greek dialects, and tli« Critical Canuna of Dawea 
Ifiad Por»oa are added, tis. (id. l2nio. bound. — A KEY may be had» Price S«. Bcf. 
1 ' Tliii work erinccs so much taleni, learning, and laborioua industry, and is, iu our 
opinioQ, so calculated to facilitate the piogreEia of Students in acc|mring a thorough 
i iaowlege of the Greek Language, that vve think we shall he conferring a general benefit 
I by exerting our utmott endeavors to bring it into public notice. As to the original porticm 
I m tbe vrorkf Mr. Valpy claimii attention to his illustration of the ' radical force and 
' Bieanings' of the Greek preposition} ; this is doi«! with conaJderable abiliiv and ifigenuity. 
1'ho dejsftrtment of the book wluch treats of >vntax metiis our uinitialilicd approbatioa, 
ixith for lis learning, conectness, and clearness. — LUcran/ Vknmittt, Dec. lB2Q* 


OUAGE, adapted to the Memory of the Student by means of dedvatiotis and dcriva- 
ClTea, pasaages from the ClaiMca] Writers, and other asiociationt. 8to. tO«. 6d. 


LANGUAGE. 8to. ISj. 6rf. 

' We can safety and coufidenily recommend this publication to our readers aa a useful 
ind vahiable work. It dispUvi contiderable research and erudition, and deserves to find 
m place in the library of tycry general reader, as well «a the classtcai adiQlv.*» 

' The author of the volume before a» hue made a very useful book— aotbisg of the kind 

kaa hitherto been introduced to schools— compiled from a variety of books, most uf which 

«r« beyond the reach of numtyers, and quite useless to leamera — not (hat we mean (O 

] iDsinuate the volume is wholly borrowed, for the autlior has shown considerable sagacity, 

I mild, occaftionally, no little dexterity. In (be preface, be proves that tlie Latin und Greek 

•re relaiive iangua^^es — mother and daughter — not sisters or cousins — by a very obvious 

nnd satisfactory process. The great merit of the book— and it is a very great merit — ia 

the EngHih explanations, free, and full, of the sense of the words, according to their 

■ origin and cunipositiou, wheie that origin and composition are distiuctlj traceable.*— 

EPITOME SACUiE Hl.STORLE, ia Usum Scholarani, 
EogUali Noice. Fwrth Edition. 2i. 


The Fortunes of Crasus. 

Kfi^Jff^f ** o *A\'jaTTito, iritov i a>v fjXiiciijv virr* Jto) r^i- 
ijMOvrat* o^ ^ 'JRXXi)vafy wpanuvt * nrt^'xaro *R^%cUtv*. 

WXif T^ 'ApTtfAih, ** «^a\|iAottrrrf tx r«3 vyiw ^')(jnvUv ig to 
rfr;jjo^. i^Tt ^ '/iCTafw i^y Tt iraXouSj^* iroXio^, 17 T»r« 
cirtXiopic^o, xa\ roO yi]«u, ittm rr«^*i. Uftnrtuvi ft^n ^ 

*l«m>r rf xai ^lox/wv, ' ^XXoiti aXX<9c^* air/otf ixi^i^toy' * r/ay 
^^y £8vyaro fiH^ovag xa^su^iVxeiy, jtAi^ovcc «?raiTi(u^fyojr, Tor<ri 
^ avrff<»r xa) ^aDXa iR-i^g^«»y. ** 'ilf ^\ a^ ol i» rv) 'Atrit^ 
"'J^XXijvsy xarefTTf^a'^aro e^' ^fj(>m aTayooyrjy, to «v5eOr»y iTi- 
§♦*€, y««s iro<i]<r<3(juiyof, itn^nptttv to7o"i yi}<ri<ir>|flri. *Eovtwv 
Zi »• xotyrtsy EToijtieuv »( t?}v yaoxijynjv, ol fiiy /l/a»ra X«/«^^ 
w U^tyjvia airixo'fiiyoy i^* Z^f^if , o{ Si //irroxoy Toy iViru- 
Xigff«My, §\ptiJLt¥9tj XjjoiVou ' 1/ ri tft) ¥MTtpt^v xtp] T^y '^X- 
A^vSait ffiroWa reiof, xarar0ti><r<xi Tt)y yauT>;y(>)v' "*/l ^ot^riXtO, 
^^ fri}4rM(»Tai frrdy <rt>y<uyfovrai fxu^lr^v, ig Xaphf t# xaJ iir} ci 
^f t^^YTSS fv »w ^r^T«tW6«i.*' Kpor<r*y «», ^ iXTiVayra Xiytiw 
cxuirM' dXii^Itt, fiTiTy * •* A\ ykp tovto deoi Toi^jViiay irj yo«y 
iri)4ri«Bri7tri, cX(SeTy fx2 yluOfTjy waT^a^* (riiv ticvoi^tS^ Tlv S^, 
^oXa^oyrft ^ya»* **'/J ^aeriXfv, 7r^6tj/ji«»^ fwi ^alvtat 
ft»^a<r^!9(i wifTtaiTas lirxttJ^fAivovif Xa^cTy ly ijVf/poi, MxoVa 
<AT/2|(Hiy. Xritrtmraij Si r/ doxffi^ ft!;i^fa-da( aXXo> if, irii r« 
/fxtf/. GV. ^Wiy. A 




Ta;^i<rTa stu^ovto <re jtisXTvovra stt) v^itri vauwriysuj-^at viag, 

TJtrelptp oIxijjtAevrtJV 'JBXXvJvfOJ/ TiVojvra/ ere, *" tow? (To ^ouXaxrag 
§^stg ;' KdpTOL n ijV^Tjvai KpoHa-ov rtS " gwiXo-yco* xa/ oi 
(7rpn<r(^ui(o$ yoip Zo^ai T^sysiv) Trst^o^tvuv, Ta6<ra<r0ai rSjy 
»flev?ry^7»r^5. /vat owra* toTiti rot^ vrjtrou^ oixij/Agvoitri "Itairt 

rmv SVT05 "^-IXuof TTOTa^ou oiXTj/u.eVwv* (fl-Ti-^v ya^ KiXixwv xa) 
AuxtmVf Tovs aXXoo^ xavrotf utt' ewutu> £7;^6 xaroto'TpE'^'a/Aevoff 
KpaTrog' eW) 8^ oiSs, ^uSo), ^pvysg, Mlkto), A/a^/avSuvo}, 

Kapsg,''lwvsst Jltopteeg, AioT^iss^ IJa^ipOTioi') HCcr£<rTpoifJLfxivfov 
hi Tourwv, xa) TTpoa-eTrtXTwfxivov Kp<n<rotj Av^oltn, oltixv&ovtoh 
is Xap^ig axixa'^wa-ag ttXouto) a.'KT^oi re oi iravTig fx r^^ 
'-fiXXa^oj ^ a"0(p*<rTai, 01 toutov tov ^plmv iTX)y)(avQv eovreg, 
'^ wg exoLtTTog auTStav ctTrixviatrQ' xa) Si] xa) ^o'Xrov, avry^ 
*ylfl>)vaToj, og '^Sr^vaionri vofioog X€7^s6<rdfn 7ro<>3«raj, aTe6>;'^i5<re 
frsa Six a, ' xara (iempirig 7rp6<f)ouriv exTrXwcrag^ tva hi) fxiQ Ttvet 
T«>y vofxmv avayxacr^j} Xutra* * real' eSfro. auroi yap * oiix oTo» 
Tfi ijcoev auTo rro»r,Tai '^^S^jvaro** hpxiaieri yap {xeydXaKn xarei- 
^ovTiif 8sxa 6T£a pjjpTjtrecrQa* vofAtntrt Touy ai* <r^4 J^oXcuv 

^urcow 8>) <5y TovTou' xal T>)f ^nopiTig exhrifAi^irag ZoXeov 
iXviXiVt ig Alyuirrov airixiro itapa "Afxairtv, "xa) hi] xat ig 
Xoiphtg vapcL Kpti(Tav. OLTrixofLti/og Ss, e^eml^eTo ev roTiri 
j3a<r<X>;«»i<r< 6x0 toO Kpoitrou' jLtera 8^, "»3*/a£^ "^P^"^ '*3 TSTa^ry], 
x8Xew<J"avT0^' K^oia-oVf tov J^oXeuya GepctTrovreg vspiriyav xotTU 
roug Qr^rraupaug, xa) c7re55»'xyvo-av Travra sovra jtAsya'Xa ts 
xai oX^<a. Srjrjtrdixsvrjv hs fjnv to. TrdvTa, xa] axei^dftsvov '' cd^ 
01 xara xai^oy r^v, iXpiro 6 K^oia-og * raSe' , " SsTyg *A^r,va7st 
Tap vifxiag yao wsp) (rso X070J aynxrai T0XX05, xa) o-o^rijf 
ttvsxiv Ti)j <r>5? xa) TrXavtjf, mg ^I'Kfura^imv y^y TroXX^y 
^itopirig slvixiv 6r«X>JXu5a^* vyy aJy J/xf§oj eirsipsa-Qat /jtoi 
fT*jxO£, e)^ TiJ/a Yihvi vwTtov itosg oX^iwraTov;" 'O jusv, ^XTt^oiv 



tlvai av^f eoTwy * o>.B«i>raro^, ravrcc exe if rura. ^oXtoy ft), 
tttfd^y ' uKo^toxt'JVag, aXXa * t«jb ioWi ;|^f ijo'etftiyo;, Xtyii* 

TO Xf;i^5cy, f/^iTO iirtcrpt^iw$' ** Koi^j 5>j xplvtig Ti.'K'hw ihatt 
•X/3t«oraroy ;" *0 3i f7Tf* "TiXXob, •rtyTo fiiy, ^ Tr^s x4\to^ 
cv v)xov^ij;, arotiSff ^<ray xaXo/ ri xayoc^oj, xa/ O'^i tTSf awdtn 
Tixva exyivofjitva, xa) ravra wa^otixiiyavra' tovto i), ' tov 
3«0M ffu iIJxo>Ti, ^ ft»V '■a "f^p* ^,'**»'» rtKirjrii row 3<'ou T^fuir^' 
ran} exsyivsro. ytvoixiyya y^p 'AQr^vamtrt /lAa;^?;^ xp^ Twg 
aaTvyttTMeiS c* 'fiXiutrivi, ^rfirfl-ag^ xa) T^«T^y ToiijVot^ Twy 
iroXr/x/cuv, aTi^avt xaXXiora. xm f*iy ^A^r^vaht ^r^fiAC^iji ^* 
eda\j/ay avroS T^Trrp la-f^re, xai fTi'f*>j<rov jU,fyaXrt»^-.'* 

'i2^' 61 ' ra xara roy Tf XXov r^6ST^e\J/aro o ^oXeoy r^ 
KpoT<rov, cTiro^* roX^^ r« xa) oX^icXf ' irupmra (o KfoTo'o^') 
riya Siurifoy /(ur* cxiTyov r$oi, ooxicuy ra7';^ii ^curi^fta yajy 
or<rf<rdai. 'O Si eTjri " ' " KXio^/y Tf xal /i/reuya." * • ♦ 

KpetTa^of hi a"jref>)^6i)$t s7rf *'*/! ^iTvi '^fiy^yauf, if $1 
YffUTipri iit^aifjLdviy} ooro) roi axippixrai ig to jXijSiy, eo4*rf 
'*ouSf %^^aoritlO¥ a^pvov a^Uus ijjxia^ cTOir^aot^;** *0 Si iTirr, 
**^/2 Kpci<ri, sxttrrtkfxtv^v pit to delov Tray coy ^^cvipw n xa} 
rapax"^i*;i srttpeorag av^paixy,ta)v xpr^ypLarmv ripi ; ^Ev y«^ 
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Sc xai ira^ieiy.* * * *jE|tAO< 3s <ru xa) xXouretiy jxiy fif)'a ^alvtat, 
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ixaripwy fta;^cVa<7-dai' oxor£^oi i' ay xtptyivw^rai, rotniiov 
Anal. Gr. M^j. B 



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xflu irtty TO a(rru en-o^^ifro. 

Manners of the Persians, 

nip^'as 8) eT5<x vojuoio-i toT^Ss )(ptmfAiv6vs' ayeiXjuaTa juiv 
xai yi5«i^ xai ^'oi^^^'S^ ' ^i** « voV*." TOiivfirvowf i^pwio-deii, 
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c7y«t4. Oi 8) ^ vtfxi^wtn Ait fx\v, iir\ rek ^vj^XoVara t&¥ 
tfipi(v¥ ava^lwvTgSf O'jtrias i^^iiy» roy xuxXoy wayra to3 
ou^avoO Aia xaXioyri j* Ouoym 6# ijXAp ti xai creXr^yr) xai yi^ 
xaJ xt>pl xa^ uoari xeci a.vifj.tntr i . Tooroi^i /ui^y 3)] ^ot>voj(ri 
duowtf*! ap^^iV CTijCAf/tAadryxdTj 8i xa) -rfj O^jpaviji 6>jnvi irapat 
T§ ^ AfTfnjpimv juia^oyTE^ xou 'ApoL^ltoy. KaXfoucri 8f '^<r9'upioi 
T^y '^(^^di'rtjy, 3/uX<TTa* *Apa^tQi 8^, '/Jx/rra* Ili^trai Si, 

Bwriri 8^ toTc* nipc-r^vt wip\ rowj tlpr^fjiivavs dio«>> ^8f xarr* 
aT^xf . OwTi ^fMvf Toifuyra*, owrt 7r5p ayaxa/ou^'i, /ixfXXoyTf^ 
5u«y' OM (TToviSj '' ;^pf<«vrai, oox» at>X<u, ou flrrejttaacri, o?ixl 
ovX^Ti. 7(iiy 8« aJj ixao-Tto Oy«<v 6«X8i, fj ;(;<•>&& v xa^«poy 




ayaytvv to xt^vo^, xoiKUi tov Sfov, sa-Te<^aywfjLivos rov rtapav 
yM^trivri fia\i(rTa. 'Eoiurm |U,gv Zr^ rvo ^mvrt jSn} /xouvui 
©u oi ' eyylvsTai apa^rBai aya^a' o Ss jratr* Tor^i IJsp<r^<ri 
xaTsu^erat eZ ylvsa&atf xa) tuJ ^aoriXsT. ey yap 8-^ To7<n 
ct7rd<n nefKryiG-t xai auroj ylvsrai, *Ensay §£, 8<ajti.*(rTu^.aj 
xara fj-ipea to ipijiov, evj/^o^ ra xpla, uToteafrag ttoitiv t6$ 
aTraXmrarrjV, jUaXjcrrtt 3^ to t^j'^uXXov, ettI raurriS eSijxe toi* 
iravTa Tct xpia. "" dtaSivros o\ auToD, " {Jiayog av^^ Trapt<rTnos 
eiraeiZii Beoyovir^Vt o?7jt' Sir| exiri/oi AEyoucri &lvai t^v CTaoi^i^'v' 
anew yap ^ fxaym m <r<p* vo'jcaos eerTl Btjiriag wotsea-Bat, *Eti^ 
c^tvv Ss oX/yov j(^p6vov, ° oLVo^spSTai 5u(ra^ Tct xploe, xai 
^ X^a''«* Ti /xiF Xoyof aipsst. 

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fxadTTOff '' lygi/eTO. 'JSv TauTTj 3e TrXeor ^aiVa Ttov aXT^coP 

* dixaiEu<ri 7rpoTi'4£(rdar cv ttJ oi tuhalfjLQVig axtrCov jSouv xal 
nnroy xa) xaju,i^Xov xa) okov TrpoTiSiaraty oXouf oTrroup fy xa^i- 
yoMTi* ol 8^ 3reyi]Tgff auTSO)* "* TOt Xsttk Ttov xpo^otreov irpoTiBi' 
arat. ^/tokti Si oA/yoitri ^pitavrai^ STn^tpT^fxtKrt 8e TroTiXoro-i, 

* xaJ oux a^eVl. Ka) 8i«^ touto ^ao"! Ilspfrai ** rr^us" E^'KTivag 
e-iTSOfAivous* TTsivuiVTag 7rau£<rfia(, or* o-<p* axh Se/Tryou Ttapa- 
^opiiTat wh\v " Xtyou a^iav* si 3ff t* vapaipipotTOf etr^iovTag 
ay ou Traoecrfia*.*' Oivoj 3i xa^ra "" irp&irxsaTai' xai tr^i ouk 
iiAtfrat s^ttTTt avrioy aXXou. TaDra vuy outoi ^uXao'trsTai. 
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liffiofl-xo/jtfiyoi £7ri8»aytya>flrxou^i. 

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uir68<c<rT6po$ ox/yo), ras' irapstas <piX£oyTai, ^y 8fi ;roXXu> -^ 
•wrepos ayi¥vi<rTepogt TrpotrniTrTcov 7rpo(rxvveii rov erspov. Ti- 
|itt>ir< 88 ex 3rayTc«y to'^^ ay;j^«<rTa iwuTutv olxiovrag, ' /xsra y§ 



iva\ntti>i' ' lixtTtpa tk^ to«j^ dcurf^ouj;* fiira Si, Kara X<>yo» 
wp^aivovreg ripLut^t' rfXt<rra Zt rou^ eeour&v sxairraTtD oj»i}> 
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Ka< yap S^ ttjv ,Vr^6iX'^v fo-fiiira, va^itravrtg rrig ito'jTtov tlyat 
xa\?Jtii, (^opioijfT I' xa) if ro^ s'oXifioti;, rou^' yllyvTr/ouf 
dc»pi)xaf. * * * '^vd^yad/r^ S* aur>] etro^i^sxraj, /xftflk ro fxa- 
;^f<rdai iTyai ayaSoy, oj dv ToXXouif <iiro^«^ iraiSo^' Tto 5i 
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Tov^ raiSa^t ^ ax-o Trfyrafrco; ap^afiivoi f^*XP^ f ixocatrfo^, 
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hi (juv * €$ Tov ^Xwv afiapTovTOL Tty raOra e;^eiv. Ss7vov 
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exi^epovTsg. 'Eg xora/xov hi outs I^TTuoufTi, outs ^^sT^aj sva- ' 
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TTOTafkobg ftaXiora. 

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fiiv oiurcug XsXnjSf, rifxeag fxsifToi ou. "* Ta ouvofLccTo. (r<pif sovTtn 
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ToAJTOL ju-€v arpsHsatg ix<*> T6p) awrtov eiW^ eiTsTv. * Ta3 
ftsvToi a>V xpuTTTOiMsva XsysTc*'* ^"^ ou a-a^r^vewgy rrsp) toD 
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7rp)v av UTT opvlSog 15 xwvo^ eXxL«rfivjvai. Motyaxtg pisv yap drps- 
xswg oT3a Troiiovrag TavTU' efx^avsiog yap 8^ 7r<nev(rt* Ka- 
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rouro TToieDvraif xrelvovreg ofxoiwg fxvpfxr^xag n xa\ o^etg^ xcd 
TfltXXa ipirtTot xai inritvot. 

The Nik. 

Tou rroTflt/xou 83 ^utnog vept, ooTff tJ Ttoi» ipicov owt« 
aXXou oi>8eyo£; rrapaXa^iXv i^vvatr&i^v, IJpo^vfJLog 8s * f « 1 
Ta(5« -rap* a'jrUov Tru^sVdaj, ' o r< xaripx^rai fiXv h NeTXog 
jtXijSuwj', a?ro rpowitov tCov Qsptvitov ap^rxixevog, IttI ixarlv 



' oTifTco aTtp^grat axoXuirwv to pis^ptv' wvrt ^pct^ttg tov 
^tifiwva aTAvra SiarfXcsi emv, 'y-^X^* ^^ auri; rpoximp rd»v 

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<;i^fi NiTXos ^ ra i/ATaXiv Tf<^uxivai ru>v aXXcoy Torafuuv. 
TaSra Tf S^ ra XcXt^jitcW ^ouXofjutvog fioivai, l(rropioV xa\ Z 
Tt aupa^ otJroTvt^'j<Ta$ /xo5vof irorafxibv Tuvrtov ou xapi^ixai. 

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TOj /*.iy Ouo roiv i^v ^uo* £c§ici> jui,vry<r6^va«, fi ^^ o^oy «^i;jtiTi»ai 

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6aXei9'«'av ixpiny roy A'sIXov. //oXXaxi^ Si irr,<riai ft^y ouMmv 
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aJfrtQt ^o"ay, ;ffi^jy xa) rov^' aXXow^' srorocfiouf, o^o* rorr* enj- 
tr^r^'Tt avTifn ptoutri, o/xoic»^ -nac^tiv xai xara ra avra rco 
iVf/x«>* xol\ jCiaXXAy fT4 totowtio, oo^o) " i\a9'^(iv§§ foWff, 
cta-Otvi^rrtpa ra pijyLara irape^^ovTai, Jilrl Zt jroXXoi fxtv %¥ 
TTj X'jplj] TOTa,uoi, TToXXol 5i £j» Ti^ Ji3v>j, 01 ouoiy roioDroy 
r;j<6aff'i oTov ti xa} o Si'iKog. 

'H 6* ijipr^t avix«rT>)ftovf(rT«^ij /ii/y iff'Ti tt^^ XfXf7ft;yi}f, 
'X(fyo» di f^TiTy, ^aj\tjxa<ntJOTipTfi' { Xt^ffi aVo toO */2xfayo5 
p§orra aitrov rauTa jui];^ayaa'da(i, Toy 8* '/hceavov ^^jy vff^^ 
TToureuf puiv. 

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f4^v<rrai. Jtyei yap Ot) ow3* o^iT^ owdiv, ^auiyi} Toy AViXoy 
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T« e^yri, fl>^ ow^t tixlf dxo ;^iovoj |a»y ^€fii». Ilpiorov fi\v xett 
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^a///j£? of Marathon. 

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o'KfQptT^w, ofiatvrii auTou^* tovtocf o?^/>ou$« xa2 r^^urou^ ^p^fiui 
Anal. Gr. AfaJ. D 



e7re<yoft£voyf, otjTt tinrou inrap)(^o'j<rrig 0"<p<, owre To^evfjiarcoy. 
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'A^'fivaiatv Z\, «xaToy cyyevtjxovTa x«» 8i/o. 


Dtliberations on the Invasion of Greece, 

o^w^oi TO vrpoTtnyM, to ct) tAj 'ylSijvaj, ffuXXoyoy itixXijtok 

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Amal. Gr. Maj. & 



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R.rpedHion of Cyrus. 

pos IX6V \4^T0L^sp^7i(^f yewTspog Zl Kupog. ^Etts] he ^Vfigygi 
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avi^r^ Tpiuxoa-to^S, ap^^ovTU 8^ auToii' Ssviav ' JJappatnov. 

Secret Preparations against Artaxerxes* 

'JETfiSr) 8i ergXeuri^flTs Aaptiogy xou xoLTitrrr^ t\g r^v (Saer*- 
Xs/av * A^roL^ip^Tt]gy Ti<ra-a^ipvYig S^a^aXXfi roif Kvpov Trphg row 
OL^8>k^ov, wg firi/^ouXguoi ayr«>. 'O 8^ TrtlSsTat re xa) croXXcra- 

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ctSfXc^to, aXX', TQV SovTjTai, 3a<r»X£ucr6i air' exstvQo. IIap6(raTig 
ft\v S^ 7j fL^^rvjp ^ uTrr^p^i rio Kvpat^ <|J(Xo3(ra awTOV ftaXXov, i) 
T6V 3a(riXfuovTa ^Apra^iq^r^v. "Otrrig ^ ' a(p<xv«7To rcoy «-apA 
^a(n\iatg irplg at^rov, ^ jrairaff ourro •■ hart^sig dtTrejrl.uTiro, 
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ffituTu) S§ ^ap^apmv eTf/jtiXsTro, coy 5roXf/u.«7v re ixavol er^jo-av, 
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^fv, oiy fxa7^i<rTa s^uvaro evixpuirrofLevog^ oirmg on aKotpar 
Q-xsooia-TOTaTov Xa^oi 3a<7iX£a. ""Or* ouv fiTrotsTTo ttji' (tuX- 
Xoy^v* oTToa-oitg etyj <^(i\axag iy roLig ^oXso-i, xa^rJyygiXj to?^ 



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<pepv£i o'uv To7j <Pityix(rt rSiV Mi7\-t]tritav, Ka) STrot'ouv our tog 


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Kupog Be, s^oiv ouf £7;roy, (opfJiOLTO utto ^a^Sioff. 


Sj/emieiiisj king of C'dicia. 

'Evrtu^iV l\ xo(.Te&onv!v elg TreS/ov (j-lya, xolXov xa\ EirippxiTOV, 
xa) Zsifhptov vavToBaTTtuv e/irXfaiy xai otyLTri^tuv' to>.u 8^ xai 
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craQjxohg riira-apfug, Trapaaayyag irtvri xal etxoriVf sig Tap- 



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Tov cXf^^Dv r<ov <rxt<rTpari(UTujv opyti^flfxtvt^i, xa\ ra ^^TiXfia 
TOi f» af^ry. Kripoi; 8^, «s*«i elo-r^Xio-fv ci^* T^y WXiv, fJiSTtXifA" 
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^ifeKs, irp\y i} yjvr^ avroy iTci'Tf, xai xltrTtig fXa3f. 3/fra dk 
Tavra en J <ruinyv<ttyrn a'K'K-r^'Ktii^y ^ueyvrtriy /Lt^w Ku^p f^mxff 
j^^forifAara roXXa *ii* Tr^y trrpanavt Kopog 8' sxciyw 6a>^a) a 
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|teya av3^aro^a, * :^y xou iyruy;^ayto<riy, ' aTToXa^^ctyfiy. 

Sedition of ihc anuy» 

'EvToJH^* ifxuvi KupQS xa) ij arpaTtu iffjiipag uxtiviv' oi y^p 
rT^aT<«6raf " oux tipacay i«yan toO irprj<ra>' uirtofrTtuov yap ^8ij 
ieri jSa^TiXca ifyai * juicdm^T^yai 6£ oox cirt ruitTio l^a<rav. 
y Up&Tos 6^ K><.iapxos Toy^' awT&3 CTpaTiwra^ f^iafsTO it'yai* 
[ti Of tt'jToy Tf f /iaXXoy, xa2 ra vxf>^6yta ra sxf/yov, fTf) ig^^aro 
I r^OAf yat. K'Kkapx'ig Os to'ti /xiy fxlxpov «^fyvyf toD jt4>) xa- 
Tarfr^^5jyai* uarepiiv Of» nril f^yoi, on ou ^wyi^VfTai 3ia- 



TrpwTov fJi.\v i^dxpui Tro'kuv ^poi^ov iarws' C^' ^^ hpvbvTts cdau- 

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ft.i, <p§\ryovra 6k tt,j Trarpl^osy to, n aXXa er/fUjTff, xat [jiuplous 
e^toKs Zapuxws' o^S «y<" \a^v, aux s]^ to If-ijov xarf^s/tijv 

npiorov fxkv Trptts T(tu§ Opixxag 6n-oXe/x7j*ra, xaJ wjrs^ tiJj *^X- 
XaSos' iTtfJLwpovfJLriv fjnd' ufjLwv, ix t% Xsppavrjo-ow ootouj ej«- 
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Xcnias and Pasion leave Cyrus, 

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apm\v, i)6%0¥ xa\ TpoSu/AOT«j9oy ^uysro^fuoyrQ. 

Progress iouards the Capitol — Passage of the Euphrates. 
Mtra Z\ rovJTOL IGpog f$«X«vyfi p^ra^fAwg rirrapag, hr) rlv 



Xa»i^ xai irpaiUiVi otg Qt X^pot Saaus Ivofjul^ov, xa\ a^txtiv ouk 
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X^piotg ap^avTog^ Hal Trapa^Ettrog ttolvu fjisyag xoii xaXo;, e;^tt>y 
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ffx-ffo'dai, ttfjLt7s ^^sTi ' aTriQi tlvat^ ap^avng rou Zia^aivnv' 
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xat vfutg ifAt fTaiyfVijTi, i^mo) fi«Xi{<rfj* i{ f&ijxfVi fu Ku^ov 
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6§t9v flvai, xai tf'a^cuj; ^ i>7rop^a>^))(rflii rov TrorafAOV Kuptp iog 

Arabian (inimaU. 

*Ev7iu^i¥ e^eXflttiyfi &4a t»}j iupiotgj xa) a^txyouyrai ?r^ t^v 
*AfiU^9 TOTOi/xov. 'fiyrsOSfy «ffXauyei 3<a Tf,s 'Apa^Ug, tov 
Sv^pmrr^v xorafjiov iv Si^ia •;^n)y, OTaS/xofjj i^Tjuouf Tfyri. 
'^» T«vT<o Se r<o roVip ijy /uify >J y^ Tco/oy otTay oj(juitXoy co<nrtp 

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xaXa/x«u, ttTrayra '" ^(ray r vot^i], wtrirtp apto[xaTa' Ziv^pov $* 
ooo^y fyijy. Sf]piaL S(, TXeisroi /x^y oi ayptnt ovoi, oux oXiyoti 

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TttOrot S^ ra dij^ux " oi \mr%ig e^/ruxoy Ky/orc. Ka) oi f4^y omi, 
«■«/ r*^ $4«0xoi, irpo^poLixovTif '' ay i ifrrijxKray" (toXu yap toO 
Trrou Sarrtiif irpt^itv') xa) TaXiy fTii TXr^<riofoi o JVtoj, 
TooToit firoiowy* <o<rT« '' oux ^y T^afitTvy ' el /u>) Xiao-TavTsj' oi 



xofxivrnv TjV xa/jaTrXrJena ro7s gXa^eioij:, a7raXa>re/>a 5s. * STpo^A 

ovTo' TToXy yap axivra (^iuyoxj^ay toTj ftef ttoo"! S^o/aco, raTif 
Ss TTTii^u^tv ^apdcroL, (otnre^ Wrtu) )(pa)iiivvi. Tag Ze corioagy 
■* av Tig TOL-xy avta-ryiy ttm Xafx^avsiv' TrirovTai yap ^pa^h, 
miTwsp TTsphlxsg^ Koi ra^h ctTrayo^eyotKri. Ta 8^ Kpeot aurcoy 

DlfflcuUy of march, 

• * * 'Evr£u3fw gJfXatJVfi ffTa5ju.ouj lpT^p.wg Tpi(r>ea.^ 
Sfixa, Tov Eif(ppaTriv TroTctfAGv ev Se^ta ej;^«>i', xal a^ixveXrai i-rr)' 
JJv\0Lg. *Kv rmrtig roitg a-ra^fxoig n-oXXa Tutv oTQ^uyitov 
UTTw'^sTO WTTO Toti 7^<|u.oy' oti yap ^v ;^oprof, ood^ ^ a7,Xo oevScov 
ooSey, aXXa ^f/^^^Tf '5*' oiira.(ra ij ;^tt>&a* oi 8e evoixoyi/Tsg ' ovooj 
aXeVfltj 'TTSf'l rlv TraTaixov opurTowTBj xaJ TrofouvTef , dj Ba^uXwva 
1370V xai eTTfii'KouVi xa) avrayiipa!^ovTsg (rirov e^wv. To 81 
tTTpctTeu/xa fl-Tros e^eAin-e, xal xpiad^oLi owx ^v, el ^r) fv t-^ 
ylf/Sia ayo(>a, Iv Tto Kopov * ^ap^apixw, r7}U xaxlSriv aTiSupOiV 
:} a'K<pir(tiv ^ rtrraprnv (riylKtov. *0 8^ <riyAoj Sut'arai sttcI 
o3oAou^ xai afjw,*o3oXiov '/Irnxoyf' ij 8^ xair i^r} 8uo ^^oivtxag 
*ArTtxovs s^wpst. Kpsa tZv l<r$UvT£$ ol trrpaTimTat ' ^isyiy- 
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Dhpuics among the soldiers, 

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K'Xsap^ogt * ev eauTm eysvf ro ' xa\ Trautrafjisvot aixiponpcif 
* xara ^aapav &^svro to, on-Xa. 

Treachery of Orontcs. 

*EvTiu^sv irpoiouTfuVt e^aivsTfi fpfvif] tvvMV xcti x^rrpog' etxa- 
^STO 3^ eJvat a-rl^og <og 8i(r;^tXiafv ijnrtvv, Ourot Trpitiovrtg 
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irpo<r&€V ToXsftr'o-a^. ' KoeTaXXaye}^^ 8a owto^- A'u^u>, styrtv, d 
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3uv«a-9ai atiTows-, iSo'vTaj to K6pw orT^aTiyju-a, 0a<rjXcT ^lay- 



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xpia^fv ^iXia$ WH-o^avy'jtiaTa xai triirrttng. Ta'jTr,ii tt^v eiri- 
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wspi ainlv Irra.' xat Tft'jg tcov 'EWr^vtov CTparr^yahg iXfXfUfy 

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roti 'Opoyro'j, (og cyevcro * oi yap * otTfjppr^Tov r^v. E^tj 3i, 
Kupcv ap-^siv row Xo'yoy cod*' 

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xa3 Sff^iay tKu^iav xat edaixa. A/ira ravra/' «^i], ** m 

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auTa JU6V TreJTOijjKs, roiaura 8^ Xsysi" ujtitov Se «fu •trpwrag^ 
KXeap^s, ano^jiVat yvmjUTjj', t* o-ot SoxsT. K'hsap^og 

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(^i7',(,ug ro^Twg eZ TroiSiv.*' TaoT-jj Si Ty) yvfLfxr, f^ij xa2 TowJj 
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ttyhstg :r<iJ7roT5 «t6sy, ouO oto)^ aire^aviv O'jOeig eibatg gA£y«y"J 
e)x(3(^C/y 6 aXXo< aAXtoj' Ta^oj S' oySeJ^ TTooTroTe aurou e^ciioj. 

Pnihtiitturks to the buiilc UHth the King, 

'EvTiuhv l^iXotuvn 8«a rris Ba^u'kfuvtag CTti^fiohg rpsT^] 
*Ev Ss Tto TpiTUi fl" Kvpog e^irairiv Traielrat Tutv 'fiXXtj- 
yf«y xa* Ttoy ^ap^apuiv Iv t<o n-eS/m "xepi p.i<rag vCxrag ' 
(eSoxEi ya^j 6'J T>jy fTioucay £to ^^sty ^afn'hia <rhv t(o (rrpa' 
TtvfJLari jtAtt;^ouftfyoy') xa} exeXcus KXsa^;^ow jxsy too Scfioo 
* xeptvg TlyiltrSai, Mivtovot o\ Toy ©cTTaXoy too eueoyti/xou' auroj 
Sf TOuj iaoToO * huraTTi. Mtra ?£ ttjv l^Lrrx(nv dt^a rij gr*- 


[yfXXov Ku^ Tf^J r»)j 3a«"«XiW a-rpariols, Kv^o; Si, eroy 

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afjLstvovoL$ xa.) xps!rrQu$ TroXXuiv ^a^^apwv (*pM$ tJvui^ tta 

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af;^7) ij yaT^ia, T^o^ftfiv rriv {Asa-r^fx^ptav, fJ^ixP^S ^^ ^*^ xaDjtia 
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S»0«4xa, fiT, oix e;^'«» o tj 6co fxa<rTa> Tu>y ^/Xrov, ay fw yi yr,Taj, 
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(rxarrsg a^rci n r^aav sroXo xpo^ij^uLvrtpoi^ xa) rnTg aXXoi^ 
f^iJyyfXXoy. El^jitfrav Sf rap' auTov o7 t« tf-TpaTr^yol xa2 tiLv 
aXXcuy 'iiXXr^vwy T<y«^, ajtoyyrsi" u^ivai, tI <T<^iTiv iarat, eav 




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xaipuj TouTin Khsap^^og fuSs irrof ^^sro Kv^tv' ** "^ O^si yap 

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vri<^apa 8iaxoVia. ' ^"IXTioi 8s -^(rav e^axi(r;^/x»ot iTTer^-, toy 
^ApTayspar^S ^P/C^"" otJTOi Ss tt^o awToS ^ounXeius TBTay^v6t 
7\(rav. jTuD 8s ^atriT^img (rTparevu.ot.Tog r^<^av ap^^nvreg xo) 
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'A^paxQuag, TiT<Ta.<^s^v7jg, Fw^p'jctgj \ipQa.xr,g. To'jrttiv 0£ 
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TO ju-sy ewpof opyuial Tsyrs, to 8s 3a^05 opyytai Tpe?*;. FlapirS' 
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if.^XP^ "^^^ A/7j8*a^' Tff<;j/orj^. ^y9a 8»/ eJcly ai ^wpu^^g^ ar^ 
TOO Tlyprjag Tora^oO pioutrai' fieri 8s rirrapsg. To suao^ 
xXs^piaTai, l^a^sTai 8k iV;^up<6^, xai TXoTa tXsT sv awraTy 
<r*Tay<oya' s«<rl3aXXou<r< Ss eij; T«y Eu^parriVt * 8<aXf«Vooa"i 8^ 
sxa<Trr] TrapatTayyr^Vy ys^vpai tih fxiKTiy. '//y 8s Trap' atJToy 
Tw Eu<^pdr-nv Top«8oc <rTfy^ fisra^o too toto/aou xai T^y 


ifiD THE KING. 5.1 

[^Tatr xa) tmreov xal av^pwjriov t)^v7^ ToXXa. *Evraii^<x Kuptti;, 
.JTiXavcv xaXsca;, tov 'AfiBpotxiwrriv [lAvrtv^ t^toxiv aitrtS 

' xpoTsp^v Swo/xfvoi,', ilxev aurw^ ot« )3aar4Xfy>' oi * /Eta;^8rTa» 

I Sixa ijfic^v. Kuoo; «Itjv, ** OiiK apa in /!Aa;^€Trai, ci /tt^ 

«» ravrcu; raT^' r^^ipaig ikay^iirai* lav 8* aXijfln>T>;f, wri- 

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TJie balllc between Cyrus and the King, 

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The battle between Cyrus and the King* 

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Character of Cj/rus^s generak, 

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TY/w/ Socraks u^asfaiseh/ accused for his opinions m^ _^ 
regard to the Gods. 

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That Socrates was falsely accused on the gvotiml of cor-. 
rupting the young. 

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8^ T^rrrwy, toJj ow /AfyaXijj n^tag ^y t<|:i% t^ roXsi ; 

Socrates' prayers and sacrifices, kc 


His Prayers a fid Sacrifices , and his Mode of Living, 
Kai «v;)^fro St icfi^g rou; dfou; airXw; rdya^a $«$oVai, 'a>$ ro^* 

Orjclag Sf dijoiy fAlxpaif aro fjitxf>div, ouotv ilyeTTO /xcioDtrdai 

rcuy euro voXXcoy xai fjLtydXeov sroXXa xa) /itf yaXa dvoVroy. 

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r^taXXoy i{ raTg fuxpaXg i^atpoV — roXXaxi^ yap dv ai^ro?^* rot 

l^a^a Twy vcvr^pSy fiaXXoy )} ra xa^ce rruy ^pr^rtuv ihai 

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rofci rcov Tovij^euy fxd\7<Mv ^y xc;^a^i<rfieyoc roTj^ $co7$, ^ ra 

flrapa roiy ^pr^a-Tfov' aXX' fvo/Ai^f too^^ 6sou^ ral^- rapa jim 

fua-s^trrdrtav riyL.a.1$ fJidTmrrot ^mpttv' eTaiyeri}^* 8* ^y xai 

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7//e Providence of God ; pariictdarly in reference 
to Men. 

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Fable conccrmtt^ Hercules related In/ Socra/cs. 
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On true Frkmis, 

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Fttbk conccrnbig Hercules related by Socrafcs. 

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Character of Socrates, 

* 7a>v SI ^a)x^ary|j' ytyvoicxoVrajv 0T05 ^w, <n ap^rr^s e<pts[xev 
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rto (XTi dpe<rx£i raura, * srapa^aXXojv to aXXou ^Soy irp 
raSra, ouroi xprnrio. 



Advice to Demonic us. 

Tag Tf *^ riov <rxco6aitvv yvoifxag xa\ rag rcuv (pauXtov ^taw^iag' 
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Or, a Pmiegp'ic on the brave Alhemam who had 

falkn in batik. 

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Anal. Gr. Ahj. O 



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I. • ^ 


Or, fl Convcrsaiion between Socrates and Crilo 
as to an escape from Prison. 

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cUcrSai ye j^pi^. 

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epyacaixevog * Tourow^', oug ^x*(rra eBei, aratnot ri ka,\ ^^^Og 


1^ Taura, to ^*'Xf iraT^i Kf/rwv, f5 /r^i on iyto Soxio 
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m'yrpoLTTfoy.5v raLrr^ tTTufjy] rcturti ^eof CK^r^y67Tai. 


7'Ae Z<7*^ Moments of Socrates, 

— 'T)x<rs ft^v owv, e^ij, oJ Xiixfiia rt xai Ki^ti^ xa) o2 aXXoi* 

^ ii(raD$i^- sy tivi XP^^^" txourrat ^ to^sutso-Ss* Sjtxi Se yuy rfit\ 

-9€a'Aii * ("^ai'i] y dv avr^^ T^ayixoj*) >{ ttfxapfjLivii, xai o-;^iW t< 

I uof iju^a r^aTTfVdat tt^o^ to Xourpov' ^oxi? ^'oto |3<Xr<oy f7ya< 

' 7>.ova'a[xevov irtsiv to ^apfJ-axoVf xai /xti irpdyfxaTa Ta7^ yuvat^] 

yrapix^iv vixpov Xoui»y. 

1^^ ,TavTa 6>j iWovTog aOrou, Kpirmv, £7fy, s^Pr^, «> Xtoxpartg' 

Ss TOUTOi^ 13 eju.ol fTiiTTfiXXeiy, r; we^J Ttoy irai^iov t) jri^i 

ttu To<i, OfTi av <rci iromuvTis "fif^tig* ^^ x^piri ^aXterra 

F^oioT/Jifv ; ''At^P ail XeyttJ, •^>;. <« Kplrtv^' O'jfiey xaivoVf^oy* 

OTi» ujLuov avT«>y cT«/AeXo'ja<voi, wj^fTj xaJ ijU.oi xa) to<V «it*o5V 

^ai wjitTy aOToT^- ev x°^f'^'^* vatr^dTs ajT av toi^ti, xcty /xtj »Dy 

[• o^oXoyjjcijTg* eav 8s ojU-cuy ^^v a\trmv ajUfX^JTe, xai |u.»j SfXijTf, 

\mgrTrtp xar t^t/yiy xara ret yDy Tf ci^i],ueyot xai ret ey rw 

[f/XT^o^Scv yp^vio 5??^i "ou6f, £ay ttoXXoi o^oXoy»jtf'r^r« ly rtii 

r—'-'-rt xai <T<^oZpa, ouoiy TXfi'oy jronJcr^Tf. 'iaiira jtx«y To/yoy 



wov ; "Ottoij av, i^ij, ^ouXijafis* ecev tts^ ys X«t3'jTfi fte, jeoJ ftij^ 
EX<pu7tti 6jU,a^. Fs'KoLtTag Zs afxat ^Vu;^, xaJ vpits y^^J-oL? airo* 

^ ouroj 6 X("xpaT7j$, o vovJ SiaTiEyojaEvoj-, xcti Staretrrouy ixao-rdt 
T«oy X$7o^6va)v' tt.XX' ohrai fii ixHWV (7yai, ov oil/frtxi oXiyoi^| 
otf'Tspov vsxpov, xal Ipwra Trdag fts ^aTerr^, '*Ort ^e ryai ^crXotl'l 
groXuf Xoyo» Trsiroirifxat, — «;'$•» Bxsi^otv trim ro ^«^«*aX6V, o^;(«rl 
o^Tv TrapayLSVtOy aXX* oI^'»5«'&|uia« a5n«)V gjy "^ fiaxetpaiv ^vj rtwet^ 
fvOai/xoviaj, — raura /ao« 3«xa> aurm aKKtog Xeyerv, Ta^aitty^ov*^ 

x^of KpiTwvot^ 601), T^v §vavTiai/ gyyijtjv^ -jj i]V avroj "Si^^fl? Toij 
8<;<aoTa^ yJyyudtTo. * Ooroj fxkv yap ^ /u.s^y votpafxsvsTv* vfM,t7^\ 
8^, Tj /ATjv ju,7j Tra^apLtveHv, gyyuKjiTCKT^c, fiTeiSav aToSavoj, aXXa 
oi^r^o'so'dat airiovra* iVa Kpirmv paov <P^p^i xa2 ju^, o^oiv /uiou 
TO (TeofjiOL ri xatofxivov ij xaropuTTQfjLtvtty, ayavaxr*] vt6£ ^fMo}^ 

o^, a> apitrre KpiTtoVy "^ to /tij xaXwf T^iyitv^ ow jU.oi»oi» fif 
TOOTO TXijjXfiEXE^, aXX<x xtti xuxov TJ EfAJTOier TCtTj \|/w;^<»Tj'/ 
'/IXXa Sapps7v re ^pi], " xa) ^ctvoci rou^oy crwfia Qolttthv, xaH 
BavTstv buTtDSy oTTtog av fl-ot ^tXov fir Kou jtxrtXi«-Ta ifyjj vo'j«.i^ 

ToKiT* tiJrc»», ixfTya^ /*^M " otvi<rTOiT(i e]g o7x?jjtA«e Tf oig Xfl««r«-| 
fJLivog, xai 6 Kpixmv tlmra aitrto' T^ S* cxeXsus Tff^i/tlivcii^l 
JlipitfAsydfJiSV oZv, TTpog r^fxag atiToug SiaXsyo/xevoi re^i t«I 
ei^iijjtA6va)v, xa) aifo«Txo;roui'TS5* ^ tot^ S* au tts^I Ti^g tf't^jU^ 
tlt^UvT^g, o<r>) ijjt*?v ysyovuTa efy;' ocTS^vwg tJ^ow^svoi, ec^irf^ 
waT^oj (TTeprfiivTig, hia^nv bptpavdi rhf tvura ^iov. *B^tt 
Ze *Xou<raTo, xai "jqvs^^^ri leap a-jrov Ta 7ra*§»a, (Suo yot,p dtritSX 
Mitig (Tpklxpttl ^(rav, slg Ss [xsyag,) xa! * al olfctlai yvvoux 
a^/xovTO. 'Extlvatg evavTttiv tou Kpirtovog 8iaXf;^Sf <V ^* 
cxiTTfi/Xa^ otTTa gjSeuXfiTo, Totj jttlv yitvalxag x«) Ta Taj^d 
aTieiraf exgX>w«rev* awro^ 8i tjxc Trap* ''^(J'-ctg. 

Kai Tjv TyiiT] eyy^i' rJXiou * 3u(rju,«>y* ^povov yap aroXyy ^$irpi- 



tciKi ftvff aKXorv xarayiyouff-Mro, on /iaoi ;i<aXiTa/yo9<ri xa) 
i9baTapAvTaLi iirtiiav ttursif 70(^77/^X09 iriviiy ro ^<x^,uaxoy, 

|tH'«> Xf'^^^!* Ytvvat^TOtx^w xa) xpavrtr<i9 xcCi a^icrroy dfrS^tt 
Tcoy S'coff-orf i^f'joo a^ixojxrycuv' xoti 0^ xa) vuv c? oT^* on' 
M^ ffto) ;^aXiTa4vi<{, (yivcotrxfi^* y^p rot^' airt'oo;,) aXX<^ 
[ixM»«4s. A^Df fittv (oTo-da 70^ dt ^X^o# ayytXAv) ;^ar|Pt rt, )ca) 
a»^ pji<rra (^ipnv ret avayxa'ia* Ka\ o[ft,a ^<^xpinrtxff 
rrpi^ofxivog "* air-t^u* KaX Z'aixpan]^* avadXf\!/a^ itp^ 
ijiy^ /kai «^u, 1^9} » X^P^ ^°^' ^/A**^^ TftCirct roiijtrofifv. ff^r 
irf«(^. 19/Aav, Yl$ ao-riTof, f ^, o av9^a>rof' x«) irat^ 
iTat^gt /^i * foif XP^*^^ Tpuarith xal ^itXiytro tnort' x«i} fv 
iCLff^pt^if ?wio<rra^' xai yOv fu§ ytyvanmg fis aTTo^xputt. ^AXXa jc 
[ir^t 49 KpiTwVp yrnOatfA«(ia u'jroi' xa) iyf7xartti ri^^ ro ^a^oc- 
[^•y». #4 rhpiTxai' tJ oi ^>j, r^i^ro* ' avOpatx^^, 

[{Xiiiy iTycu cri roTj^ opirt^ xa] aujrto 8fOuxfvae«' xa2 ot;i.a ryia 
o7^ xai dcXXoti^ sreiyu o\[/^ "^ r/vovra;, fTciOetv irafoyycX^Jvl 
ttyrttig, 6f (xvT^aavrec; n xcti nt^vrag f« /AccXa* * ♦ ♦ *• aXX<^ 

l|fci^fr iwtiyou' in 70^ ' f7;^a)/>€r. Ka) XtoxpaTrjf^ Etxirmg 

[tV '^^ <* Kpirwv, fxtiVoi n ravr« voiowriv« 0^ o'u X«7ii^» 
yd^ Xip<iavs7Vf retura roi>j<raynj',) x<ail tytoyt tlxirm^ 

flN|8T0i 00 3ro*rIa*w' ^ oiidiy 7a^ o7/xai x«^3ayery, cXtyov Crrtpo^ 
rtwp, aXXo 71 t^ yiTiotra oipXi^Vf«y vap* tftMUTtSp yWtx^fMV^ 

\^w. I^jiy, xa) ^ ^fiSu/A^yo; ou8eyo^ en oyros;. *vlXX' tOtt <4^» 

1 9*iifou, xa) }Ai) aK\wg ro/ei. 

/iai e Kp'iTuiit ctxou<raf, «yrj<r« ' T<p vaiSi jrXijir/oy fOTwn* 
sai 4 voiig k^>Aa>Vf xa\ trt^X'^'^^ ;^voy 3iar^/>i/av» ^xiv a7aNr 
r«^ ^iXXoyra ^vntrnv ro (^o^fcaxoy, iy xuXiXi ^pwra rtrptfi' 
LJ^^* . '/^ttiv Se 6 2i(oxpuTTfS rov ayd^o>x-oy» ^v» «4>9), <v 
JeXritf-Ti* <rv yap tovt/wv fxior^/xaiy* ri ;f^ roniy; Ov^hf 

li>J^ «^)]» q vioVro^ Kipuipotj^ Jitog ay g-ou ^o^^ iy ttiV 

aifow ;fj^a»i 



yroi-rjirei. Ka) a fxatapt^i rv^v x67>.txa ra> Hmx^aret* £«ti «^ 
Xa^cov, xai ftaXa i^so)^, " (o *Ej^sxpaTtgf ouZlv rpitrag ov3f 
" ha^Qslpots ourg roy ^pwfAOLTOS owrt toO irpOfTcuTTOU, tix\' miTVtp 
erwdfi, '^ rati^r/Soy uro3Xf>j|/a^ t^o^ tW av^parrov, Ti xiyMf, 
eflii], ffspi ToSSf TOO jro/Aaro^', nrpoj t^ ajroo-JTiiHiraj t#w ; t^scTiV, 
15 ou; T&orouTov, e^i], <o X^^pof-Ti^, T^»'.Qojt*fv, ef<rov o«o|Lifda 
^Itirptov eJvat TrtiXv. ^ MaiSavcOt ^ 5' oj* dtXX' fu;^e(rdai y« 
TToy roTg ^soTg s^itTTi rt xai XP^^ "^^^ fieroixria'tv rr^v ep^ij^it 
exHirt euTu;^i) ygverSai* a §^ xai iym * fu;^ojtxa« rr, xa) ycvotro 

Kal ajtia (Itwv rawTa^ * e7rJor;fojtAf»of, xai fictXa t^j^ipwg 
xa) suxo'Xw^ s^eVi*. /iai ijju.tow 0* s-oXXo! rs«>^ /uev " £7ris$xw§ 
ohi re ijo-av xars^nv ro f*i5 ^ax^ofiiv* oJj Ss eUofJ^ey TrtvovTo. rs 
xai «-«;r«uxoVa, ouxeri. '^XX* aurow * «ju.oS yg 3/a ao'raxr) 
e)^atpti TOL ^axpua' cuerrf fyxaXtJi|/aftsj'Of ctTexXaoy sjtAatrroy' 
ow ya;? 3^ exsTvoV ys, aXXa ttjv ejxauTOw tu;^7;v, ©row av^pof 
eralpftrj efrrspvifAsvog elijv. 'O 8e Kpiraiv sri * TrpfiTtpoff ifxWf 

T^o^topog 06 xa) ev rtS ipLrrptt^rSev ;^0ova> ouotv hravtro haxpCeaat^ 
HO.) hri xa) TOTi OLVOL^p^j^riSrafAiVoSy xXaeuv xa* ayavaxTta¥t 
'^ ooUvaovTiva oil ^xaTsxXa(ri rcSv TrapovTtuy, ttXi^v yg cuyrw 
XtoxparotJS. 'Exsivos ^£» OTa, e4^ij» Troifirre, eu QaufjuMTHii ; f^ 
(xi^roi ' ou;^ i^x*<rTa toutou 6v«xa roes yovaTxaj a7reTC|(jt4«*ot* i«ei 
ja^ ToiaoTa TrXi^jtJi/xiXoTev* xa) yap axr/Xoa or* ev tiK^r^fjiict ;^^ 
TsXfiOTav* aXX* Ti<ru;^('av t« aygrs, xai xaprspsTrs. Kal t^^US 
oix(iiMra¥Tig r,a"^uk5if]/zfv t* xai BTrsa-^n^sy to5 Sax^uf<>». j 

'O S^ TrepisXdwv, iTTfi^T) 01 ^ap6vs(r^ai f^rj ra erxiX^^ NOlMtf* 
xX<%f] uTTTio^' ot^Ttti yag exeXfucrei' o dvBpmTrof, Kal ctfia 
i^aTTTOfxevos aurou ouro$ 8ouf to <(papfx,axoVt "^ 6*aX(Ta)y X^* 
V6V, eTf^rxoVfi rcug iroSaj xaj ra trxiXr^' xairetra (r(fk9^f^ 
visc-as auro^ T6¥ To'Sa, ^^ero ii a!(rdavoiro* a^' aux ff<p3|*;jii^ 
fAcra Touro aZ^tg rag xvxijjMg, xa) ^ iiravtiov " ^rwg t^tSff 
eT80<ixvuTo «»Ti xf/upi^oiro re xa) Tnjyvuro, Ka) * aurog ^rr«r«» 
xa) flTfj/, ort, fijTKOaj' ^/>o«; t^ xapo'ia yiv^jrat aurty, T^'r« 


' oi;^iJ<rera». "Hotj ouv (r;f5Soy rt aurtv ^v ri Tre^l to ?Tpoy 
'4^;foju,fiva' xai eKxa'hxf^a(j.£vogy (evsxsHaXuTFTo yup,) * eijrei', — o 
^ TfiXewraTov ifjjfleyf aro, — ^H Kpirmv, i^r}, *" rtS 'Aa-xT^T^Trtip 
o^c/Xoju.iy a.7\.exTpwva' a'K'Xa. ctTTofioTi, x«l jiatj aju.^T^'j^o-^jTf. 
*j4X\a rauTct ttrrat^ %<^y^ h Kptrtnv' aXW opa bIt^ a^Xo \iyuS' 
Tawra efofisvoo avrou, ouoev en aTrexjSJwaTO' ctXV, oXiyov 
j^povov ^laTiiTrmVf ' fxivjj^ij ts, xaJ o av^ptoTrog s^ixotTiV^stf 
cfUTOV, ^ Ka) og tol o^djEtaTa e(rTr^<rev' l^vav Is b Kplrmy ^ <ruv- 
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j..*HSf Tj reXstir?}, aJ *Eji(ixpaTsg, tou Irat^ou "»)|u.7y iyevsro, 



On the derivation of Greek words. 

.. ' . Vn the derivation of (Jreek words. 

..'orXUKPATHX- ^aivovTcii jao* ol Trputroi rutv av^fmwcov r«iv 

-^•^1 TTjv i^XXotda TooTQug lAOvnug Ueaug ifjyf*ff-3ai» (kxt^ir^p vmv 

iroXXo) Tcov JHotp&dpioVf ijxtov xaJ (reXij^i^v xai y^y xai atrrpa. 

Max oopavov* utm ywv aura opvavreg vavra. aii loVra S^ojctw xai 

' ^MVTct, " a^o TauTsjsr rjjf <f)uo"£a>i' t^ tou ** SeTv fliouj aurout; 

eTovofx.aa-a,t* Ca-npov 8s xarayoouyTSff Touir aXXouj ffayra^" -^Sij 

Tourta Toi oyo'/xari Trpoo'ayofieue**'. £ojxa tii q Xe-ytu, xaJ aXij- 

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Demosthenes;) t«mi 

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,u, — ^l^ 

" l*hili|), opposed in bia design of passing intw Greece lltrougli Thcr-? 

luopjlae, was obliged to fefire. The dai>g<'r they liad llius escaped, 

'^ deepljr' ufl'ecr«d Ihe Alfietitfina. So daring an attempt, which was, 

•\in eflVct, decldring Ins purposes^ filled tlieni with ostonislimcnl? ttiif' 

S'Ibe view of st power, which every day received Qe*v accessions, drove 

Ihero even to despair. Yd their aversiou to public husine»ft w»f< 

ilitl predonrinunt. Tht^y forgot Itiul Philip niiglu renew hia attempt^; 

' and thought the}' ha^i provided sufHctently fur Iheir liecurilv h^ posting 

'''a body of troops at the entrance of Attica, under the comnfaDd of 

ftMenelHiiii; a foreigner. They I lien proceeded lo convene an asserabl^'t 

^iof the people, in order to consider what measures were to be taken t« 

check the progress of Philip : on which occnsion Denjoslheoei*, Oa the 

first time, appeared against that prince, and displaced those iiLuliUc.-, 

which proved the greate*! obstacle to his designs." — Leland. 

[Olymp. CVU, 1 Chr. 352.] 

E\ fji€v TTi^) xoivou Tivog xpayfjuaros ' TpouTt^sro, co ai^^ 
'AQr^vcuoi^ >^eytiVi *' Iv to- ■)(tuv av, %tos oi w'Kiitrrm "^ T(mv eita/^iram 
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^Tke Budget of Supply is read: ami the Orator proceed 

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aura^ Is-iO-ToXfii^* 

Philip's Letter is read: and the Orator contiftues: 

TouTtoVf CO av^pis *AQrivauLOit Tmu oivsyvm<T^iv(ov a>^Tfifi\ 
ia-Tt TO, TToXXo^y me oux e^ei, * ou ^^y aXX' ttrtos ow^ 
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yopiTv, E\ 5* yj rwv Xo'ya»y x^P^Si «** f) f*"^ *7r^off-^xouara, t^^ 
$i}f*/a yiyvirat^ aKr^pcv scnvt oj avS^sg '^^ijyaToi. (fnvtxxil^si 
iaurousi xai, avar/x ^ aya^aXXo/jtsvou; oo-a ay r ^7y4^%[ 
*" ?rayTo)y utrTiol^nv tcSv tpywvy — xol jui^^^ touto Swy 
IJUidsTvt CTt SsT rouy o^^Joij TroT^sfJuoi ^peofxiva^jg oux axoXo 
TO«if 7rpa.yfjLa(rtv, aXX' auTOwj? i[A7Fp<i<rQev tlvat rwv jr^ayfjuaro 
— xou '^ Toy auT^v t/)oVov, eoarirep TiSv o'T^aTeuju.arajv a^ftva 
ay Ti^ Toy CT^aTTiyoy i^'yero-flat, otJrw xoti T<uy Tpayfiartrnt ' 
«w ^ouXeuojuevoi/f, V, a ay Ixslvcig Ooxy], raZra TrparTr^icUt', 
" fAvi TOL aufjL^oLVTa avayxoi^wvTai 6^wxuv, 



{"t^^vrs^, Tpir^^tig, hirXiTa^, Iriri^i, )^S'f]u.aTtov ^r/p^VdJ^v, Tovrroy 

^^YffT^i. ♦ ♦ * "iltyirif, h\ b\ fiap^pot xvHTt^uvtv, torto 
, «t>Xffii7ri fpthimrtn. Ka) yap txtlvwv 6 irXiijyilf if) ' Tijy 

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pi^f^^«* i<a»» ev //vXa*y, exst/r** eav <*XXo5i ttov, trufxTCtpa' 

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^ 9p<3tyfM/irn)¥ irp^pan o^S^v, irp\¥ av rj yiyivijafvoi* r\ yiyv^fitviy 

riiy ToXiettf a<«';fwv4jUfvo5, T»)r ^iXoirfctyfto'Tuvifv rawTi5* 
tjLl3^Xf7y ^iX/mrcw* «! ya^, «;^<wy a tcxri^rpciTrrni xa) xpft- 
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Mviotf OfAoiv a.y fiot doxf?, e^ <oy alr^uvr^v hou avoLv^plav no) 

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irepi ToO TijiAwi^rJo-a^-Sa* ^/Xiirroy, rr^y S« rfXi»>T^y oSiray ^5^ 
inrtp To5 /*■») woSfTv xaxoi; inro ^iX/riroti. VlXXct ftr^v, orj y« 
"**^T^cr«t*, ^^Xoy» ei jtfi) tjj xaoXutk. It/ra roOr' Ayai- 
imtn&puv, xtti Tj»tr^^ffi; ''x<va^% xai ' T«^y ^^^ci rou $;7yojr 
tKiniag folf aro^rei'XijTf , xayr* <f;^«iy otstrSt x«Xcr>; ; Ovx 
f^,^ t\ Owx i^ttLfv aifTol * fjLtptt yi nvt crrpariturSi¥ 

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hn^ii^AfAtv^ *A¥ /AfVToi xotQu)fjLiO(t ofxoi, Xoi^»^d'i^U6ira»y ax«y 
6yT/5 xoi) air<ai/jt£yttjy aXXr^Xdy^' Tctjy hiyivrtoVi 6y?£Tor oi§«v 
Anal. iir. M*ij. S 




ij/utv ou [jLYi ysvr,Tai rStv SsoWeui/. "Ottoi fxiv yap dv, olfLai^ 
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"(hni 8* av (TTpaTTiyhv xal ' \}/i^(|iiflr^a xsvof xa) t<^5' aTro ToSf I 
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ixV 01 /Jt^v k-^^^pni xaTaye>v«>tr*v, oi 8^ (fy/*^aa;^oi TsSi'aari tw^I 
Sfcj 8i(i rouff TOiowrowff aTroo-xo'Xouj. Oii ya^ eartv, oix eoTMlJ^ 
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(TaixSa* xai tov ^s7vct eor** ra 8s Trpay^ara ek rouTtov aro-J 
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^^ivoofxtvoi paQuog evOa^ coorj*', — u/x£if 6, «§ a)V av axotiH 
errors, o,Ti av TU^TiTS ^'^^(p/fr^o-^g, — * t» xa) ;^f»^ jrpoerSoxav ; 

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o'rg«ri)7oi»|biEi'<uv xa) Sixao'Tag oTxao* iTido'vra^ t(ov ft^^ufcpi^l 
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ai^oOjxai. "^ Nixtori S* o,t< iraflr<y o/xty /uifXXfi cruyotVfiy. 



' Tbc OJyntliiant, tiirralened by Philip, pressed the Atheniniis for iinme> 
diate succors. Their ambassadon opened their commistion in nn 
■iacRibly of the people, who had the right either to agree to, or to 
reject their demand. As the importance of tl>e occasion incrraied 
the ttiusber uf speakers, the elder orators had debated the nfTair before 
Demosthenes arose. In the following onttiuii, therefore, lie speaks 
as to a people alread)' informed; urges the necessity of joining with 
iheOlynthians, and ronlinns his opinion hy powerful arguments; lays 
©pen the designs and practices of Philip, wnd labors to remove their 
drcadfal upprebenslons of his power. He concludes with recom* 


mending to tliem to reform abuses, to restore ancintt discipiine, and 

iu jiut ill) cnil to ulNomestic diaiieustous/' — Leland. 

[01. CVII, 4. Chr. 349—348.] 


lliat TTjv Tra^oL rfav ^eiov suvfttav (^avspav yiyuofxivi^v r^ WXsi» 
I p^fK ilxio-Ta «55 ey Toi$ TtapvJtr^ 7rf,dyfJiCt<Ti. " 7o yap rov^ to? 
^s^rio-QUTag 0»?kiT7ra) yiyiurf^Sai — xal ;^a>^av o/io^ov xal Stivfl^• 
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vafii^siv ava«rTa(yiv etvott, — ^aifXQvia rm xa) ^fiu. voLVTOLxaxri^ 
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TavTaj (//*a>\ *<«« /xf/aXa^ wccvS^i^' '.^>jya«Oi, xaT ixs/wj 




To fASv oZv Itt/o^xov xai aviarov xaXelv aveu rod r^ TTixpay- 
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ijujujftewv. A^wv S^ ^sru^oJn xal trxoxtSv "" eupltrxeoy tt^v (xiif 
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XoiTra 7riflrTetJ0"eu<riv aorw, r^ tog 01 ' irapa ttjv outcov a^tav 
^•SouXrojrxevoi ^sTraXol vt/v oux av eX£t>^6^ot yivoivro a<rju,«yo<. 
/ial jtxTjV ef Tij; i^uftiv rauTa ^iv ovTtuj s;^e*i' i^ytiTatt ohron 

I to 


mtpiitliijg to tlieni to reform abuses^ to restore aneictit (Iiscipli4ic» an4 
iu |>tit an dill to utl domeslJc dissensions.'^ — Leland. 

[01. evil, 4. Clir. 349—348.] 

ftot T^v Trance riov Ssmv evvmav ^avepav ytyvofxivr^v rij tfqJ^'^ 
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so4Xiv £vepye<rlu, A&l ratvuVf cu oiv^pig 'A$TiVa7otf " rour' ](2 

xugiQj, ^aivefT^oti 7rpoi£fji.ivou$, a?kXa «ai t<oj' Oko rVjg ^wX^J^l 
Tra^ao-xiyao'^evTatv (ru{Xfxa)(^(uv ts xa) xonpiixv, 

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*>^<*cn1rd Ihe pru|>er scUlenicut of the fund» iieces^iar^f for tarrying 

•^«M|tlui war."— Leland. 


[01yn)j>. CVn» 4. CLr. 3*9—348.] 


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.4jw/. Gr. MaJ. V 




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Duritig the r«ign of llie Thirty at Atlieos, Ibey bad mmU aumrrous 
pro»iTi|>lioiis MTiJ f xfciitiuns. At iheir overtlnow by TltrasyLutiis, 
some wrre banished or kdled, othrrs were nllowcd lo hve mini to 
r«nain in ihe city. Among Ihe Inst was ErntosthciM'i. 

Our ontlnr and his brother FoleniNrcJi tud been among the proscribrU. 
The former c5ci|M>d, ihe kller was »eized by Elr:Ho»lhcn«8» and cjie- 
cMled. Lysiit», on his relurii after the restitulioti of (he republic, 
makes ihia and other ini>]uittes th« groutid of uccusation agniiiat him 
Tin the following oration. 


[Aute Chr. i03 or 40i. Aug.] 

Owx dip^tttr^al ftoi SoxeT dvapav tlvoHf m auZps^ oixadrra}. 
Trig xarjjyo^ia^, ^' a'K><>ot Traucao-Qai XeyovTi. TotauTOk " «v- 
ToTg TO fJtJyt^t^ xai rao-aura to tX^Sov, ttpyatrratt ai(rTi fiiTjT* 
ar xj/fu^o/cuyov ** ^tvoTtpa rtov uirap^^ovTcov xarTny opr^v at, [At^tm 
raXijSi] 3ot>X»ju.syov tWuVf * cixavxat Ixivatr^ai* olM^ avayxi) ij 
rov KOLTTilyopov OL-n-e lie i7v, -^ Toy xpovov cn-tXiTfii'y* 

' TtiuifavTiov 8s /xoi 8oxoti^iw vftVfo-dod tj •* Tcp 'ir^oTow 
yjpiifto. IIpcT£p*tv ftsv yap »6«i '' T»jy «;^9pa> tou^- x«njy«^oOi'- 
Ta^ ffTiSsTfai, ^T«f f^ij ' JTf Otf rouj ^twyoyTaj' ywyi Zi irapot, twp 
^ft/yoWaiy ;^^'»j Truv^avia^at, rjTig r]v wjToTg irphg rjgv yroX^y 
l;^dottf -' ayd' otw roiaura croX/xig<rav ci^^ ourvjy s^oLfxapra 




*A<pixofJL€VQs 8^ ' e]g \4p^evem To\i vavKXTjpQU, eKs7vov TrijATraA 
e\g atrxM wsuo'Ofxeytiv vep) toO aSsXt^ou* '*Hxwv 3s sXfyiv oril 
*EpaT(i<rBevrig aurlv ev tvj o3to XajStof «lf to S£<rjua»T'»jpioirj 
avayOLyoi. Kcti eyco, ToiaSra TmrutTixivog^ t% 6fl-<oyo-T)j vuxT^j 
SifVXiutra Msyapah. -' IIolKsiJ.dp^io Si Tra^Tjyyf Aai' oJ rpia-J 
xovra Ttt '' err' exeivtov ilBt<rfi.evtiV irapayys'KfJia, irlvsiv xmvuovA 
wp)v TTjj' aWlav itwiTv, Si* ^vrtva sfjLsXT^ev aTraSaviTtrBni' ' ot/rrni 
ToXXou l§F»](j"g xpidi^vcci xa) aTroXoyi^trair^ai. Aai £7r£i$i] 
otTTSiJJe^iTO ex tou ^ecr/AatTr^p/oo Te^vemj* Tpimv tJ)U,?v olxiaip 
cutraiff, cit^gfxidg eldcav k^svi^^Brivat, aXXa n'Kitn^v p,nr$oo<ra' 
firfoi, "' irpaljQtvrti auT&V. Koi jroXXeoi-' ovrwv tp,ar(at¥, ai-j 
TouriK ouSev e^otrav eig ra(J^T]v, aXXa t<ov (p/Xwiv o julv i/u.aT<oy,, 
6 8^ 7r/>o<rx£<paXajov, o 8e o, ti exaarrof '' «rt>;^6v, l8u)X£V eJ^' t^v 
exfjVoy Ta(py^i'. Ka) s;foi'Tef fiev STTaxotrios: aarTrloag raiv 
rlfjLSTiptoVf e^QVTtg 8^ apyuptov xal ^pvfrioy to^outov, ;faXx^v 8) ^ 
xai xotrfMU, xa\ £7ri7rXa, xa) jjuiaTia yucexixfia, ocra ov8sTa»«-fl| 
9ro7r« mavTo XTijo-aorflaj, xal av3|5a7ro8a Ei'xoo'f xal fxar&i', (cov 
Ttt /tifiy (SfiXTicrra f Xa^ov, ra 8s XoiTrdt " elg to SijjttoVi**' dtTsSo- 
<rav,) elg •^roorayTijv ctTX'tjcrTiav xai alfr^poxsp^sioiv a^ixovro, 
xaJ TOW Tpawou tow auTcov a7ro'8g<^«c e7ro(>}(ravro* t% •ya^ 
J7oX*|aag;^ou yuva^xo^ ^jf^oo'oS^ IXxxTTJpaff* ouy sp^ouera st^ 
;^jav«v, ore to Trputrov -^xSev t »^ ttjw oJxt'av, Mrf\o(iiog ix rw¥ ' 
wTtov fi^sj'XfTo. Kai ou8f xara to £Xct;^«rTOV fASpog ttj^' 
oit(riag, fXeoo 7ra^' atircov ert^yp^at^ojuEv, aXX* o0rtt>^ iff ^f^'^^ 
8ia Ttt ^pr^fnara e^ijju.apravov, tofj-nsp av STspnt ^xzyoLXmy a8ix);- 
{xoLTfov ipyr,v s^ovrsg. 

'' Oy Toirrwv a^iowg yf ovTa^* t^ jro'Xei, aXXa watrot^ ^ev to 
)^opriytag ^opriyif}<ravTag, TroXXrif 8' El(r<po^a^' fio'£V£yxovTa» 
xocrfxioug 8* '»joi.a^ otuTOu^* irapi-^t^vrag, xoti Tav to w^OffTaTT^ 
jLtevoi* jroioOwTcej, f^^O^ov 8' ou8Eva xiXTTifxsvoDg^ woXXovjj 8* *ABtj4 
vaiwv £K Tuiv iroXifjiiaiv "KMca^ivoxtg^ ' to*out£uv ij^icoo^ay' * ow^lf' 



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ToXXoog fjLiv Ttov ToXiT<«y fi^^ rot^ TTfiXsfjitQug «$^Xa<rav' iro>s- 
Xot>j o' fit6i}«o; aTOXTf/vak'T«j, ara(JJofif tTOiri^av' ttoXXow^' 8' 
f7iri/xou$^ OKra^, ' aTiu-aus t% TroXemg xaTffVrr^o-av' roXXoiy 
6g duyarepa^' fisXXouo'a^ " Ix^iiaaOai, ixtuXuo'av' xa\ ii$ too*- 
oDtoV «»<r« To'X/xTji' a<j3»yju,fvoi, <u<r6* rixoiKnv aToX6yt]0'ofMyoi, 
xai x/youo'ii' tt>V ^^iv x<xxoi> ouo' a<ir;^^v tipyatrfAivoi tltrtM, 
'£yto S* f^o'jXo/Ar^v av awrows' aXijSi) Xiyiiy' /x«r?)» ya^ av xat 
ifuli ' TouTOw TayoQwJ o-vx fXa^io'rov fJ^ep^' N'Ou hi ourt 
w^g Tijv ToXiv " awToIf xoiaDra vTap;^fi, ouTi t^o^ «/u.«. 7©y 
aOiX^ov ya^ /uioo (wa^inp xat xpirtpov tlxav) '£paToMitr,f 
aTixretviv^ O'JTi a'JTog l^iu fxoixo'jfjuvog^ ovrt ci, TtjV toXjv Iptow 
e^a^ut^TOLvavrat aXXa tt) cauroO Tra^avo^ta wpoOufAtog i^ijvri' 
ptrmv, ' 'Avrx^t^atTOLfJiivos S* avr&v ^otJXo/;Jlai ipio'dai, cu ay 
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ftyai irojUJ^w^ £jrl 8« t>) -rotirou ^Xct^T} * xai x^of aurov roijroy 
o«'40v xai (u<rE3c$. 

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yayig Uftht^p/ov r\ m ; — '' 7a iiro tcuv ap)(^fiVT(oy rrgoora^^- 
dfvrot 4€^ta)j^ BTToiouv .—^ H<roa o' ei* toJ 3ouXft/r7}^i'(r), on oi Xo'yoi 
«ytvovTO TTf^i »i/A<oy ; — ^Hv. — llrlTtpov truvr^yiptuif ro7g XfXeu- 
ou«'iv aToxTf?va<, ^ avriXsyfj; ; — VlvriXryoi*. — "Jva aToSavw" 
ftev; — *Iva /AT/ airoSavijTff. — 'Hyoofttvog rjjtxa^' aOixa xao';|^fiv 1} 
^ixaiGt ; — "AoiKct. 

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u/uuf xu^iov r^is <TaiTr,pia^ rr^g i^pLiripagt avriXsyfiw (pr^g roTg 
3«vXofii^o<^ >if<-'^$ a,iroXt<rat' exiiSi] 8i 'ct) o'o) fjiovut iytvtrn 
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ouroy, <rt/XXa3a>v aTrrjyayev, ' 

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>«xa/. Gr. A/tf/. X 




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fjojuai. MAFTYPEX. 

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6;xf7^ avo^rjTf. MAPTTPEX. 

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DeaUt of Patisamas and Themhlocks : ami Speech or 


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Funeral Oration of Pericles. 

fLEvaif Tiiifxoata * ra^ct^: iTOiT^o-avTo r«iv Iv toJ^i toJ TroXc/tro 
4rg«arov aroSavofrwy, rpoxio roKu^t. Ta fjjkv oorra T^oTiOurai 
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Jtffri^ ^iptrcn, " ecTpeofJLtvrit ^ Tutv a^avutv, 0* av fxt] vj^iQuxriv 

* i^ avaipttnv. Suvtx^iptt ^\ ^ou\o fxtvog xal ourroiv 9cai 
^htov, xa) yuvotTxig irapsiertv al jrpoa-^XQuirat lx\ Tiv ta^w, 
l\tt^upiy,evat. Ti9ea<riv oZv ** eg to ^jw,o<r»ov (Tiifta, «<rT«v 
«?rl rotJ xoXXiVrou irpoaa-ruon Tijy jroXfrn^-, xal ael «v awraf 
0a)rToti<ri ' touj ax t/ov Tcri\iyi,mv^ * tXt^v yi tou^' rv Mapa^uivC 
Iximov ^"k tiotirpetrr^ tt|v a^er^v xptvavrt^y *awToO xa) roy ra- 
^ov eiron3<rav. ^Evu^av %\ xp*j'^<o<n ^, av^^ jlprifxhof uxh 
r% Tri\iaag tg av yvmfxy, re Sox-^ ^t) a^uviTO^ eTvai xai a^ttv- 
fret ir^otjXTr), xfyfi Ijt' aoroTg iiraivov rov irpmvra' fiira 8i 
Tftth"* SiT€px<ivrat. "nSf /w,6v Sa3rTow<rr xa) S<a jravroj to5 
TTtiKifM^Jy OTOTf ^uiiJ^i-f, ovroTi', e;^^VTo TtO vofAip. *Ex) 5* 
ooy ToTf srpoiToi^ toTtSi JTi^ixX^i' HavfiiTxou r)pi^ xlyfiw* 
xa) cTSfS^ xai^o; * Ixa^a^avf, xpofXO^ov olto rou (ri^jxaro^ at) 

' finfifia tr^r^y^lv TfToiijjufVoy, ^Tn>5" axot>oiTo tos it) TXiTfl^Toy Tou 
ofiiX&0» JfXiyg Toiaog* 



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TtSv TToXifjuov QavTOfJiisvQis ayopt^eirSat aur^v. "Efjio) 8* apxo\i¥ 
av iSoxfi ilvoLi avZpaiv ayaBmv fig7<f> ytvofiivtov^ * ^P7*? ''"^ ^'J" 
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vofjLttrtta S^Xouo'dai, o rt airiipag ^ strTty a xal ^rXEOva^eerdai, 
Sia ^SoVow, et Ti wTT^g Tijv lauroS <^6<rtv dxovoi. Mi^pi yap 
Tou^ff dvtxrttl 01 ?7raivo/ fiffi jre^l eripeov XeyojttBi'or, ej oo'oy av 
Hat auTos exacTTog of'^jToti (xaic^f eJvai ^pdtral ti cov ^xotio-£* T<p 
S^ t/ff'Ep0aX>.ovri '^ aitTtSv ^doirowrif i^^-)} xal oe7riO'TOu<riV* 
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y4xii/. Gr. MaJ. 

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Tj^e Plague at Athens. 

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woTioavSptoTTOTaTa, Taora fuv to. xotra TTfV voVov ysvofxiva. 

Letter of Nicmsfrom SicHj/ to Athens. 

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^« fXtf'/y dva?rei^tt>/u.fyai, xai ai «T»;^fi^Vii^ * fir' fxciyoif, xai 


Anal. Gr. MaJ. 

9 D 



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tliorag tu eMZs ^ouT^SKKratr^oti, Ka.\ a/Aa Tag ^'j(riig ixj- 



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oXiya, e/i,o} 8^ SiaSo;^ov T<va, to's a^uyaro; fijtJii $ia voVov vs^plrif 
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"* «>5 Ttov TToT^efxlatv Ta /utH ev Z^<xeX('cc 81* oX/you xopio^)fJiiymVf 
rot. 5* fx 27eXoxovvr;o-ou tr^oXctiTepiiv [xkv, o^co; 8*, ij" f*TI Tpaer- 
sx^iTM Tr,v yvrii(jt,r,Vf " ra fxhv Xijcowciv t>^%, wimp xa) ir^^- 
rr^v, Ta oe ^Sr'^ovTai.** 



In a Letter to Tereritianus, 


* ' *Axp^Tr]g xa) ffo;^^ tjj T^oywv is-r) ra. wj/tj* 
xa) xmi^T&v Tff 01 fj.iyt<FTOt xa) a'uyyoa(pfwv oux aXXo^sv y\ 
evdsi^s TTcSsv iirptjaT%\i<rav, xou ^ ralg iauriov xtpii^a^ov tu- 
xT^iiaig tov altova. O'j yap s]g TTfifico tow^ axp^iatfxevo'jg, aXX* 
e»^ 6x<rTa<riv ayfi " to, untp^xtai' vavrr^ 8» yi ** (Twy exa-XrJ^fi 
ToO irt^avou xa) toO Trpo; X^P*^ '^'^ xparti to Qaufxatnov' ' ttyt 
TO ftsv wifiav^v alj' Ta jroXXa e(p' rJjitTv' TauTa 8s SwyaeTTsiov 
xal 3i'av ajxa^ov x^o«r^f^oi»Ta, ' iravT^j fxavot too axporu/Aivoti 
xa^/o-raToii. Ka) '' t)jv /a)v efHTrstpiav Ti)g ittpi<rttug, xa) t^ 



Twv irpayftaToiv ra^tv xal ttxovofAtav ovx s^ svo^, M' sk SooTt^, 
sx Ss Tou o?vot> Tttiv Xoyoiy uiPoug (igiTkis ex^ativojxevijv hpioy^v" 
v-^og hi TTow "^ xatpims e^svs^Blv ra re TrpayfAaTU ' S/xtjv (TxijTr- 
Tou »-avra 8i£^o^i)<rev, xa* ti^»' tou priTapas euBifg a^poav «v«S£i- 

{aro SuvajtAjv. ♦ * * 

i/ooj f/ie Sublime maif be known. 

ouZlv uTf&p^n p'-iyatf ^ 0^ 1*0 xaraiPpovsiv s(Tt)v f^iya' oToy ' 
irXouror, Tijcta), So^ai, rupavvl^eg, xa\ otra Si} aXXa E;|^ff( n'oXti 
TO s^to^sv TrpQtTTpaywZouiXBVov, <iuH av 7(o ye (ppovifxw ^^ftev 
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rptof' (" fiawjU.afou<r* youv rtov s;^oWa>v aura [xctT^'Kotf Touj 
^uvafiivQus s^fi'** ^»J Sia /JtsyaXotl/yj^iav UTTspoptovTos') — " t^ SI j 
TTW xa\ '^ iv\ rwf htr^piLevoiv Iv TTOirifAourt xal T^oyaig stktxst* 
Tgov, {xv} Ttva ^ fxeyi^ovg ^oLvroLtrtav i^ot TOiauriji', '^ 19 ttoXu 
TTpotrxetTai t^ elxj} 7rpo<ravoL7rXaTTQiJ.fvoVt a.vairTJG-o'OfASva 8i 
' aTkXrtif supiirxotTO ^muva^ eov tow Sotufxa^etv to Tripi(pptvi7v j 
eoytvitTTipov. 4»i/ffe/ ya^ :ra>f utto raXi^i'owf tjuj/duj eTat^sTai' 
re ig/xtuv 17* 4''^JC'1« ''*^ yau^ov rt ava^rijjua XajU.^avoo<ra xXij- ' 
gourai X°^9^^ ^^ }Ji&y aT^au^iagt mg aurij ysi^i'T^Vowa ots^ 
ijxouffsv. "OTai* oZv xtTT avSgo^r £/x(ppoi/o^, xaJ e,aTs/oou Xoyeov, 
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oruvSiaTiS^, *ftr]^3* eyxaraXsiV"*) ri) htavota arXeTow rou Xsyojxcyou 
TO avaB£wpou(xsvoVt TriTTTTi h\ OLV " TO (rui's;^£j 6;na'X07ryf, iJj 
as'au^7j(r<»'' oux av tr aT^.Y^B'kg u>|/oj €?>}, fJiixP^ ^AoVigf rijj axo^$ ] 
a-iti^opLivav. T(t\iTo yap rco ovti p.iyoLj w voTO^tj (jusv 13 Ava^tm- 
pr^trtSt Zuc-xa'Xog Ss, /xaXXov 8* aSuvaro^ *^* x«re§a»'a<rTa<n$' 
*0';i<ti^a 5^ 1] (JLvrifATi xal Sw(rE,5aXsiTT0^. "OXwf xai xaXo^ 
vofAti^i u^ri xal aXijOiva Ta Oia^af to^ apsfirxovra xal iroLtTiv* , 
"Orap yap * Tor^ a^o ha^puiv eTTinj^stijUtarajv, |S/a>v, ?tIx»»p 
ijXixittn', ' Xoycuy, ei^ ri xal TauTO*' fitjtAa vsp\ rmv aur«o¥ 
$ox-]^, To'd' ' 7) 6^ aa-uju.(jJuivu)v a>^ xpoLfng xal (ruyxotTuf^sa'if 
' Tijy farl ra> da(//xa^ojUf s/tu Trifmu Wxypkv >,otix^civ£i xo 



The five Sources of the Sublime. 
*Bifi\ 3* JTfVTs, (og oiv ilrroi rig, irr^a'i nvig tWiy al t% 

aiotyou, ** raiiq irivrt rauroti^ ISeaif ' T^f er toJ Xf yiiy 5wa- 
fJiseogf -Jj oAcDj X'"^*^^ ' o'iO^v,) npt^Tov iikv xai xparnrrtv^ to 
vipi ra^ vor;<rfif a^^fTy^3«Xoi', tog * xav roTj iri^i Sivo^wirrQg 
4opt<rai*.t6a' Ofuri^ov 2^, ro <r<po^^y xa2 fvdou(ria<rrtx&v ' n-a^Jo^* 
\ 4(^2^' * ttf fbfv Siio a'jrai rou ijf\|/0'j]^ xara to tXcov auStyi vdip 
a'fjtrroLiretgy al \oixa] o' ^O^j xai oia Tt;^i^j' '' ^t« Toia Ta»y 
o'X^^^y.otTtuv vT^itrig' ( ' 8i<r<ra oe you raSra, to, fjuiv yor^(r«<tf^% 
Oanpa d« T^i^atg' ) liri 8* toutoi^ ^ tj yfvya/ac ^ptktng^ (ig f^P''i 
■jraXiv ovofjiureuv ts ixTiHyiif xa) »j t^otjx^ xa) TSTOiTj/ui'yjj 
^*S*^)' Tg/ATTT?) oi fxtyi^oijg alrtat xa) a-uyxXitou^a ra wpi 
eaijT%g axavra, ' ij iv a^itufxaTt xat itaptrtt (T^v^tctg. 

4*ipe S^, TO ipLiFspn^'tiJiiva xa(f* iKa(rTrfV l^iav toutwv <ri« 
4rxf>{/ai/4c^a, tocoOtov vponTT^vregy ot< Tt5i» rivrt fxaptfuv i 
KaixiXtog k<Triv » irupi>^tjrsv, aig xou rh Tado^* "* a/iiXit. " 'A7k)C 
ci /u.£y, cu^- gy t<, raDr' «tju.^cu, to Tf u\{/o( xa2 to iradijTtxoy, xai 
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tt(tfj.apTavit' " xa) yap TcaJ^ri r^t/a (ttscTwra u^'^o^ xa) Tdt;rf »»a 
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fteyaXTj'yo^oj/, cotrirsp otto ^0LVi0L$ tivoj; xaS Tj^syjxaroj «v5ou- 

Elevation of ThoughL 

otxXrny to XjfdJrov, Xe^to §S * to jue7aXci<pu6f, ;^^t) xcxirTau^a, ci 
xotl *S«ipi)TOV Tti wpayfJLOt [xSiXT^ov ^ xttjtov, ojtiw^, xaS* o(rov 
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eyxufxovas asl iraiiiv ysvvcxiou TrapaffTrjfxaTOs. ' Tiva, ^i3<re<f, 
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fera/ xore 4'*^T1 ""^ f «uTr,v rj evvoia S(' auT& to fAsya'ho^pQV' 
aig i{ TOW AIolvtos ** ev NsKvia tTitoTrii i^iya ko.) wavrls w\|/i5Xo'- 
Tipi* T^oyorj. 

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a^'eFi'sV* OwSe ya^ oToVre fxlxpa, xai ^avXawpiTr^ (ppovouvrag 
xa\ iTTiTTi^euGVTag wap oXov tov 3*'c*»'. flaujttao-To'v t< xal too 
TraVToj oitovo^ ef fivfi^xgri/ a^icV ^eyaT^Qt S^ o* Xo'yoi *TooTa>v 
x«Ta T^ elxogt '^ tuif av e^^pJ^eTg mirtv cd Ivvoiai, Tavrri xa) 
tig TOTjj jU,aX«rra ^pfivrip.arlag ' k^iriitrni ra uTtip^\Joi' ' o ^-ct^ 
Tm UapixsvittiVi (pT^travTi, " ' *Eyfo fjutv av r^pxitr^r^v *" [Tot>Toif, 
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ijjuiijv," TO aurou /utsyaXo^/^oy Siixvutrii/. 'Jlj xa) ' to ^OfAr^paxt 
Trapopll^H fx.eyoc.Ti'Upueg ev Ttp 

TO sx* ou^ai/of otTTO yrig SiacTTij/xa' xexi tout* ay sixoi rig ' 6v 
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ou yap Sfiivoj/ cro/rj(r£ to e^SojXoi', aXXa " |Ujo-*jto'i/. '^ 'O Ss ttoT^* 
jLLgyc^uvef Ttt SajjLtoVia ; 

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Tr^v opfAi\v awTCDf "• xo^-fAtxdS hoLtrrrifiotri xarotfUT^tl, Ttg 

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^fifpiaXi\ tipuerra, ra rr arvyiovat Btol irtp, 

*ETi^>^iTiig^ (Toi^if aJj, dvappi/iyvufxivris /*•!' tx ^Qptfov yr^f, 
, aurou Si yu/Avo'ijusvou Tapra^'vy, avar^oTV S« oXoti xa) Zta- 
a-ratriv tow xoV/xou Xa/Jt3a*'ovTOi', jravS* a^oa, oj^avoj, a^vjf, ra 
BvYfTOLf TO. ctSrivara, aju.a t^ tots ffu/xTroXs^uiT xai <ruyxivOt«vcjn 
h°^X7l' 'AT^y^a TaZra. ^ov^spa [x\it^ " tXtjv ay^Xutg ' ci /a^ xar 
aXXijyo^iav Xa/x/Savoiro, TravTaTrdcrtv oiOea, xa) ow (rcu^oyra 
TO TTpijrov. "Ofxr^pos ydp fxoi ^oxf?, * n-a^a^j^oti^' roa^fjiura 
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Sti(r2oci)u.ovoO<n d^oxeiTon Xijc&vjv xaxu»y, o flavarof * riSv fletov S* 
o'j ' T»)w <|^u<r<i/, aXXa ttjv ary^^t'av «7ro<i30"«v aimyioi'. //oXu Si 
T«>y JTcgi T7|V Sco/xa^^i'av afAiivfo ra, o<ra a)(^potv70v rt xa) fJi.iya 
TO Sai/AOVioy, oj'i GtX^jSto^, xa) axpotTftv ' irapla-Trftrtv, oTa (toX- 
?;o7|f Si jrpo ^'pov roTOf '' e^itpya<rrai) ra fxi tou llotrw 


— Tpffte 5* oCpea /lacpo, iral wXij, 

Kal ropv^ai, T/>u/u»»' r< ffriXii, ira< f^'i 'Aj^anSi-, 

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TlairoOcv CK A.evO/iwv, ovb' //yf-oiq^ri' Ai-acra. 
FijOoffUKn ^€ Od\<iaoa bttarato' rot 6i irtrorro, 

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HOi) eyivero." Oitx oxT^r^plg dv Ka-wg, Evaiptt S^Jai^ct*, * iv* TrW 
TOW fIotTi}Tou xai T<t>v av^C'rtJTri'i'my irapoL^ifxivog, toO /txaSfiVi 

OL^vw xai vu^ awsipds ^ auTio tt^v tSjv 'E7<\rivatv eire^et jLta^ijv" 

^Zev irdrepf (^>jo"i»',) dXXa ffu puffcii wtt' ^fpos vTas 'A^tnHv, 
rioiqaov b' itWprfft hi)s b' v^BaXfiolfft}' IbiaOai' 

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(i^v yap r)i afmj^xa toS rfpwog TaTreivoTipoVt) aXX*, 67r5<5^ fi»f 
onrpaxriii trxoret ttiI' auhpiav stg ouSsv yswatov fT;^^ " SiaOltf^dlWi 
O^a raOr ayavaxrmvT t»T< tr^og tt^w ft.a)rr,v otpysT, (pGog hrf 
^ttrra anetTat, '^ (vg Travreog rrig a^sx^f S'jpr)<rwy epra^toi 
a^iov, xav aorm Zehg avTiTarrTjra*. 'v^^^Xa yA^ "^ ''Ofjt*?^^^] 

Mtiiftrnt, b>% or "Apijs eyx^'crw'inXoi, f/ oXoov jrDp 


Demosthenes mid Cicero compared, 

'O Kixipmv Tou ^ijaoff-flli'ouj "^ lii' r*>Tf fiiyi^eTt irapaWotTTir 
* 'O jLtfw yap SI' u\[/fi to rXsow as^oroftm, o S* Kwiptn* *«J 
;^u<r£r xai ju^v rijX€T£ptig, " 3»a to /xsTct 3/aj 6xa*rTa, in 
Ta;ifous;» piiy^r^g^ Setfor/^TOf, blov xaUtv T£ oiyia xai Sia^Trcc^fiv^l 
rrxTjTTTto Tivl Trapsixai^otT uv tj xspamtS, *0 Ss Ktxsptow, cu^j 
cifM.^i7^a(pr,g Tig I^tt pr^tr fxhg, titiMai, noLVT-f] vifxsTat xa) av£tXeira<,{ 
ToXw £;[;cov xctl eTTi'/xovov agi to xaTov, ' xoi Ziotx'Krjpwou ' 
ctXXoT* aXXojtij^ sy avTw^ * xai xaTa 8«a5o;^ai' aVcerpey-y.xr*"j*.J 
*^X?^a TauTtt juL^v " ujUf?^ av dfxiiuov sirixpivotre. ^ Katfog 
TOO ^Tjfteo-fi'vixoS jtiiv oxf^oyy xai OTepTtTafiivto tv n"*^ 
^eivnMFsm xai Tor*; (r(pfi^pf>ig ra^STi, xai Iv^a ^e? tov aT^ptfa 
TO o-'jvoXoy ix7rX>iJar Ttj? §£ x^rrtwg, ottoo ;fp>j * xaTavTX?[A3f/f 
Toxriy<tpUig n yap, xai sTn^iyotg xara to T^iov, xai irotpoi' 

fiafrttrtf xoli toT^ (^patrnxdlg ardo't not) firiSf/xrixo?^, iaro- 

I ofifM^tog. 

The proprietif of presenling to our minds modtU of past 
excellence and the opinions of posterity, 

Ouxoyv xai »3ftajr, t^vIk dv Ztairovwfxtv O^Yiyoplag n xa\ p.i* 
T^Xo^^OTuip^/f dfo/ASvov, xaX^y ai*aTXaTrj(rflai TotTf ^J/u^aTf, 
rco^ ay, ' SI Tu;^oi, TctOro to*;^' "Oixt^p**^ HviVt ntS^ i' av 
JJXdrmv ij ^ijtxoo^dlvrj^' w\J/aj(r«v, ij fv Wropia ©ooxwS/Sijy* 
* TptvvlitrtvraL yap r,fii¥ xara p^Xov «xf7va ra T^oVa>Ta, xa) 
* oTov BiaTrptTovra, T<ij ^'<';(J^^ avoitret xtog ' irplg to. aint^m' 
XovQWjutva fxtrpa. "En ^i ^jaaXXow, el xdtxmo ryj 8«3tvo<'^ 
irgo<n/iro7^a^o</u.ev, irwj av ro^s t< wtt* tjuow Xfyojaevov Trapwv 
^OpLT^pag TfKOiKrtVf 71 ^rifjLOfrSi¥riSt ij * jFutg dv iir) rourio Siirrdij- 
cav ; Tto yoLp tvrt ftey* '''^ ay^oiiiorjtjta, Toiaurcv iTOTi^Krdai 
I rcoy iS/cov Xoya»v Stxacrfj^tov xai Siar^ov, xat fv r>}XiXouroi^* 
'f^axri xpircug rt xai p,dpTU(nv, ^ utts^hv twv ypa^t^tvtov 
tuduvot; Trxar;(^daf. IlyJov h\ toutwv irapappr^rixov, §1 xp^v 
► Ttflf/ijy, Tco^ av ijxoy TaDra 'ypa>f/avTo^ 6 pur ip\ Tag axow- 
#ri»v etlruy ; El 3f rig ' avrodcv ^o3o7ro, /xt) to? i^/ou jS/ou xa) 
XP^^^^ 0'^ ^^iy^^iiro r« rjirtprlfxipav, avayxij xai ra <rwXXa/x- 
^¥6pt9a (tiro rifig rourou >(/t>;^5)f arfXi^ xa) ^ TO<pXa tStnrtp 

/Xfva ;|rp<)vov. 

O/i Figures, 

AuriQ$ Hat ' Te^i (r^pLOLTcov i^t^r^g riraxrat roirog' xa) 
ykp raur\ dv ov 8«? cxiud^r^rat rpoirav, '" ft»V J^iijv. otix av ij 
rv;j^65<ra ptysQovg i«ij pipig, Ou ft*jv, aXX* iril " ri iravra 
Ztaupl^uv JToXw e^yov cv tco vapovri^ "fxaXXov 5* aT«^»o- 
p$ST0Vt — oXiya r«>v, S^*-a piya\t^yopiag dironMorrixoLt ""tou 
iri«TaKrao'da4 ro TFp^xtlptvnv tvtxa ' xaJ S^ Sii ^ifxfv. ' *^to- 
^ffi^iv 6 ^fipoMvrig vvlp riov x»xo\triupivoov itv^ipn' ' rig S* 
fw ij xara ^u<r<v ;tf5)<T<j airTji' ; ' *' O^t^ ^pdprtrtt m tov ux^p 
Anal. fir. Muj. Q F. 



TouTOo xapu^ityfiara' oOSs ya/? o! sj' MapotACovi r^fiaprov, oi3 
ol ev Xa7^afji7in, 0)0' ol ev TlTvCtTatoug.'' VlXX*, ea-fio^, xa6arl| 

vrjfxsvog^ Tov "^ xoLTCL Tttiv upiu-rLtov rrig 'EXT^ct^og opxcu e^s^oiJ 
vr^<reVf *' Oux eerTiV 07r«)^ T^^aprtTB^ ou fiot. row^ iv Ma^a^utu 
TFpoxtv^uvsuaravTccgt^^ ^aivsrcu Si' evoj tow ofxortxou <^^''5/*ctT0f|! 
(oTTff ev^a^s a7ro<rT;>i>^>jv iym xaXru,) Toy^: piey Trpoyovotig dts-o 
Bitotragj '' on ^s? tgu^ ouTtt>^ ayra^avavras mg Beoug Qpi.vCvoii 
Trapiaravcov, "" ro7g 8e xptvtuin to roiv tx{i iFpoxiv^uviucravrtui^ 
ivti^Btg (ppovr^fAa, ttjv Ss t% a.7ro6el^i(og ^ufTtv ftsdea-TUXtug il^ 
uTTsp^aKKdv u'^og xai ^a^of " xa\ ^evwv xa) u7r£p<puiov opxtot 
a^ioTrnrriaVf xou a/xa Traitttvdv tivoc xa) a'hi^i<^a.pfj.axfiv glc 
jag "^rj^ag rtiiv axovovTwv xaOislg T^oyoV ' tog, xov^^t^ofjiivou 
ujTo TUiv eyxto(xin)v, pr^Ssi/ i7\.aTT0V ttj {J'-a.^ri rfi Trplg 4*i'Kt7nrt>f 
% It) To7g xaroL MapaBiuva xa) ^aAa/iTva vtxy^rT^plQigj Truplc 
raerOat ^povsTv' tig irutri Toug cLxpftdxag oia t&v (r^triiJ,arKrfi.^ 
' <r{ivapTroL(rot.g *fyjTo. * ♦ * 

On Inlcrrogalions. 

XT S* " sXiivcL ^M^iv^ Tag ivBUfrug ts x<m Ipmrr^cBig \ 
oux a'jTOig TuTg tmv fl-;^>jju.aTtt»v U^Qxaitaig TOt/sas-oXw l^rrpioc^ 
T^repa xa) (rtt^apwTepa truvTsivii ''ra Xcyo/^tfiva ; "''i/ 
?c£o-fis, uTTs pLOiy TTspiUvteg aXAvJXftiv 7c\jv^ave<r0atf Aiysrat' 
xaivQv ; ri yap rxv -ysvoiTo to'jtou xatvoTspoiff rj Maxt^wy fitingj^ 
xoLTaTFdXsfxwv TYiv ' EXXoAa ^ TsOvTjxe *Pt\iX7zog ; ow ju,ct ^r,l 
aXX* a^r^fj/sT. 7V 6* ujw.r*' ^ta^epst ; xal yap» av ouroy ti Tod)^ 
ra^sfog ufxelg erspov *lH>,t7nrov Troiyjo-srg." Kai TraXi;', " UXr-J 
a>/x£i> fTi A/axff8ov/ai//' ^>jfl-/' ** toT S>) ir^rjo-apmrtUfisQa. ] iJ^itI 
Tif' gupTjVs* Ta aaOpa. Tcav 4*i7\i7nrou 7rpay(xuTwv aurog o W^ 
Xf^io^." ^f/v 8f, airXiiSg prfilv/ro vpoiyfJLOt t«u Tayr) xarlit^ 
Ssiarepov vovi t)s to £v30ov xai o^uppoTrov tt^^ irsutretog 
aTTtxpltTsttig^ xa) To tt^o^' l«'>rov wif Trpri^- erepov nuBotrayrSfA 
60 ^ovov w>J/i}XdT£^oj' eTftlrifrs rm ir)(yi\xa7HTfkw to iq^jk, aXXo^l 

X«tJ Ti(TTQTfpOV. ♦ ♦ * 


Change ojlltc Pant Tense into the Present. 

ytfotteva, xa) irapovTUt o*j Sojyij^riy trt tIv Xoyov, ftXV hctym' 
wov irpayfxa ^onjo-fiy. " IJeTrreoxto^ Zi rtf,*' <fiTf<r)tf i Stvn* 
0fo¥t ** utI t<o Kopou tmrvi, xot) flroTow/Asyos,^ vaist tvJ fxa^atpOL 
«iy T-^v ya<rrip<x ruv TrTTOV * o 05 of^otZa^wv rltconeUrai to» 

77/e €AH:elienct of the Human MM. 

&if^patjrov, aXX* ' toy ei^' fxiyaXriV Tiva Totvijyt/^iyf ft^' toy 0ioy 
xoi «i^* Toy a-ofj,TravTrt x'lafMV exayouera, dearof Tiya^ roTy 
"Xcov avT% e<rofLivov^, xa) ^iXoTifioiraTou^- ayfoynrrav', " «v5i^ 
afta;^oy tpcoru ivi^'jfnv Tj/xtoy raT^^' >J'<';t"'V Tayro>' afJ rau 
^(^oXoif, "" x«3 iv<; vpn^ '}/*«*' ^atfJ.ovteaT€pou, ^lOTSp ri) (fitopta 
xou Siayoiaj rijs MawTTiur^g JTi/3«X;^ oi?' 6 (ry/*Taf x6(TfJi,o^ 
oLftxst, aXXa xaJ touj 'tou xs^ifj^oyTog ?roXXaxij,* Jf^ooj ex^ai- 
vtrnvtv al ejrlvoiai' xa) it rif 7ri^<^X£v|/airo iy xuxXo> T^y 0ny, 
* ©(Toy flrXfoy e;^s* tc» xf^^irroy ey 7r<><r« xal fxiya "^ toS xaXoD, 
raj^cwy efffiTai t/^oj a ysyrivajjuv, "EvOev ^'j<nxu}§ X(o$ ccyo- 
fASvct, fAa -jr, wi Tot fjuxpa piVipa Oau^d^ftfjuv^ ei xa) 8<auyi) 
xa) ^pv^ctixa' aXXa roy NsTkoVf xa) "la-rpov, rj */'^yov, toXo 
$* «Ti iLaKKav Toy 'flxiavov. * OuS; ye ' to w<p* yjfXMiv towtI 
^Xoy/oy avaxaiofJLevoVf ^ Itts) xaSapov atv^ei to ^p/y'/Qj, IxtXijt- 
rofiri^u Ttoy o'jpavuov |xaXXoy, xalroi voWaxti iiri<rx6T0vy.i¥a)V' 
Mi TiSv Tiif ^fTy>j^ xparripuiv af io5aw/ia«"TOTef6y yojbi/^oju,€y, 
^j; ai aya;^oai Ttirpttui n sx i3t>5ov xa) oXot/j o;^9ovf aya<JJf^oo«ri, 
xa» xoTU^ovg snoTS Toti yijysyouy sxilvou xa) ayTou fiovo\j 
?r^o;^£ow<ri wugo^. *^XX* ix) ToJy To<ouTwy a;rayT<oy ixfty* ay 
SiixoiiASv, cog euTropt(rTov fisv avQpwTots r}* x^psitu^ig r^ xa) ayay* 
H<uttv, flawjt*ao-Toy S' o^<u>' oU) to jrapaSo^oy. 




LONG IN us. 

The scarcUj/ of sublime frriiers accounieu fir^ and 

the inifju'tlif of the Age* 

^ExiTvn fkivTOi XoiTov, iv§xa Tr^g cr^g ;^fi;o-rofAa6s/a^, wn 
iKViqtrQiisv sTFiirf>oa$s7vatt xa\ &<a<ra4^t}<rai, Tipsvriavl (p/Xrarf, 
oTTip k^viri^tri rig rmv (^iT.'^a-o^cov i^ftt^tr£v%yx^9* — SaZfiat f^^ 
i^h " T^iytoVf oig afxtT^si xai kji^aug jtoXXou^-, " TTiog voTt narot 
T6V i}fteTf^oy alSiva Tn^oLval jtxsv stt axpov xai ;roXtrixa2t 
Of>ifjLsioti rs xai evrpt^tlsj xol fkohi^ra Trpog ijSovoy Xo-yo)!' 
fii<^6^otj 6i]/ijXai 8) Xiav xai ifTS-epiAsysBitg, srX^v n fii} rt 
WTT^vioVf Quxitt yivovTOLi ^^sig' roa^airri Xoyoiy ^ xoo-jaixif riy 

^oi/>) <r;^g8ov xal (roj^r/x/xaorav ol 7r«^i Xoyouj Ssivoi xai <ru»a^- 
flfltvov ; Of l^/at Tf yag, flJi^trJv, ixay^ ra <)5goi^ftaTa Tt6i» fxsyu* 
},Q^papwv ij iMu^epia, xal sTeXTrtVa*, xal a/xa '^ SiaX^eTv to t^O"* 
fiy/jtov T^f jrpj aXXiiXouf eptZog xal t% jre/sl ra Tr^oirsidll 
^jXoriju./a£. "JSti yi ju^v 8*a ra TrpaxBijxsva, ' sy ToTf 7r«X»« I 


ffiaif iTTaoAa Exatrrori ra Yu;^ixa tt^ orc^i^/uiQcra rcuv priropatt 
fjLiXsrtiifJiSva axomrai, xal o7oy Ixrpi^iTOLi^ xal ro?; Tfayfia«q|| 
xara ro elxti^^ cXfu^^^a eruvcxXa/ATrei. Oi ^t vuv io/xajufw, f ^)}{ I 
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The Dlsicmbltr. 

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The Adulator, 

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y7/c Talkative Man. 

'// ^f aooXc(r;i^i'a itrr) SiiTyijcif Xo'yww^a>y xa» ccTpoi3»o- 
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T'/ief Blunderer. 

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T-Jj fawTov yiyaixi * tog ^*^* 'JTjp3'>X»jy eurifxepi'i. 


RNl> or PROSE. 





Tlie jjoera opens wilbin forty -eight dajs of the arrivfll of Ul>ss€8 in 
hh clomiiitons. He had tiow remained seven years In the island of 
CHtyj>so, when the Gods assembled iji council proposed the roethod 
of his departure from thence, and his return to his couitlry. For this 
purpose It is determined to send Mercury to Calypso» and Pallas 
imraedialely descends 1o Ilhaca. She holds a conference with Tele- 
macbus, in the shape of Menles, king of the Tapbians: in which she 
advi:>es him to take a journey, tn quest of his father Ulysses, to Pylos ^1 
and Sparta» ivhere Nestor and Mfnt-hius yet reigned. The suitors of 
Penelope make great cnterlainments, and riot in her p;)lace till iiight«^ 
Plieiniiis sings to them the rekirn of the Greeks, till Penelope puli a 
stop lo the song. Some words arise between the suitors and Telc- 
macbua, who summons the council to meet the day follow ing. 

TnaTiTKUiv 5' av^prnwrnv Hhsv fitorea, nal "" voqv eyvat' 
TToXXa S' oy sv ttovtio vaQsv aXyid ** ov xara SufLov, 
' apvufASVOS 7JV Tf "^^X^i^ *"** voa-TQV sratptov* 

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VT^intitt 01 ' xaroL ^ f^Qug uirspUvos '//sx/oio 
'^tr^tov' aurap o '' rot<riv a<psiXiTo vo<rTtfi.ou ^ft-otp* 



otxoi ttravy ttoXejuov t§ Ti^iuyin^- 7j6s SaXa<r(rav* 
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vu/x^ij woVvi' epoxE KaXtnJ/oa, Z7tx ' Qidiov, 

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fxvri<raTo ydp xotra du/xoi» ' dfxufxavog AlylaOtta, 

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(T^civ aTa<rSaX/i5<riv '' wxi^ [Mpov aT^yt t^^mtrtv, 
*fls xa) vuv AtyicrBog ' o;r^^ ju.opov ^ '^T^«»Oao il5 

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*Epy.ilav Tciy^^avrtg s^o-xottov *Apyti(povTr,v, 
firf^T ' auTov XTiiviiv, y^'r^rs "' ^vaa<j-flat axoiTiv' 

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oTToV ac >j3>jV>3 T« xaJ "' rig IfAstptrai tttrfg. 

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'TTtT^', dyadoL <pp<ivi(V¥' vrJv 5* d6poa vdvT dTrlTtfft* 
Tov 0* rJf^si^eT cTreiTa fisa yXawxcoa-is' 'A^,vii' 




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VTitTip ev apL^tpuTjif o5i T* * ofx.ipa'Kog efrri 9aAa(r<n3S', 50 

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W fvDuaiv 

Palace and Gardens of Akinaus, 

^AuT^p *0^'j(T^thg 

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fvpfAaiv WrafxivtOt 7rp\v yahMio^ axtthv \xi<r^ai' 
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Xputrnoi 8* fxarff^ds xai dpyxt^tni xuvig T^tTaL¥, 
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adavccrov^ ot^ra^ xai dyr^piog ^jciara ^ayra. 

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Xirroi, ctJyijToi 3i3XrJ«TD» «^ya yuvaixuiv. 



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epya t en-ia-TaaSoti irspixaX7<ia, xa) ^pevas IcF^'Kag, 

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ttXXae^ 8s rpaTTEwmi' ** TragoiSe 8s t' oju,<paxffj elciv, 
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Tola p ** 5v '--iXxjvooio ^etbv so^av ayXaa 8wpa. 




l.'l)?»scs relates, Ihat uftcr (he cit'*lruction of Troy he made an incursion 
with lib companions on tlie Cicones, by wtiom they were repuUrd ; 
and, meeting with a itorm. were driven to the const of the Lolophagi. 
From Ihence they sailed to the l;tnd of the Cyclops, The ^iant Po- 
lypiiemus and hi« cave are ile&cribed, and tite njctlioJ of esca}M: fiom 

*A>.xtvot xpsToVf vavTtov apiOiixire '" Xa«uv, 
^TOi ftiv To^i xaXov axou(/uify I^tU aoiAov 

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SaiTu/jiovc^ V aua ^u>y,QiT axoud^fovTat aoiOov^ 
•t^fjiivoi «2f/ijs' Trapa 0^ x-XrJdoKri TpaTni^cu 
clrou xa\ xpniav' fjii^u 6 ix xpr^Tr^pog a(^Knratv¥ 
«ivo;^(Joj ^ofe>;<n xa) ^ iyx'*7' 3«a'a<(7<rr 
Touro T« /jio* xoXXiCTOi/ evi ^psa-)v iUiTOtt tlvat. 

iipt<Th\ *" o^p* «Ti fLoiy^'Kttv i^upofxtvas (rTOva;(^t^<o. 
T* wpioTOV, Ti 5' ijr£*Ta, t» 6* uo-rarioy xaTaXi^at ; 
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Ulysses converses xvHh the Shades of the lUustrions DctuL 

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Anal. 6'i. /l/^y. 2 L 



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The Sirais, 

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The Invocation. 

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Remarks iejininating with the story of Prometheus, 

Ephneiheus and Pandora. 

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fieri Suai' TTj* /Agv X6* fTaitfrJreifi ' voi]a'af, 

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yl description of the Five Ages* 

*fl$ * ofM^ii0 yiyaacri 5«oi Syi)T6i' t* avd^oin-otj 
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Anal. (Jr. Mnj. 




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Aldms xa) Ns[* ra hi ^ mI^stui aXysa Xwy^ct 




The Batik of the Titans, and dtscripiion of Tartarus. 

Bptapup S' ws ru Trpmra * irarrip oiduflrtrara Ouftw, 
Kirrm t t^^I ^^hn* ^Tr^a-t xpaTsptp evl 8f<r/i<j>, 
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Subject of Ot'fjJu'uss Sung, 

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77ie Argonauts sd saii. 

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2 N 



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They visit the prophet Phinetfs. 

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Address to Erato. 

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Conditions 0/ surrendering the Fleece. 
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Medta in love uith Jason. 

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Meeting of Jason and Medea. 

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Anal. Gr. My. i Q 



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ta-QvofXQVs r *ABr,vois sa-on^VaTof. 


Datuws Lament over her son Perseus during their 
exposure io the Sta ifi a cheat by Acrisius. 

^pifjie irviwvy * xivij^fiTora ts 7\i^vol 

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310 SAPPHO. 

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Rapture of a Lover. 

' 4>aiviTai fjuat xt^vog 1<rog (lso7(n¥ 
efJilASV aviipt "" orrtg tvavriog to) 
lO'^avfi, xa) TXao-iov a$u (pfl»ya- 

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e/tjxi' ' Tcdvaxijy 8* oXiyo) ViSfwo-a, 

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" *^XX<i TOtV TOX/MCTOV. * • * 



A Dialogue between the shepherd Tkyrais and a goatherd. Thyrsia, at 
the request of his friend, sings the fate of Daphnis, who died for 
love : for which he is rewarded with a milch goat, aud a uoble 
pastoral cup of moat excellent sculpture. — Faw. 



* 'AJT' Ti TO iffi^CptVfJM xa) a xirug, alroXf, r^ya» 
a ** ifot) rals irayaiari ' /u XtVSf rai* ahb hi xa) tu 

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T^v* fltTT^ rag Trirpas xaraTiti&tTat u^o^tv u^wp. 
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T-fivaig apva Xa^tTv, tu 8i Totv oiw uoti^v ' a$^. 

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P aJj TO xarainsg toSto ^f euXo^^oy, ^K Tf [wpTxat, 
rupivhev ; to^ S* a7ya^ cycov ** iv rm^t ' yofAiuo-co. 

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Tu^iVSf V* t^v ilava * Sf^/xajtACf * 7^ yap av aypag 
ravixa Xixfiaxtog afxwautTat' ** svt) $^ Tixf^, 
xai 01 difi B^i^fia ;^oXfl^ " tot) ^<v) xadijrai. 
'^XXa, (ru ya^ 8^, 8u^i, Ta Ja^viSoj aXytoe tlSij-, 
xai rag fieoxoTiixag hr) " to irXfoy ixio iLmtragy) 


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TTupvaiatg o'ra^^vAaTa'i xa'hov ^i^pthv aXoia. 
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•^fjisvog' ap.^i Ss ju*y Sw aXwTsxe^' a /tiEv ay* op^mg 
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0UT« (pyTciiy Tocra*7)yov, oeroy jre^i irT^iyptaTi yafysi. 



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• ••••• 

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"* avue Tix^v spwra, xot) e^' TfXoy avu£ fMipag, 

Anal. Gr. My. '2 a 



"Ap^^^en 3«iKoXixaf?, Mtbtrat ^*Xai, oLp')(eT 0101^01$. 
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owjf CT* aira hpiifxcog, oux aXo-ea* ;faV *j(4p£5oi<ra, 
xal fforajLtoi, to) ;^e'^i's xaXov xara ■ Sufx^pi^Qg u^wp. 

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ex xa^oi (T^jpiyyoL xaXav, 7r«^i X**^**^i' sX^XTCtv. 



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Mietha i> here inl rodticcd coaipliiiit'mg of Di-I^liia, wlur Itnil fursakea 
b«r» She makes use uf incantations to regain his aflVctioin — Faw. 

Ha fJLOi rat Oa0vat ; ^sps^ ' OifTTuTu' xa 8e tcc ^/Xrga ; 
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oi>^^ ™ bdftug apct^sv avapa-iog' ^ pa oi aAXa 

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• • « • 4» 

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Ka) Xey* " fTic^^utr^oia a, Ta ^JsXjfJi^oj OTTta iLcurfrai* 

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a.^T£pe$, fioxTjAoio "* xar' avrirya yvxToy «57ra8o»'. 


A goatherd d<!chres his love for \m mistress Amarjllis, laments her 
cruelty^ comtnentU her charms, solicits her favors, and in distraction 
threatens to drowti himself. He tries cxperiiiieiit» to know if sbe 
loves him, sings love-songs, stid h resolved to die. — Faw. 


* Ktuixtkv^to itot) tolv "AfxapuT^Xi^ot' to) Se fto* atyig 
^oVxovTaj xaT OjSiof, xa) o TiTupog auraj sXauvs*. 

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xal wot) tolv xpavav ayf, Tlrups' "^ xal roy £vog;^av 
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vUjfjK^a, xai irpoyei'iioi* ; ^*A7ray^a<F^ai fxs TroritrsTg. 

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^ */J^ ^fXi to) yXuxu TOUTO xaTa ^p^x^oto yivoiro. 


Anai, Gr, Miy\ 





A Contest in singing between I lie slieplierd Mcnslcas and the neatherd 
Daphiiis is related. A goatherd is chosen judge. The}' stake down 
Iheir pastoral pipes as the reward of victory. The prize i& decreed 
to Dapbnis. — Faw. 

jda^vth rm j^apisvTi truvriVTSTo ^mxtiTiiovrt 

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nparos 5' mv ttot) jda<pviv l^eov ayopeus Meva7,xa$. 

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4»a}JLt tI vixa(reTv t(r<rov Bi%w auros asi^wv' 

Tov «S^ apa )^cd Aa^vtg roioiS* airaixst^ero jULui9cu. 


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*iiXXa Ti * di)<r«u/itia-$' o xev ayuv apxiov elfij ; 

Mitrj^ov eya> 5»j<ra>' to 8s Oeg y ' J(ro/*aTO^a afxvov, 


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*yiXXA Ti fJkOLV Bv^tTits ; Ti' S^ T^ vTJov i^e7 6 vixoiv ; 





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reLurav xardiiijv* ra 5i ra> jraTpi>s ou xara^Tjcrio. 

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nptoav viv (TuvexaS*' *Tt xai tov iiuHTuT^of ' aXyfo 

'^XXa T«V a/AjUf xpt¥(7\ tiV fTaxooy tg^a-trat aftimv ; 

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CO tot5 TaTjf ipl^nig o xwov h ^aXapog uXaxri?. 

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X* o! /Aiv xalZsg ast^v, o 6* aixoXo^ r,$i\t xpivitv, 
IJpoiTos 3* aJv a<i5f Xa^^cov *" JOxra Mtva.>kXa$' 

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"Ayxta xal Toraftol, 9i7ov yevo^-, af Ti AfivaXxas 
** ?ra iro;^' o erupixra 7rpoar<piXi$ «<« [xi\o§y 

^oVxoiT* * ex >|'w;|fa^ raj afivi^af;' -fv hi tox* iKdirj 
^a0vti t^tov Sa/iiaXflcf) ' ^>}$kv sXa<r^ov f ;|^o<« 

Kpavai xat ^vrava*, y'kuxipcv ^urov, oTtc^ o/uio?ov 

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T>jS* aeyayj), j^ouptuv ' ai^^ova xavra vcjxoi. 

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^aJ rots jitbs ^^tTKcovt ^ ** 3osf ctvorepou. 

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^ ev TTQVto yap rrjKO^* ^t^' co xoXe, xot) Tviye MiT^wv*, 

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Oi ;|f/5^ xoiju-aorflai ^aBiwst truv vm^l * ve/xovra. 
Tai S* oi'sj, jui5^' u/tA/me^ oxveW a.Trot.'kS.g xopi(ra,(r$at 
TOiOtg' " ouTi xaftffro"^' oxxa TraXiv aSs (pyTjTai* 
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cu i^Slv ttitSh - X070V titpl&7i¥ diTro roi^ wiHpitf <vjr€f,^ 
aWa xoLTm ^7>.e>l^as raw a^irs^av o^jv cI^tov. 
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** TO. hpvt TcrJ 0ctXo(vof x^tTfAOSt Ta /AttXt^^ jctaXou 
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c?T/^ uTcep xt^aXag alt) rov afxaXyia irXi)fo7. 

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vixyja-ag' orrrtog ir) fj.aripa ve^^hg aXoiro. 
*i}g hi xanafiu^St] xa) ' avsTpairiTo ^piva Xt^va 
tvTtpog' ' OUT CO xa) vvfJL<pa yafjuBeltr* axax^iro. 

Kr^x rouTm da^vtg xapk iroifxi^ri Tparf^g lyirro, 
xai yu/u^oty, axpr^^g ito¥ fri, Nat^a yafjuv. 


Tbe Pod addressei himtclf lo Niciiis, a ith^^Mcimt of Miletus, and 
observes there is no curt* I'ur love but tbe Mu««s : he itirn gives aa 
account of the pas&ion of Polyphemus fur Galatea: he de»cnbra htm 
•tttittg on a rock that uvcrloolied the ocean, and Mtothing Wis passion 
Kirith tfte charms of poetry, — Faw. 

OWiv ' T6TT0V ipmra ' ti^vk#* <pa^/xaxov aXXo, 
yixia, ' OUT* tyxptar^v, {tf^iv hxil,) wr iTTlwatrrov, 




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yiviT ST avBproirotg' iOpijV S* ow f^oi^^ov ivri. 
jTiVeoerxsv 8* o7jxa< t^ xaTi&gj lotTpov eoyra, 
xal raTg evvea ^tj Trg^jXa^gvoj/ s^o;fa Ahitraig. 

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"* V/C***^*? //oXtj<pajttof , ox' ^^aro raj laAarfi/aj, 
a^TJ ysKeiaerSoJV w«fi to ff-ro'fta t<os x^0Ta^«>^ re* 

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aXX* oXofltTf fAavlaif dysTro Se 5raj/T« trapipya. 
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^mpag Ik ^aravag' o 8^, xav rbXareiair aE/da>»'t 
a^r«t> ew* ai'oVof xaTerdxero ^uxioitra-agt 
e^ aoiugf s^Bkttov e^cuv " uTroxaphiov e'Kxog 
Kutrptog gx fxeyaT^ag, a. oi i^wart '' Jrafe ^eXejttvov. 
'^3\Xa TO <^appux.xQV eupt xaSe<r^op^svog S* s)r< Trirpag 
w^T^XSigf eg ttovtov o^tov, dtgiSs toiuOtol' 

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(X r-qvtti Sut^ajxai' tik 8* ou /xeXct, ou fta ^r, ouS«k. 
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OuTto rot n<>7\v<pafJLOS ' sTot'tiotivft/ tov spwra, 


Two SjrrHCUsait woaicii, who had travcllerl to Alexandria, go to see the 
fcsiival of Adonis, which hud been prepared by Areiuoe, the queen 
of Ptolemy PhJladelphus. The humors of these gossips are naturally 
described. To grrttify ihc queen, Theocritus introduces a Grecian 
sing[ing-girl, who rehearses llie tniigniliceiice of the pomp which 
Arsiiioe had provided. — Faw. 



ropy til <pi?,a, tos )(^povii> ; sv^qT. 
BavfA on xal vuv y}vBst,. "" opr} hi^pov, jBwoa, aura' 
f ju3aXf xal ^ TTortxpavov. 


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^a6* o8«f arpvTQS' tuV^ ixwrrtpo} ufxixiv arr^txttf, 

Tat>^ rrapapQg rr^vos eT ttr^ara yag «?iap^ gwtor, 

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Mil Xf/ff Toy Tfoy avS^a, ^tXa, Ativmva. roiaura, 
' Ttb fiiHxo) -jraptovTo^' tpr^, yxntOLty mg TFtAapr to. 


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^ yiiordavrrai to 3^«^oj» «'ai Totv xotviolv' xa'hXg aic^Ktg. 


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'xavra) * vlrpav xal (pOxoj AtTO trxavag ayogao"Sa)v, 
ijydf ^iptov aXa^ oiftfAiv, aviip rpttrxathtxairaxyg. 


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Tfyrf iroxatg iXa^* «;t^H'j arrav ^utov, f^yov «ir' ^pyto. 
*^XX* Wi, '' T(v[xTre)^ov<iv xal T<i» KtpQvciT^ilot Xao'Seo. 
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Anol. (Jr, Mnj, 




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^ xivfiS St), f^s^e daercov v^wp' tJ^arof Trporspov 66?. 
^S* a»V vajua <psp£i' Soff ojtjwof* ftTj tto'jXv, aTrXijerre, 
'7/t** oSojp' Suo-ravf, t/ /jwu to ;f iraJKiov ap^eTg ; 

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Touro irpEirsi' "Kiyi jt*oi, *" 7ro<r<rco xari^a rat a^' !(rrtt> ^ 

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^ Suo* ToTj S' spytiig xa\ rav -t^it^av TT^OTg^r^xa. 


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Na)t xaXoi' il-jrag. 
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Zaxpu Q(r<r eSeXeij* '^pi^^oXov 3' ou SeT tw ysviaSai* /t..jM^»z.TC 
"EprrmpLsg' * 4*pityia, toj^ jaixxov, Taro-^s, Tiaf^oia-a' 
rav xtjv* iffm xaXeo'OJ', ray a'j'kBtav * airoxXa^w. 

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' ;f^7] TO * xaxoy; laupfjiaxeg avapiBfJitit xa\ oLfjuTpuu 
JIoAXa Toj, eo JlToXe/xar*, TSTOiijTaj x«Xa tpya' 

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Twplve Spartan Virgins of llic first ratik are here inlroduccd siii^iitg tliia 
Soi»g at llie iiupliab of Helen before Ihe Liiik-cliauibtr. Firsi lliey 
are jocular: llien tliey cotigratulalt Menelaus on liis being prefcrre*! 
to so mnuy rival princes, and made lite son-in-law of JtipiU-r: ihey 
celebrate the beauty of Helen, and wish prosperity to the married 
couple. — Faw, 

Ev vox* " apci Xf^oLpTCi^ ^av^0Tpi)(^i ' Trap 3/eveXa«i> 
vapQevtxai 5aX>^ovTa xo^aig oaxiv^ov s;^o«o'ai, 
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ZatZixa rai xpaTai ttoA^oj, •* [J>,iyot ;t^'),«-a AoLxa^vdvy 
avtxa Tuv^apsu) ^ JcarexXaJaro tolv ayaTrarav 
fii'a(rTEi><7a^ 'E\ivav I vimrspos *Arpiog ulog, 
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^ ro<r(ri vspiityJxToigt Trtp) Z* ^a,)(^i BtojU.' w/jtsva/to' 

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•^ pa Ttg 6<r<rJ xiav *" ^apuyttxivarog ; •^ pa. (p/XuTvoj \ 
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' ira73a S" eav (Tov Trattrl i^i'hfiirropyto irapa. fjiarp) 
TTaitrZeiV ^ ig jBaduv tpOpov' l^si ^ xai ^va^, xai s^^ aw, 
XTig tTcg s^ sreof, flJsv&T^rxs, Tsa vwg a^e. 
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y^pitrayiivatg a.v^pi(n\ -^ap EupmTuo T^Qirpolgy 
rerpaxig e^ryxovra xo'gaj, ^^Xu^ veoAata' 
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w^8 xal a ^putrea 'ET^iva Za^aivir Iv otfjufv* 

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toSi xa) a poZo^ptog 'E\eua Aot.xs6aiiJ.ovt xaa-fxag, 
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TrXgfao-a*, <rxispav *" xaTa^r^troixiv If 7rXaTavjflrro»»* 
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6iKh,akmv' Zsug Se Kpwt^ag^ Zihg a^Sirov o^^ov, 
ui^ 1^ evTrarpi^dv fUTrarpt^ag tto.'Kiv iy^» * * 
AeujucOa xapLyisg eg opfjoov, stu xa itparog ao<6oj 
1^ fuvaj xeAa3i]<rY) dvarr^tov eurpi^a ^sipav, 
** 'TjUaVf al 'TfA,6vaie, yayno In"! rcaSf ^apilyig. 



The Hooey Stealer. 

T%¥ xXfxrav tot* "Bpeora xaxe^ xivraa-i (jLtXtirtra, 
XTipiov ix (r/j(x3X<ov frvXi^fjiivov' axpa ^( ^upthv 
ZoLXTvT^a ird.v6* tt7ri¥u^iv' ^' o 8* aXysf, xal ^ip fi^uo"!!), 
xa) Totv yay e7rara§*, xcti aXaro* ra 8* 'i^^p^oSiVa 

dij^tov eyr) fiiXta-ffaf xa) aX/xa TpoLufxara ttoicT. 

X* i f-otTT/ip yeXoLtravat 7Y 8* ; ** otix fo-ov «<r<rl |txix/<r«rai^ ; 


A rough (leatlierti complains of Ihc pride of a city girl, who refused his 
altenliotis an«l ralh«<l Iiii awkward 6gure. He appeals to the neigh- 
bouring Khepheriis, aitd asks them if he is not handsome, hi» voice 
sweety his songs enelianting ; and relates exumples of goddesaea who 
had been cnanjourcd of herdamen. — Faw. 

EifVtixa fx ryffXa^fft diXovra fi,tv a^u <Pi\6i<rai' 

xai ft' einxipToixiot<ra, Ta6* evveirfV ' "^pp aw* «f*f7o* 

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aypoixms <pt\uiv^ aXX' airrvxa ;^c/Xffot dxi^siv. 

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tog /[xaXaxov t» yevf (ov e;^tij' a»V " a'^ea ;ua<rav. 

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x«() xaxai' e^oVofij* ar' e/xtri ^wy€, /xtJ /x? ^oXutnj;. 

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xai XP^^ (^am^Sriv t/iro rtoTiysof, wg po^ov tptra* 

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' a^a r%s ^^^oLTrlvag pi,e 6sos ^porov uT^T^ov sno^e ; 
xa* yap e/Jto) to n-apot^iv iirMuv aSu ri xaXXoj, 
ojV K*(r(ro^ ttot} TrpspLvov, sfxav ^ sTroxoti^ev uTrrJi/av. 
Xanai h\ ola trsT^iva, Trspi xpOTa<^oi(n xe^uvro' 
xa) Xeuxov t^ jacToiTov 5t* l^pxnn Xa/u-Ts fjLsXaivats' 
oftyaTa fJidi yXaoxag ^apoirwrepa ttoXXov 'A^avag* 
TO crrojua xal Traxraj yXoxeptoTg^ov' «x <rTOfi.aTa»v 8^ 
Sf'/Jeg JU.OI ^aim y'huxBptorspa " rj (JLeT^txripto . 
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x^v (XuAu> XaXeco, xijv Stofocxi, xtJv jrXayiauXuj, 
Ka< xaaai xaXov ^« xar' ui^sa (pavTi yuvaTxc^, 
xa} iraa-al fjis ^iXEu>^6'' a ^ acTTuxa oux e<pi7^aireVf 
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ejf xeiXof Aiovxitrtig lit aiyxitrt jropriu e'kaovsi' 
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Iv OpufioTct ^/Xacrs, xa2 ev BpufXQi(n¥ exXaucff. 
'Ev^uixitnv hi Tig T^v ; O'j 3«>xo^otf i *" ov ys 5*fiXava 
/BwxoXeovTa ^tXa^TEv' <i?r' OuXt>/ATa> 5i /xoXoTera 
AarfAiov avvuTTog rfvQsj xal " eI; ifva rrat^l xaSeZ^tv. 
Ka\ Tu, 'jPia, xXaiE<$ '' to*' ^oixoXov' ou;^1 6^ xai tw, 
aJ K^ovi'Sa, 8ia ira78a ^vivopuov ' opvtg ivXayxBr^g ; 

Euuelxa 8^ fioVa tov 3^xoXov oux e$/Xa<r<y, 
a Kv&i'Kag xpi(T<rwv, xa) KvTrpi^ogf a t« Xt'Kavag. 
^ Mr^x ST I fiijSf <ru, Kvirpt, rlv a^iea ju.'JT* xaT* a<rri> 
fXTjT sv opei ^t^soig, fiouva 8' aya vuxTa xader>8oiir' 



He relate* liow Hercules, ¥thfn oitly len iuunl)i« 0J4J, slew Iwo raoostroii* 
serpents wliicli Jiinu IihiI scnl (n *tevutir lilin> He then relates tlie 
prophecy of Tiresiftft, dcsiTJbes tin* tducal ion of Hrrcufrs, anif cnu- 
meraTes hi» preceplori. Tire cunclusioti of Ihi* poein i» losl. — Faw. 

*A>iXfji7}va, xa] ** vuxTt ¥*wr*pov 'i^tx^ija, 
otfJu^oTspeog 7<(i'j(roura na) i/trXr^o'et^'a yaXa»rrd$, 
j^etKxuav icari^r^Htv 1$ atrvioa, rav IlrtpsXaou 

fu^sr I f/xflt \{/v;^a( Su a^fX^Ea>, cu(roa rcxvai 
oX3ioi vjva^in<T^€y xoii dX3fO' ^ Qt<ii> !Woi(rdf . 

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^flpiuiva " xar* avrov, " 5* aju0aiv«» fxiyav tSfxoit' 
roifiAg ap aivk KiTitopa 3uf«» jroXw]ai^;i^a»'d^ //^ij 
xrjaviats ^plo-<rovTaf '' 5ro inrstpaKrt ^paxovrag 
wptny eT< n-Xaruv ^ti^v, o^i (rradjiux ' xoiXa dupamv 
otxtOt ' aTTuXijo-acra ^ayir^ (ips^eg 'f/^axX5joi. 

alfio^pmg exuXiOv' aT* o^^aXfAwv Oic xaxov rup 
* ep^ofxevots Xafi7r«<rx«, ^puv 8' ejexruov ioV* 
aXX* oT« 6^ 7ra«<^<uv " Xi;|<^rofie»'oi #yyy5<y ^r^ov, 
xaJ TOT* ap* s^iypQVTQ {^tl$ voioVTog aTCuvrot) 
*AXxfi.7ivag ^ixa rixva' ^aog ai^a wxov «Tw;f9»). 
"Htoi ' oy* iwflwg uu^-ev, * oroi^ xax^ dr^^i* a¥iyvto 
xo/Xctt V7r£p <raxeo^, xa] avou^ias eUiv o^ovrag 
7^ixXf»)i;' otixav ^l jroffJv * 3<«XaxT«<r« ;jjXoTvai', 
^luyf/xcv (jpiAaivwi/. 'O 6 stfavriog ■ i'';jj«to X*^^** 



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SetTjacu avayxatu) Trsipdifxsvoi eK7i'j(nv Bbfn\¥. 
^AXx^ir^va 8' ^<raxoti(r6 ^oug^ xa.) liriypiro Trparot' 

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otytrra, ' jU-ijSi TroSsirtri reots wtto o^di'SaXa Sg/rjf . 
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Trdtvrff a^j^pa^sE^y xM^a^a^ ars^ %piy&viia$:, 
*Ea'Ti ri /jtoi xara Stujua vewTipoVf e<rTi, ^iV avhpm¥, 

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SajSaTvecf d* wp^y^rrs fAsra ^i^og, opp 01 tjTnp^iv 
xTktvrifipog xe^pivoi ^ xsp\ Tratro'OL'XM ctWv awpro. 
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Sjuiuf^ fijU,oi, a"T(^a^ouJ Sf Bupav ' aKaxo^ar' o;^^*^-. 
"ylK^rTaTfi, Sftcosj TaXa(ri<^f*ov€j. ^uto^ aOrs'i' 
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upuara Z* ovx a<rxi]Tfl^ ' pJa'ag tnrlp ivvuTo xvapLag, 



Id this Ode, Pindar, who was at thif time a guest at the royal table, sets 
forth the glory of the Olympic contest, in which Hiero has been vic- 
torious. He then digresses to the history of Pelops, son of Tantalus, 
who formerly possessed Pisa and Olympia, and is now honored as a 
hero within the sacred grove Attis. He concludes with good wishes 
for the prosperity of the victor. — Whb. 

Srp^^ri a* 
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Anal. Gr. MaJ. 2 X 



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xaXfoy oifAfiopos ; aXX* ffioJ /t)y o6ro<r} 
ot^Xo; y * 6]roxfiVfraj* ru Si 

t$^8 PINDAR. 

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ojEAiXfTy, Tpo^arrov tro^la xad* "JSX- 
Xaya^ foVra Trayra. 

350 PINDAR. 


The Poet congratulates Tberoii, sprung from ancestors who had ex- 
perienced much adversity, though sometiutes attended with better 
fortune : extols him for bis skill in the contests, his unsparing expense 
in bringing them to a happy issue, and the right use to which he 
applies his wealth, assuring him that a recompense will attend him 
after death. This leads to a description of the Infernal and Eiysian 
abodes. Returning from this digression, which he defends, Pindar 
concludes with the praises of Theron. — Whe. 

2,. a. 

** Tiva &iw, TiV ^pmat 
riva ^ awhpd x«Xgi$^<ro|Etfy ; 
' ^roi Iltara fxlv -* jiiog' 
*0Xu/XT<a8a 8* earra- 

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xai Zfu^ TaTYJf jtAfltXa* ^iXtT 

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342 PINDAR. 

'A. 0'. 

AiyovTi ^ ffv xa\ daXao*(ra 
[xera xopanri Ntjpnliog 
afilais 0ierov a(pdirov 
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yipag iSfXTo* Ui^vi 
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aTinpa, xoltol yoig hxix- 

l^tt " Ttg, * •;c^ea X070V (ppaa-as avayxa. 
Anal. Or. A/iy. '2 Y 

354 PINDAR. 

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"/cov 3i vuxT£<r(riv aici, 
lo-a 6 ev aftepmg aXi- 
ov ij^ovTts, aTFOVBo-repov 

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watrov coxsaviBsg 
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ra ftev j^tpfro^sp, air ot- 

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rXcxovTi xa2 (rre^avoi^' 

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35(j PINDAR. 

T« sriatv ttoXiv 

s'jspysrav TrpaTritrtv^ a- 
^Bovifrrepov ts X^P^ 

'E, L K. i 

07,pfuvQg' 'i*lXX* "^ alvov fjQa xopng 
ou ^IxoL fTfjvoivTOfxivog , a?v- 
Xa fxapywv ujt* av^|&«>>^f 
TO XaXa7>)(xaj SsXfov, 

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T^Qig efijjxsv, rig av ^patyai StivaiTO ; 


Pindar begins with nn invocation lo the L^re, fxpati»trng on its fffects 
on gotis mid men. The impious alone are iucapaUle of cnjojing it. 
Among tliese is Typhoeus, slru^gling under the weight of .^tna. This 
leatb to tlie mention of the town built by Hiero at the fool of the 
monntHin, and named from il. Of this cl)y he had caused himself 
to he proclaimed a citizen by the herald, who declared him victorious 
in the Pylhian chariot-race. This the poet regards as a presage of 
ftiliire Irlnmphs, and invokes Apollo to protect the lown and the 
siirrnmuling country, aince all mortal advantagefi are derived from 
f leaven. Then follow the praises «f Hiero, and good wishes for his 
son Dinomencs. He invokes Jupiter to avert the perils of war by 
which the family were tlirratened. — Whe. 

Xputria ^o^/xiy^, 'ATroTi^ro- 
vog xa) lOTrXoxa^ufDf 



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xfTav TFTtptry* afx(poripw' 

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ftivai<rt xaTa<r;^orxevos* xa) ya^ 3ia- 
raj i4^^, Tpoixs^oLv aiftuS§ "Knrmv 

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xwfiaTi' ■* x^Xot 8s xa) 

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roi'Sa 0-001 a * /3a^wxoX- 

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yai¥ Ti Ha) xovtov xar* afxatixaxtrov' 

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Jhiptog fxarovraxa^avo^* roV toti 

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S' ni/pavlot. auvs^si, 

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al^mv' aXX' ev op^vomriv iriTpag . 

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TTfit* Tgpag fjikv Qavixaa-tov TTpofnle- 

*i4. 3'. 

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ag ^ pLirtuTTfii/t '^ roO /xev eTcuvufiKxi^ 

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yeirova' iJwfiia^of 

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'£. 13'. 

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xav rt XfUToi ^tprif^ou vo- 

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xu) auv to^wvotg Ba7\,iatg ovofMurray. 
Auxn xa) ^aXou ayaao'wv 
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Ka(rTaXiav <^iXfa»v, 
fd«X^o-aij * raura yo^ 


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(Totf ^poTtaif itparaig, 
xa) 0-0^0} xai X'^^ '3ia- 

rai Trepiy^Mtrtroi r ' f ^uv. ** "Aphpa S* «ya» xs7yov 
aiv^o-af /AfMiMoy, ' Ifx^rofuii 
ju,^ ;^aXxoTa^aov axovB* ** ofO'ti t* * ayib' 

vog jBotXf7y f ^ TaXa/xa Soy^mv, 
fjMxpcL ^ gxpii\faig ^ a^tu^avB* arrloug. 
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— ^ ^H xiy aixfA,¥aurui¥t otoug 


dtoLv mrig *E\'xdv{ov S^s^rsi, 

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Vttj^ tcrdvev' '' (^avri Se /tfx/jii'odcy eX- 
XEi Tii^ofxevQv fMiTaXKoi- 
(Tovras 6X5e?y 

•£. y'. 

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^ aXXa lAQtpi^iov ^u' — 

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eparmif xaipov hhwg. 

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eu vofAQig sxTttra-t. ' ©eXovri 8i TIa^^*i7y,ott 
xai fLotv 'Hpax\si^aiv sxyovoi, 
oj^^aii' '^To Ta-jyirav ' vuUvTiSy «*" 


s) fxivBtv rcdftoiff-iv i» Aiytfuau 

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alarav aa-Toig xa) 0a<riXfu- 

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pcov rpdiTfn <r6fJL^(ovo¥ l^* aL<r\t')(iay, 
Aia-trofAat, vtu<rotf, Kpovitov, ^ oifupov 
o^pa xar otxov 6 4^oi- 

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houTiias. ** Aipwfun 
•jcap fih iaTiafJufvog *A67i¥aia>v X^P*^ 
fxia-Qov* ev XiroLpra o* ipim 
vpo Kt&atp&vos fMMXotV 
' TttTiri Mrfioi fikv x&pi.ov ayxoXoVoJor 
v&p hi yg rkv «ou8gov axrav 

osiyo/uevfu; ^ rcXc0-aif, 
i4wfl/. Gr. A/<i;. 2 Z 

362 PINDAR. 

Toy i^i^aVT ol[j^^* aper&y 
xoTiSfJLlay avZp&v ^ xct/tovrcuv. 

2,, 8, 

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vffi, [laJ^ta-T nrXo70-iv sir aXXorpioi^. 
'^XX* ^fuu;, *" xpia-ctoy yap oixripfiiov ^^ovog^ 
fttj vapUi xaXa* vaa- 

[JM hxaito Ti]$aX/a> ' vrparov, ' a- 

\}/60$sT h\ 7rpi>s axfjLttift ;^<xX- 

X€Ui 7Xa>(r(rar. 

A. e. 

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(Tsi, fisya ro< ^eptrai 
xap triSev' ToXXcuy " roLftiag 
stra-i " roXXo) fkapruptg afi^oripots vivtoL 
EuavBsl 8* iv " o^ya * vaqfiivtov 
elTTsp Tt qJiXfijf oxQ^y aSiTay a- 

s) x'>\,6etv, ^ [lii xafAVt X/av 8aTayai$" 
«$/f I 8* SfTfTtp xu^spmras aviip 
iOTiov avtfjiotv. 
' Af^ SoXcofliJy, cS ^I'Xf, xi^^to'iv 10- 


o7ov avot)(oixstKov ay- 

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xa2 Xoy/oi^ xai aoiSoFs*. 


Ou ^Qivii Kpoitroxi ^iXo^poiy apixa' 
rov he raCptp ■xa'Kxiio xau- 

T^ga, ''vtjXea »oov, 
ex^pa 4>a7\.apiv uare^^gi xavTo. parts' 
ou8e ' fjLiv ^opfityytg uicm- 

po^tai xoivotviav 
ju.aXdaxav '' Tvaiocov odpoKri oc;^o»Ta<. 
' To 02 jraSiTv sS, TrpHorov adXwv* 
6u o' axoufii/, ovjTEpa /aoT- 

^*' aij.<poTipQia'i 8* av^^ 
0$ av eyxupa-jff xa\ sXr,, 
cTt^awy u>!/i0'TOV Siofxra/. 


Tlie Poet invites the Muse to pass iit ^gina the monlii in which tli« 
N«meaii festiviil is heUI. This leads to I he praises of /Kgiiia, which 
the victor Aristoclides, son of Aribtophaiies, has exalted by bis 
Iriumphfi, as much as if he had sniled to the Pillars of Hercules, and 
thus gained the extreme point atlaiuablc by human exertion. He then 
checks himself, and praises the naiive heroes of .'Kgina, Peleus, Tcla^ 
mon, Achilles. He then returns to the victor and bids him adieu. — 


"^fl Torvta Moitra^ ^ (Aartp 
oLixtTipa^ XiVtrojtxai, 
Tctv woXoJffi'ai' iv 
UpofjLT^vla NsfASoBh 
7xso jdtopRa ydfTov Aly'i- 

voLv' ■ u8aTi yap fJt,ivouT ix ''Avmtrlm 

364 ■ PINDAR. 

xtofuov vtaviat, (ri- 

6tif otra [xaiofjLBVot, 
^ ^typyi Si ir^ay^g aAXo fxh ofxXou. 

^iXs7, trrt^avtov aptr&u rs 
*il. flt. 

' dpX* ^ oupav& iro- 

Xuvc^^Xa xpiovTi, ^ Bu-yarsp, 
SoKiftov ufivoV ^ eya S* ixiivatv 
ri (t,iy octroi; Xoptjf, rt xoivcoo-oftai. 
* XapUvra S* if^f i tovov 
X^potg ciyaTifJM* Mvpfnt' 

hovis hoL ftpoTipoi 
ipxr^cav, eSv iraXat^aroy " ayo^av 
oux 8Xf7;^W0'fy '^pio-rexXii^a^ 
** Tffl^v sfjJdvt HOT ula-av, 
ev TFtpiv^twl *" fiahaxBttg 

' xayxpariw sroXcp. K«- 
ftarwSfioy Si TXayav 

rh xaXXivJxov ^spst' 

SI S*, sa>y xaX^^ 

s^Sooy r* foixora fAop^a, 

avopiaig (nctprdrais sxifia 

va7s *A^t<rTo^oivtvg, — '^ wxhi Tpwrm 

a0arav aXa, xiovafv 

welp 'HpaxXiog, rtp^u wfnapif' 


'*H^€og dco^* ' dg sdi;xi 
vauTiXiag itrj^oiTag 
fidpTupag xXura^, Ba- 

IMxrt Z} &^pag iv vtT^dyt'i 
uTepo)^eog i^ia t iprjva- 

ars " Tsvaysmv ^a^, ' S?ra TofJi,xtfi.o¥ 
xari^atve, * mVtov tsXoj 
xai yaj/ <ppdoaa-(rt. Oufu, 
riva Tpog aKKo^axav 
dxpav efAQV xXoov " xapafitl^ ; 

^ip!t¥, ' "JBjTSTai SJ Xoyio 3i- 

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avfip\ ^ipetv Hpi(r<roveg. 
OtxQ^sv [xdrsue. 

yXuxu Ti yapuifjit¥' xaTiaioiX- 

<rt S" cy flc^ffrarip yeydSs JlTjXgus' avaj, 
uTE^ttXXoy ai;^jCAi3ty * rajXtoV 
05 xai *JwXxov elXf 
jctoVo^ dvs'j (TT par tag' 
xai TTovr/otv Osriv ** xarsfxapi^iv 
* iyxovYfTt. iiao/A«8ovra 8* si^o- 

tf-devi]; 7(Xo(ju.eov, * *ioXa 7ra- 

poLO-rdTag itov^ ivspcrsv' 

'E. ^. 


366 PINDAR. 


TOTS <p6^os oLvhpo^dfjiag 
£7rau<rev a7\,xoi.v (ppevwv. 
lIuyyeveT hi ^ rig 
euho^toL fJLsya ^plOei' 

^ aXXor* aXXa ?rvfia)v, outtot' aTpsxsi 
xare(ia vo^i' fiupidv h* 
apBToiv ^ cLTiKii votp ysuerai. 

Sotv&os 8* '-4;^iXfuj, ' TO. [xsv [xi- 
vwv '" 4>i7^v^ag Iv ^uoic, 

[A.eya'Ka " e^ya Jf*^^^ Qa/jiiva, 
&pa^u<ritapov axofra TraXXo)*', 
y«ra T* avefiotSt /*a;^ X5ovTe(r<r/v a- 
ypQTSpots 6'7rpaa'<rev ^ovav' 


ra Zl Tvapa. Kpovlhav 

e^sTYiS ^ ToyrptuTOv oXoj/ o es'siT av 
^povov Tov e^JoLfJL^ssv "Aprs- 
[xis TS xai Qpaa-sH *AOava, 

'A. y'. 

XTSivQVT 67^a<potjg uviu xu- 

vSiv Z(t\i(ov 6' epxemv' 
TTOCTirl yap xparefrxe. 
A^yoiJLsvov hs ' touto * wpariptov 
eiros B^w' 3a5uju,>]Ta Xslpatv 
rpd^s " Xidmo ^latrov svZov riyei, 
xa) sTTtiTct o' VlcxXijTnov" 
Toy ^apfxaxwy S/oaJs 


Nr,p6os Sttyarpa' yovav ri oi ^«o- 
rarov ariVaXXiV, * ej^ apitg- 
uoKTt ' wavra 6uy/iv avjwv* 

'E. y'. 

o<Ppay Oa7s.aiT<riais a- 

veiAtov pnra7(n 7refi^^s)ij 
uTo rpoiaVf 6opi- 

xTUTov aTuxXay Auxltov 
Ts irpQCTfJiivoi xai ^gwyoiv 
Aap^aviov TS' xai, 
ly)(i(T^fip(iig s:ri[xi^ats 
'AlhoTTzcra-i ^iipaSy * ffv ^pscl ;ra- 

^rXtd'f OTTCOg (T^ltTl [XT) HdipOLVO^ 0x1(7(0 

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vSsu Tsov yap ai/xa 

<reo 6 aytoVf rov vfivog spa\ev 
ojt) vicov, iiri^mpiov X^P' 

fxa xfXaSeoiy. i^oa Z\ vixa^opat 
•^ o-uv '/l^ifl-ToxXfi^a xpivsi' 
0^ ravds vatrov fuxXe- 

i' Trpoa-eQr^Xi Xoyco, 
' xai (TejU.vot' ayXaaio-i fjispi[xvatt; 

TfXoj SiacpaiVerai, wv Tig 
l^oyoirepftg yfvijTai, 

368 PINDAR. 


ev Trattrl viouri, iralg* h S' 
av^poKTiVt av^p' ^ rphov 
ev TTaXaiTs^oKTi 

fJl.ipOS' ^ BXatTTOV oToV S^OfASV 

^poTsov sQvog. * *£Xa S^ xa) ritr- 

trapag apsTUS 6 fAaxpog aiwv' '" <ppove7v h* 

£vsn-£i TO irapxsifAeuov, 

" Tiou oux dtTrearTi. XaTpe, 

^i>kOg' eyio rode roi 

TlftTO) fjufiiyfjiivov /tiXi Xeuxo) 

<ruj* yaXaxrt (° xipvaftiva 8* e£^<r* a/A^- 
fi JTSi) ^ jro/*' aotoifxov, *" ^Jo- 
X7(rii/ ev srvoaTs-iv auXcov^ 

*^. S*. 

o>I/6 TTgg. ' "EffTt y aif- 

Xod« iMeTOLfxaio[Jt.evog 
Sa^oivov aypav ttoo-Iv. 
Kpaysrai $^ xo- 

Xoio2, rocTTSiva vifxovrai. 
Tlv ye [ASVi suQgovou KXffowj, eOeXot- 

<ragt ae$\o^6pou Xij/xaro^ si/gxgv 
' NsiMsag *Eirihaupo&iv r 
otTTO xa} MeyapwVy hiZopxsv ^aog. 

II«rcuks had arrived on llie death of Alcestis at the palace of her 
hukhaiid Admetus, and being deceived Ity him, as to the person de* 
rested, i» hospitably enlertmncd in the house. One uf the King's 
Bervatils is here complaining of his conduct. 


olj Si7)rva t/souSijx'" aXXa rouS* O'jtoi JiVoti 

ffj<rrjXdff, ^ xezToXjix^er* a^ii\{/a(rdaf TruXa^. 

aXV, elf Ti |u,»; ^i^iftf >», airpovtv ^ipstv. 
17oTijp*ov y €v y^s^cJ '^ xl(r(rt¥(tv Xo^co*', 

f o); i^ipfjLriv aurhv ajut^ijSao-a ' ^Xo^ 
o7vou* orl^fi 8^ xparoL ' fjitjp(rlvr^$ x7^8oi^, 
afxotKr* oXfltxTuiv. ^ivca ^ r^v /isXt} xXwfiV' 
|U.^v yct^ ^8i, r<ov tv *-^$/Ai}roa xaxtov 
ou8iy irporifMoVj olxerot* 8' ^ exXao/ui£V 
8g<rToivai'* oft/xa S* ' owx ehiKvufxiv Jevoi 

Kai vvv eyw [x\v ev hofxttto'iv stTTtiu 
Anal. Gr. Maj. 


3 A 



owl e^frfiva J^*'^ » a7ro<|uaj^fi>y SjU.15*' 
8/«r7roiway, •»] *jtJtol 7ra(r/ t* oixeraiiTiV ■^v 
ftT^T7}f>' Haxuiv yap fxupitav "' spp^sTo, 

(trruycu Sixaim^i ev xaxo?; a^tyfjievov ; 

* OuTogt rt ^ (r§(jt.vov xal TTf^^povrixoc &\€7rsts ; 
0*j ^p'^ a-xiSpeo-nrav t<hs ^Ivatg tov 7rp'j<nTti'KQV 
eJvatf ^s^etriat S' stiTrpQtyvjyapai <ppivi. 
XI S* avhp iTotpov 8£<r7roTOu TrapovS" IpmVt 
tFToyvaj Tr^ocrtuTrto xaj ^uvco^puoafxeviu 
^e^st, *" Bupaiou in^fJiaTos (Tirouhriv e^tov. 
As^p sTiS', OTTtJos av xaJ GroiptoTSpny yivri. 
' Ta SvtjTot trpay^wi oTSaj, ijv s;^S( (ptuer*v ; 

SpoToTg dwatrt xar^aveTv ' ©(ps/Aerar 

"" To Tijf TUX'JS y'^P a<pavlj, oT T/so^-^a-erai' 
xafTT QU h^axTOVr ooS* '"" oLKitTxerai rs^vfi' 
TauT ouv axQvtraf, xa) ^a^oJv s/jto5 Tra^a, 

/B^ov Xoyt'^oti fl-ov, Tflt 8' aXXa Tijff ru;f»]$'.> 

7t/jta 3s xal t>)I' ' 3rX€i*(rTov ■jJS/oTrjv 5£«i»» 

ii^uTgty ^pOTfittriv^ ivixivr)$ ykp tJ Ssoj,*. 

T(i 8* aXX* " eaerov raura, xal TTiflou Xoyoi^ 

fijUciTcif, sTttip o^6a coi Ooxto X«ys*y. 

** Otfiat fjiiv. OtJXQUVt Tr,y ayav Xuttt^v a^s)g, 

?r*sr /u,s9' ijftttiv, ratrS* uTTsp^aT^tov TrwXaf, 

o-T6^avoi5 TruxcLO-Qels ; xai (ra<p' ot8', ^ o5' 60ȣxa 

** TQU vuy o-xw5ocD5rou xa) ^uyearrtuTOj ^pevwv 


"Ovrag Si dvijToys fimgra xai ^poveTv ^pimy' 
aj$ roT$ yt (rsfAvotf xai ^ovwi^puwfJLSVotg 
avaTiv Itrnv (^ ta^ y sfAoi ;^^T)«r6ai xpnf,,) 

'£>riO'Ta/x€«r5« ravra' *" vvj* 3^ irpa.(ra-otu¥ 
ou)^ o7a KtofjiQu xai yeXofro^ a^ia. 

iciv6ttf hofi,{ov yap ^wJci t«>I'5s OienroVai. 


^ El fJiTi Ti <rov" /At SfifTTroTTjff ei^'fucaro. 

'' Oi ;^J^ijv ft* q^viIqu y o'JV£x* ew '}roi<ry^tiv vixpoxi ; 

if xapra fjiivrot xa) X/av o4xc7o^ r^v. 

JIftoy ^^{j.(^opaP ' Tif* oo<rav oyx t^pati ymi ; 

*■ Xatptov VS' rJaTv ^co-Tormy jMcXft xax<«. 


"O^ " ou Qupaiwv irrifjiOLrcov ap)(ii Xoyoj. 

* Ou yap (Tfi xmjxai^ovT oiv r))^^6fJi,ri¥ opwvt 




TTtv^og yoLp ij/xlv e<rr), xa) ' xou^av ^KtTitgy 
fXiT^aiMirsTr'Koog (rToXjU.otjj re. 


Tig S' HOLT^oLvoiv ; 
jULtov i5 TixvoiV Ttg ' ^^otiSof , i5 yi^otv irarr^p ; 


* *HtZe7Tn yap as rtovS* a;rtt>(raa'dax ho^tDtf. 

'y^XX' T]<r9o/xi5V jLtev, ojt*^* iSmw Saxgup^oovv 

* TTpwr^fiVTog ouTtOf xocTTExco/xa^ov, xapa 
nrreC^avotg Tntxatr^eig. * '/IXXci aou to |u.t!) ippacat, 
xaxovf rotrouTov h(i)fA,a(nv 7rpo<rxsi}jt.ivQu. 
^ Uov xai <r^e BoiTTTSi ^ xoi vtv tup^i^m ftoXwi' \ 


^*Op^v irap ^iJLQV, ^ Vi Aoipt(r(roLv (pipett 
Tu/Jt^ov xaTo\J/£* $«<rTov "^ ex Trpoaoriou. 

*/2 woXXa rXacra xaphla, >|/u;^>J t' ift.^f 
j/yv SsT^oi', oToj' waTSa (t' 13 Tipuv^la 
iyiivaT *'H\iXTpuwvog 'ylXx/xTjvtj ^a. 


yuvouxa, xtlg rovS* avStg l^puirai Zofiov, 
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Tt$ Toi>8« /u.aXXov ©«(roraX<ov ^iXoJfVO^ ; 
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A Messenger relates lo Theseus the «ad fate of tlJ|>(>ol)tus. 




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Toy Taju,* " a7ra^vi)5?i/Ta ju./) ^poivai T^sj^^Jt 



Ulysses reliates to a Chorus of Saiyrs the feeding on two of his cum* 
paiiiuiu by tije Cyclops, and ttU uvvu success in iuel>rialjjig tiiiii. 

^"^fl Z&j, rl ^gjo), Oslv louiv avrpwv tam 
xou TTttTTu, fxu^oig slxoT 0-jh' ipyotg fipdTwu ; 
Anal, Gr. MaJ, 

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irri^i(oif, ^olBos 8^ re<r<raLpmv e^at'vsTO. 

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aviire<rtf ^apuyas al^ip' i^ulg 3a^uy, 

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xolKou to TTto^a OotirJ *" ir^of )c<>'^5 ^*'^f • 
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tr^T^, * ffe a-Hi<rat xaft*, #«v |S«yXir], deXco. 

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(Tw^T^n fJLiT tfuWj xai T^y ap^ocTov <piXoy 


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KuxXoiTTo^ fix^v7oyTe$ onfi^tM xapa, 
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KvxT^wTTcg 0)|/5(, xa< (ruyauavcv xopag. 




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SirXaio'i xcoxaig r^o'8' aTO(rrjiXco ;^dovof. 

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xti^sa-^' iym yap avZpag airoTairtDV ^iXou;, 

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aXX* ou 8/xafov, dcTroXisrovr* fjxou; ^/Xou^, 
§uy ottTTTtp ^xdov 8su^o, (Tflo^vai fiovov. 


A servant brings Alcmena tidings of the victory of Hyllus, lolaus, and 
the Athenians over Euryslheus. 


^i<nroivoi, ftudou; o-oi Tt a-vrrofAaTafvg 
xXuf iv, ifAol Ti ' rcpSf xaXXiVrouf ^ipm' 




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■ sx^a^ Te^ptTnTwu ''TxXoj OLp[xaTU}v jro'Sa, 
g^TTT) fjLe<Tot<nv tv {xsrat)(^fJi,ioig ^o^oj, 

• ♦ « • « 

xai ray Afoxijvaj 008k v £^ya^£< xaxov, 
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juap^ijv ^uva>|/as, 4) xTUVtov, ' ayow Xa0(oy 
Touj 'Hpax\stous jralcag, ri 6avwVf e/Aol 




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xaX<u$ X£Xf;^9ai ^o^i* •!? r' f«y>(/u;|<iai'. 
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eo-^af>v, oux «jUsXXov, aXX* a^Utrav 

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TT'KeopoTs sxofJiTTOv TXfup*. *A^ivai(ou 8' ava^ 
a-TpoLTio s-flt^r^yyeiX', oTa ;^^>) T^y evy«i^' 
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xa) TT^ Texou<r>), yuK tik' apxeaai ^pituv, 
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trTritpovTi^f oux ^ aprt^iT aW^^vriV ?roX2i ; 
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i8<oV, opi^ag " txeTstj(rs ds^iav 



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Xiyotpi OLV aAXau, - SeD^o 3* aurog s\<ri,^mv. 

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fi;^9^0'j^'. /vXusiv 8>j ttu^so-ti troi. 
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(rraSivT, exp'j^av apfxa Xvyaiio ve^st. 
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T^y cwTo;^£n' ^oxouvra 5^73 ^TjXo5»', 7rp]v au 
fiamr* ?<5>] tij, ' wg £<prfy.ep(n Tv^at. 


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deoTf ofiiXsrv, vov evi(rTGtfxai aa^Stg, 

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EuputrSswg ttncSif xai voXtv varplg 


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Crenn, on Ihe (Jeatli ofEteocles and Folyniccs, liavmg refused to give 
u[i the bmlies of Potynicea and Ijis generals who IkiiI fallen iti tlie 
Ipitllle, AifraSituSf wlio lia6 espoused ihc c:iusc of lite vam|ui!slicil 
[i'dtly, comes to eulrcat tiic interference of Tliescus. 


*A\7C tt> xa6* 'E\Xu6 a'KxifKioTOirf^v xapa,^ 'A^Y^yaiv, ev fx^v ul(r)^6vatg ^X'"* 
iriTvtuv TTpos ou3a^, 70'vw <rov a/X7r/(r;^f<v ;^e/>i, 

oftttij 8* av^yxij (rufjt,<popa7$ eUxstv efjioug. 
Saio-QV ifixpoug ju.01, ra/xa t* otxrct^a; xaxa, 
xa) Twv BoLvovTcov raL<rhffiY^Tipas rixywyj 
Anal. Gr, !\l<\j. 

3 C 



eXdcTv h* ?TX>j<rav d«u^o» xal {svov xoSa 
dsTftxt, /tto'Xij: ye^ajoc xivoucrai fcf?^i], 

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xivr^ra. r tig Toug TrXorjrioo*^ an"oi3x«jrc<v, 

ra T* oIxTfrot Touff /uti^ Suo-to;^ eTj^ * SsSo^xivai' 
Tov 6' u/Ay«iroiof, auTOi' a» TIXT71 f*gX»3, 

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ripiwuv a,v aXXotif ' ouSs yap o/xijy i;^si' 
Ta;^fj' ouy aw itirmg* HeT^oifiav " vapelg ^6avoi, 
TFois ToTg *A$i^vai§ rovSs irpotTTOLirtrsig Tcmav'^ 

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JSVa^Tig jufei' eJjUT), xa* * Trfn-otxiXrat rpoirov^' 
' ra S* aXXoc, fjiixpa. xa(r$ivr^' TFoKig ^e <r^ 
/uioV>] SyyaiT* ay tov8* * uir&a-rrivott jroVov* 

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i^it (Ft WQifjiiv fiirfiXoy' ow XP*h^ Tr^Xsig 
ir«XXai 2!«tjXoyr', eySfcr^' (TTgaT^Xarou. 

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©ijfl-fitf, ** Si* ofxTou raff e/*af XajSeTy ru;^ay. 

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TotmSi** eXeJg yap '' Tfj, a»j ra ^eipovot, 
TrXfifVo 0poTQTcrtV £(rr< Tu>y afxtivovcav, 
*Mym hh TOUTOig avriav yymjuijy e;^a»# 
;rXei'<o ra ^pr^CTa rtov xaxtov elva* ^porotg' 

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^^Mu S*, ^ OS' 'ift'^" 3iWoy ^ ex Tn^upixivr^^ 


eip^ Ti ' v>jSo>' JT^^ Se To7<ri ^tlfJLarog 
^r^^^^Jbtar^ "* «7$oV t* i^oifi'jvaLtrSai Si«5* 
Torrw Ti " vaMo-ToXi'/Aa^*, a»V 3<aXXayaf 
t)^tnfL!v aXXi)Xo*ariv, «j5v tsvoito "ySj. 

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dovro^ ToiawTT]!',) oTciv ovx a^xrT raSf, 

^xouftiy itvm ZaifA^vmv <ro<pwTtfrDi ; 

^fvoKTiy flu^* e$a>xaf, coy S^rtfvrcuv dfiSy, 
^Xxoxra; olxovs' XP'^^ T*^ **^^* ** crt«/xara 

* Koivas yap o 5«oy ray Tu;^a^ ^'you/ifi^oj, 

Toi"^ ToS icoo'&uvToj Tr'jttao-jr, * SicuXfa-fv 

Tov ow vo(royvTa, xoyO«i» iij^iXTjxoTa. 

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^^sipovTtg acTOOf, o fx^v, otoij (rr^aT>jXaTTp, 
o y, ftJf u^pi^jiy 6uvotju.<v s«f ;fer^s' Xa3a»v* 



TO tXtj^o^, et TJ ^XctTTSTai Tratr^tiv ra^e. 
TpsTs yap voKirwv fxtplfteg' oi fA.\v oX3i04 
** aV(t»<ps7\,6iS re ir'h.iiivtov r Ipmfr^ asi 
o! S' owx iytvnsy xou (nravl^ovTss fitno, 
hetvolt ' vifAQVTe$ rm ^fioVco ttXsTov fj-spos, 
e\s tous i^Qvrag xivrp a^iutriv xaidt 
y7^ai(r<rats irovi^pdiv '^ x^oo-raTcoy (pijXoufifvor 
Tptmv ^i fJLQtpdiv 1) \ fxia-tp (rco^et TroXsi^, 
xoVfiov (puAa<r<rou<r\ ovtjv* av Tafyj rroXjy. 
Ka.7r€iT* iyw iroi ^ofji(j.a^og yeuTitrofJuoci ; 
t/ JTgo^ ToAiray too^ sjuou^ Xfyfuv xotXw ; 
^alpcav 1^' ou yap [at) j3«3ouXe«<rai xaXcu<; 
auTOf, "" iriE^siy r»)i' tu;^»ji> ifftotf x/aw. 

eve(FTt' {Fvyyvwiir^v 81 rtpy £;££*i' ^pswv, 


'^XX* coy lar^ov TaJv3\ ava^, a-' a^lyfieOa, 
owTOi Stxa(rTrjV fjXo/xr^v s^mcuv xaxdov' 
owS*, if Ti TTpa^ag fXT] xaXtoy iuptcrxofAatj 
TouTCttv xoXa<rTY)y xa7riTijU.r^T7jv, avo^t 
aXX' tog: ovafft)]V* ci S^ ^^ /SouXsi Ta3s, 
^ (rTe^ygic at'ctyxi] Toion <roXs' "* t« ya^ xado) 
''i4y', (o yspata\ (Trei^eTS, yXayx^v ;^Xoijv 
aurou Xin-outrat <puXXa^oy '" xara(rT£(pi)» 
flgouj: T« xal yijv t^v tb 7rt}p<p6pov Siav 

^TJfXT^TpOL Qs^XSVai lAapT\jp\ 1}X/0U T5 ^iOgt 

3mi : 


The Cborui describes tbe Gmcimi General! who were on tbeir wiy to 

the Trajao w'v. 


^afJUiBop iluXi^ hal^ims, 

(T, a7;^iaXa»k dSafcDif tpo^w 
rag xXttvds ^*Afitl^W9-^, 
'Axailbv o-TpaTiav wg T($oifb* ^» 
*^;^aitt>y n TXaro^r votfornrt^oti^ 

ay ** f Xarai; ;|f iXioyaufTiv 

fv^TouT* *AyafM,iiJUf¥d r* curarpflaty 
' OTfXXfftv * nri Te^» '£X^Mi»- 
ar Eupmra Soyaxor^o^iou 

" Sco^pov Tag 'A^pil^irat, 

or* "^ ffr) xpT^vaiato-t ^p^v^tg 

"*Hpa. i7axxk$i r* X^y, lp<y 

fMp^ag a Kuxptg'ifrxf^' 

i7oXudurov 8) $1* aXrog *^- ateritf-r^^ a'. 

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er' Uicoiv r tx^^^v JSItrflai. 

^aitri *oXu7rXoxo*S' 

SovaTi; SiVxou xiXCtpvi^^vQV^ 
vapa^h Mwm"^ '''Apm 
ofov, flaufta 3^0Tor<rr 
• Tov aTTo vr^^aioiv r Ipetov 
' Aaeprot rmnr a/wt S^ M- 

TOW IffcivSfLOK Tl XoSoTv 

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Tov a 0eT*s T£X5, xal 

elSov aiyiaXoTtri 
jTctpa Tf xpoxa7<ais 
S^o'/iov ix'^vra. truv oirT^otg. 
"j^iXXav 5' eJTOVfi* iroSoTw 
s ff/of apfta TiTpwp<iV 
" iXjV(ra)v TTfif^ vixaff. 
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^^airo5a*SaXT0Uf ffTopoitri TrroXoof 
XSVT^W fleivo/ASfoos* ' Toi>v 

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TOO? 3* fS«>» <re»pa^«>>(*y?» 
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eTcmOof oC, 



^ ols xapsTraT^T^ero 
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Namv S* §1$ oLpt^ixlif ' {Xu^ov 

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xar' axpa Nr^pyl^is sa-ratrav Seat 

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' ttftrT^fxiv T( (patTfJia vafi^aratg, 

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afx^l vaittv xop(/;xj0a* 

vrpo^Ti ^^ 


ayritTTpo^^ 3'. 

(FTpo^r^ •/• 

1 302 

EVRIPFDJiS. "^ '^f^' ^^^^^^B 


oi^X^ VOt^OU (TTpaTOVt ^^^H 


4*mxiZos S* OLTTO p^^ovo^. ^^^1 



vadg OlT.swg rox^gf xXurav ^^| 


^ Opovid^' exXiTTojif woTsiv. 


*E)c MitHr,vag h\ Tag KuxXwirlug avno'Tpo^ri y\ 


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vacuv £xarov r^d/?iii(rju.£v&u^^' ^^H 


(TUV S* ^ "jdS^O-TO^^ 9jy ^^B 


reiyof , tog <pi\og ^/Xo), ^^H 


^ Tag <^uyii\i<Tag fJisTkaOpa ^^^M 


trpSi^iv 'ET^'Xdg atg Xa£Jo/. ^^M 



^ *Ex Ilxihw Sf N€(r TOpog ^^^t 

re^TivtQu xarei^ofxav * *^| 

■Kp^fxvag GTTqfxctf ' raw^oVouv ' V 

o^v, ^ Tcdpfux^v 'A7s<^%iv. ^ 

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vamv ri<rav, mv avaf Auveui- ^ 

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£upuTOf S' avatras Tutv^s. ^| 

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Ta<^JOv "" ^yffv cov Msyr^g ^^^^ 

ava<r<rtf <PiiXemg " Xo;^£u/xa, ^^H 

raf 'Exi^^votg Xjxujv ^^^| 

PTjcroujT, vau^dratg CLir^na-^opo^jg. ^^^| 

wlfaff S* J%aXa/iA7ko^' £j/rpo«poi; ^^^H 

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irpog TO T^atlv ^6vays' j^^H 

Tcuv a(r«Tov copfJt,€i, TrXdrontnv l^^^l 

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»'at>(r!v, wg ahv xa) vao^drav ^^^M 


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voo-Toy owx axMO-irat. 


Tah* xar otxwtg ** xXii«u«'a (rvyxXijrott 


A Chorus of Grecian women, aftendint* of Iphigenia, now a prieslesa of 
Diana, express tbeir wonder who the strangers are who have arrived 
on the barbarous coast of Taurica, and what could b«vc led iheni to 
attempt so dangerous a scheme, and hope that it it Helen who has 
come, that she may be sacrificed to Diana. These straugert wer« 
Orestes and PyUdes. 


' Ktjdvtat, KuoifMOU trr^o^}^ »'» 

(TuyoSoi daXa<r<ra;, 
^¥ ' ottrrpog Torctfjtuvo^ *ApyoQi¥ 
* Eu^tvop hr* otifta 
hmripiff^iv xort, 
" */lo-iijTi8a yciray 
Eupanrag hafxtt^ag' 
rivtg Tor* apa, r&v fuuSpoy 
Hoi Sovaxo;^Xoa Xivorrc; Eupi^ray, 
^ pivfiara vtfjiva ^IfiHog, 
ff3ct<ray, i^dtraif * a/tiixrev 
aJav, * tvBa xoupa 
hiariyyn fimfMug 
AmL Gr. M^, 3 D 


xa) Tctpi xtovas vol- 

«5v aTfta fipoTitov ; 

^H po&Uig ^ il'Karivatg, avTta-rfio^r^ a, 

hxpvrotfrt xmTatg, 

^ irTitua-ay M irovria xufjLara 

^iXa yA^ eXirJy * eysvir*, '' It) 
injfAa<ri ^poroSv, airXijiTTo^ avd^oiToi;, 

rXatojrf; ffx* oTS/uta WXfi^ rf 

^pfiapoug TeptSvrtg, 

xfvoSo^oi. ** I\(o[Aa 

S* oljr jtt^y ofxttf^; eXjBou, 

roijp S* fi$ fiftf-ov {xfi. 

UediP * ret; (ntv^po[jLaZag xirpag, trTpo^r^ 3'. 

xwg ^ ^tvif^ag * auTrvovg 

axTfl^ Mpdaav, 

** TOt^* aXioy aSyiaXov 

' fr *AfM.^tTpiTag poBito 

^paiJMVTeg, (Zttw x-evr^xovra xo^v 

ru>y N7ipr0m¥ ;^o^i 

/uifXTouff'iy tyxt'ixXioi,) 

xa) TrXijo'iO'rioKri irvoaTg, 

^ fuvaiov 9n]SaXi<oi> 
aupatg ^ ev vtriatg "f 

' ToXuo^Wdov er aToey, 
^fux£ty axrety, ""*i4;^iX^05 
hpofJLwg xaXXio-raSiou^, £u- 
^ffivoy " xaxflt vovrov. 


eXdouo'a ru^ot, ray 
Tptoaha XiJTOuo'a ToX<y' 

fAarripav eJitx^ieXtra, Xai/tAorojtAa» 
$ff(r9roiya; ;^ff/?i davTj, 
n-oiva; So3<r* ctyriiraXou;. 
"HhtTT av '' TijvS' aTysXiav 
Ze^aifitirB*, *£xXa$o$ ex yaj 
7rXeoTi}M»v it rig f 0a, 
SouXf/tt^ ifjiiSiv Zti- 
\aiag fraua-iirovos. ' Ka) 
yap ovtipa(rt o'u/A^a/ijy 
olxotg 9roXsi Ti xoLTpma 

* repirvwv vfAVto¥ ax'oXausiv 

* xoiyay ;^a^iv oXjScp. 

The Chorus desire to return to their countrv, slate the manner of their 
coining to TauricSp and pray for success to Iphigeuia tu her scheme 
of flying. 

"Opvtgt a Tapa r^g ictr^ivag <rr^^^ at, 

x^vrmt hupahag, aXxtnoy, 
" f Xfyoy oZroy ailhug, 
* eu^yeroy ^uvBxoTvt 3oay, 
on * Tocriy xeXaSfTip aet fxoTiTaTg. 
*By(o * <roi xapa^aKKtyMU 
Qpi^voug, ' axrepog opvtf, 
TTO^wr* '£XXayaiv ' ayopoug, 
TTodoOo-* ' "ApTiikiv Xo;|^e/oiy* 
a Ta^a KvvStov o^Bov oixeT, 
^oiyixa d* a^p9x6fJiȴ, 
^a^vav T tutpvia, xai 



*/! TToXXai 3axgua»w Xt3«8sy, avriO'T^<^»j a . 

at vapriUas elg e^as 
iirnravy avixa '^ irupywv 

* •jFo7^efjittov eQSTfjLoifriy xa) Xo'y^ai^. 
■ Za^f>6a-nu he 5*' eju-TToT^a^* 

tvBa rag sAa^PfJXToVou 
^ioig afx<pl7r(i7,ftv ' xou^av, 
7ral3' \4YafxsfJiVtinav Xar^fuaf, 

^ f55Xou<r* arav Starav- 

Toj hu^^aifiav' ^ sv yap avayxatg 

ou xafxifti (TuvrpoHpog ofv* 

' /u.PTa0aAXii SijfT^aipivia. 

"" 7a yaf* (Air suru^tag xaxoutrdai, 

^vaToig ^ap^tg aUov, 

Ka\ org jLtli/, " 7roTvi\ 'Apyeta trrpo^ii 3', 

<rupi^a>v S' xripQ^irag 
xaT^aiJiog wpaou Ilavig^ 
" xtLyratg STn^am^tt' 
o 4*01^6$ 6* 6 ftcti'TJs:, €;^«)f 
STTaTovov xsAaSov Xu^a;» 

«/xe 8' ay Tou XiToii<ra, 
3Tj<rej po^toig irXaraig. 
"^ *-/lfo* S' ItTTia TrpoTovoi vara 
irpwpaVf itTT^p (TToXov, 

*& l^^ll 

FROM THE iphi<;enia tadrica. 387 

fXTfTa<rov<ri To3a 

iraoy OIKUTOjEATOtl. 

fy^ evaXjov tpyirai TT^p' 
oiHsltov V ut\p 5aXa,afiiv 

* Xi5{ajjtt( doafouflra* 
^0^0?!^' S« tf'Tatujy, " 0^1 xoiJ 

' -TraffQsvog exi^xlfiwv yafXfov 

* xaca a-o'S* * iiXiT<row<ra ip/Xa^- 
jEAar^o^ ijx/xrov diacrou^, 

" «^ a/x/xXo^ ^aplrwv, 

* ^(xirag aQpox^iQitToio 
is epiv opv^ixsva, ToXuTTo/xiXa 

* ^OLpta ic(x\ TrXoxa- 
/u.ou$ Te^i3aXXo/xtva 



Creon had ordered Antigone to be killefl fur burning Folynices. She 
was now betrotltcd to hi) sod Hactnon, who here remonstralfs wilh 
bini on his decree. In the first hae Creon is angwertng the Chorus, 
who, observing [laenion approaching, h»il jubt asked the cause of the 
sadness of his looks. 

Tiy eI<roj[tf<rfla ' {xavnaav uxipTtpov, 




Iifi,Qi yap o^idstg oL^itog sttoh yonxcts 

OuToi yap, m waH, ^pr) •" tia. trripyfov i;feiVi 
yvfojaijff iparpityag ttolvt oTritrBiv loratfa*. 
Touro'j ya^ ouvex' oiuopsg eu^^ovrai yovaj 

^ (6$ xai TGI/ 6)^Spov avra(x(ivwvTai nan^g^ 

hqlX t\v ^{"hav rifuwa-tv ' IJ tirou xarpL 

"O^Tig 8* aj'ttKjJfAijra ^iruei rexwa, V 

Ti TovS* av etiFQig oKKo irT^Tji; oirw jrlSotj 

4|»Dara(» TroXuy Se Tor<r*k s^Bpola-tv ysXmv ; 

AfiJ vtJi^ TTOT, c3 Tral", '" Tag <^pivag y u<p* i^Soi^j, 

iJ/u;f^o»^ TrapayxaKta-fxa Touro 7/yveTai, 
yuvi!) xax^ Jumui'os' ei^ h^(jL<ttg. Ti yap ' 

yevoiT* aw eXxof fxst^ov vl ^i'Xog xaxog ; 
'i4X>.a " TTuora^' oi^rst' " t£ Slmtjulsvij /xg^e^ 

*Eire) yap auTriv '' «Txov efL^avwg sym 
TTQl^scog awi(rTrj<ra(rav ex wotfrrig jixoviji^, 
hI^suSj] y' ijW,atiT6v ou xaTarT7j<ra» ttoXsi, 
ctXXfli xTfivcu. Hpog raur ' c^uftfEtVo) ^J/oe 
*^ ^uvaifJLOV. ' E] yap Stj ret y ly-ygv?] (^y<rei 
axoG-fJia Bpii^iOf xapra ravg Ifaj yivovg. 
*'Ey Toig yap oixeiQunv Za-rtg sa-r avr^p 
■^pr^frTQg, <pavsirai xav ttoKsi hlxaitig wv, 
Ka\ Touroi-' dv rlv avS^a Bapa-oiriv sym 
xalKufS ju.ev oipx^tv, eu S* av apy^ea-^at dsXriv' 





" ^po$ r oiv iv ^tifuovt TrpotrTerayixevoy 
ftivnv S/xotiov xayoL^oy Trapoto'TaTriV. 

1] rmwnafrfTMW rtng xparofja-^v svvoiT, 

xai trynxpcL xa\ hixaict xa\ '^ ravavTia. 

*AvoLp)(^tots yap fj^iH^ov o*jx sfTTiv xaxov. 

AuTTf xoXng T oXXuTiv, rj(> tkva<rTOLTous 

otxws Ti^r^triv' ^^f <ruv /Aa;^, oopQ$ 

^ rpoTrag xarap/Mjyvtxri* * TUiV S op^ouixevtuv 

trto^it TOL TToXXa <rftt^a5' r^ irnSap^lfx, 

OuTtog * ajtxwjTs' stti toTj xo<rjU,oy/iUvo»s', 

'' xowTOi yuyaixo$ ow3a/jUug i5ir(rrjrea, 

KpiltriTov yoipi iiizsp Si?, ?r^j av3^oj "^ <xs*B<rfiv* 

xoux av yuvotiXfuv TjO'crovef xotXoijcxfd* av. 

UoLTip, 5fo) ^tiouff'^y av^pwiroig ' <ppsvotSy 
•jroLVTOiVy o<r' strr), )(^pT,fx,aTiov itTrioTtxTov. 
iLyat 6 07r(og cu ju,») Xey«ij ftpfjiog raOe, 
'out' aw dtivati'^ji>;v, ju.iqt* e»-t<rTaifi)]v Xeyiiv* 
ysvoiTO fxtvTOLV " yaTipwg xa7<to$ s^au. 
'' ^^w S* ou jr6<^uxa^ Travra Trpuo'xoxetv, oatt 
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As lite Quct'ii was going out to (he tfuiplc of Minerva, she oferheanl, 
thuu^h imperfticll^, the ni4^t»fertger telatitig tu the Chorus the death of 
HiCEUun mid Aittigoue. Siie fainletl at the news, and lieing re- 
covered, the here eutcrs wiith iiu^iilirnce lu know ilie fiicL ^ 

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Anal. fir. MaJ. 





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Death of Deianira. 


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Lanicntalion of Hercules on dying by tbc poisoned rob«Wt 

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of LrmnoB. H 

Pliiloctftes bmcnls bis sufi'ertugs and solilucle hi the isttHiul 


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<^«y, to TEXt/ov, vuv xai TO rSji^ VYj(rou fta^r^s. 
Anal. Gr. Maj. 

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&iTfy 7F0T aiir(n$ avTiTrmv * t ftoO ;ra5fTv. 

Pliilocteles suspects Neoplolemus of a treacherous iok'Hl to forfeit kis 
word aud leave him on the bliiod. 


*^/l TTtjp oru, xolI TToiv Ssijua, xai iravoupyiag 
^sivrij; T6;^vT5ja' «;^6io-Tov, " oTa ft' tlpyatrw, 
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Oresles, from a separation of Iwpnly jFCAri being unknown lo lii« sislcr 
Ejfcrra, britigs lier an urn, which he represrnl* as contuining bis own 
asbcH. He al leJigib makrs a tJisrover} of himself. 


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^'Xroiroy, ^fiptapTvpm, 
Anal, Gr. Mt^. 3 G 




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Ajax, in consequence of tlie adjudication of the arms of Acliilles to 
Ulysies, resolves to end hii life. Ilia mistress Tecniessa endeavours 
to dissuade hiro. 


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lym ^ xfiVou TaTj^, roy auroy f^ roVoy 



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yvmjttifjff airjj^av rr^s ifx.r)g, ^ oux ay ttot* 
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"' oKTr' gy ro*oT<r8e ^^eTpay aifxa^at |3oro«j^-* 
Xfiyoi 6* 67reyy£Xa>(r<y «X7rs<J>«vyorffj, 
sfxtiu fifv oit)(^ Ixoyroj* ei Sff tij ^Jitoy 
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******** jtjtoyoo^ T *Arp€t^$t TreXayoj yUyaToy Tt^tD ; 
Aai TToroy o^jxa warp] 3r,Xt«<r£U <J3ayiij 
Ti'AatxiMVi \ Ttu's; /xf TX>;V6Ta» Tor* fi^n^ay 
ywjtjtyoy ^ayiyra rtow aptirreiwv aTip, 
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TTpoj Bp»{J^ot Tptiitof, ** ^u^recTfoy ^<>voj /U-oyoj^, 
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fA>i TOi (JJo<riy 7' a<r;rXa7;^vos gx xc/you 7e7«>i'. 

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Trpu<rBii(ra xavsBiTtra To'd ye xar^avuv ; 
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tans xsvaia-tv sXTrltrtv 6epfi.aiveTOH, 
*A7k'?C 7} xaX«)9 ^>iv, ij xoKaig TsQwjgxsvai 


0**§6J5 l^sT TTOS', COS UTTo'jSXtJTOV Xo/OV, 

iiiotii', s7\.e^cts, * aXXa Tijj uauTou (Ppsvo^. 


^fl Setrjror' ^faj, ^ rijj avayxatas To^r^g 
o'jx l<mv oiSei' fJis7^ov avSpto-jrais xaxov, 
'EytJo S* eXsu&£goti fjikv e^e^vv warposj 
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xai (T* avTioL^oj frpag r e^sa-rlou ^log, 

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Ttuv ertoj' yjT* £;^9gtui', ;^5ip»aj' a^s/^- tivi. 
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raoTTj vQfxii^i Hau,e t-JJ rod' >)f«.«gfle 
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oia^ XoirQiiots avh* ofrao ' ^^Xot> rpi^si. 


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yript^ vpQ\e(7F€ov' at^tcai dik iJi,r,Tipa 
voWmv irCbv xXy)^iI;^ov, ^ o"f ttoXXocxi^ 
dfoT; aparm ^covra rrpog So/xov^* yLoKi^v' 
otxrupe 8*, a» "vaj, ^ vat^a tov o-ov, fi, veaj 
rpo^T^S fTTtprgfiiis, * o-ow " Sfo/o-firai fiovo^ 
UT* lp(^ctvi(rrSiV fxr^ ^ixtov' " o<rov xaxov 
xe/vo) Tf xa/Ao) roDS*, ?Tav Bavr^g, vifxtTg. 
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xadsTXcv '^'^jSou Bavaa-lpLOug oix'^Topas. 
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XoLpig ;^ap(v ya^ eoTiv i} rixrou<r' ai /' 

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dsXoift* av* aivo/ij; yap av ra t^O'S* fTij. 


Ka) xapT fTa/vou rsu^trai r^o; 7' oSv cjbiou, 
cav juovov TO raji^dsv fu roXjU^ riXftv. 

*vJXX', cw ^/x* Atasy TavT* ?y«iyff TfiVofiai. 




'rije CltortM make a solemn iiiTOcalion lo Apollo and other deitirt, 
iiilreatiiig tliem to succour Tlirbc), and d«scribiog llie borrors of tbt 
iwstiletice ill the city. 


Ml AiQS a^usTTTiS <^aTtj rtg tots tol^ toT^w^^vtov 
Jlu^iuvog ayXaa J tf^otg . . ^ . 

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^ TTe^ircXXojaevai^ cof>atg TaXiv, 

J^ijre fAOi, (o xpu<r€a$ rexvov *jBX7rt5o^, ' ajjL&pQTS ^clvlol. 
H^mra trs ** xexTiOfxsvio, BiryaTep -Jio^, afx^por ^A^oLva, 

"ApTttkiVt OL xuxXoiVT ayopag Bpovov, " EuxXeia, 6a<r<rft, 

xa} 4»di^tiV £xa3oXoy, ito 
T^*<r<rol aToi^ttxapoi frpa^av^ri fkm* 
li wan xaJ ** TTpaTepag arots xtrnp 
opwuftivag toXe(, 

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'/2 woVoi, avaptOfJLa yap ($iepui 

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U) Tij aXeJerai* owre ya^ exyoj/a 
xXurotf ;|^9ovo? au^erott, ' ours toxohtiv 
iijieuv xafAOLTUiv ave^outn yuva7x€S. 
*ylXXov iS* av "" aXXto Trpufri^ats, oivep €virTspov o/ivjv, 
" xpela-fTov a/Aexi/xaxerou xvpiig opixsvov 
OLXTOLV TTpog " eTTrspov 5fioO, 
' ttfv JToXiy ampiOiAOs oXXura*. 



'' iVijXca ^ ysvedXa vpiig xihtp 

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avoupov, ttr ig ** fjiiyav daXa/iof 'iift^ir^rra^, 
err* «j • Tov awo^tvov Zpfiov, 
OpYfXMv xXuSaiya* 
TfXsi yap ijv ri vv^ oi^n 
TOUT* IT* ^juap ip^trai' 
Toy, cS Tfvp^opioy a(rrpatva¥ xpctTiii vifitov, cJ 
^iti TFoirtpf 6t^ <rco ^^itrav xipauvtS. 

* yluxf I* <xva$, Ta ti cA ;^<roo'r^o<pa»y asr* ayxuXcoy 
0eXfa dfXoi/A* ay ahdfjMt ** ffySaTcTo-dai, 

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^ApriyaZag aTyXa;, eruy a7^ ^ AdxtC tp%a hiaaa'H* 
^ Toy )^ptj<r(^fitTpa.v Tf xixXi^trxo), 

* TttcrS' iircayttfjLQV ydg, 
olvdixa Bcix^QV *" f ui'oy, 
3faiya8eay ojuoo'ToXoy, 
TeXaerdijyai, ^XeyoyT* ayXaaf- 
VI a-uv TtuxoLf It) Toy 

" a^oTijctoy f y dfoTj^ dfoy. 


Shocked at Jocasta's distrust of the oracles, the Chorus declare their 
abhorrence of such presumption. The sentiments are iilost just, if 
applied to the oracles of the true God. 


* El fioi •* ^uvitri *• ^spovTi 

fM,o7pa rav svtrejrTov ayviiav Xxfycoy 

"spy my re irdvTooVf ' eov vofioi Trpoxuvrat 

(rf/iiroBeSf oupaviav Si* aiQifa 

TsxfcoBivrsSt av " "OXujitjroj 

Tar rip fiovo^, ouM * viv BvaroL 

^u<ns avepcav STtxriv, ouhl 

fXTQv TOTS Xada xaTaxotfiaicrtt' 

(isyag sv rouTOig Bsog* 

ouhl yrjpatrxu, 

^"T^piS ^uTBun " Topavvw' 

"T^piSt "^v ToXJuoi/ uTTspTry^v^df, [JMTaV, 

a |u,^ *7rtxatpa fA-^hl (ruf»,(p6povraf 

* axporarav «ia-araj3a(r* " aToVo/xov 

evd* ou 3ro8) jf^pr^trifLm y^pT^rai. 

T% * xoCKmg V e;^oy toXsi * iroLhattrfxa 

fjLvi TOTS ''Xuo-ai deov airoujiAaf. 

Othv ou Xtj^oi tot^ 

TT^oCTaTav *^y<r;^a»v. 

JS» 8e Ti^ ** uvepavra ^,)(^sp(rh 

:} Xoya> *" iropsusraif 

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haifjiovcov f $1] tre^eov, 

xaxa viv eXoiro fi.o7pa.t 

8o«'3roTftow ' ;^a^<v ^>nhag. 

El [ATI TO xip^g xtphavtl hixMcog, 

xa\ r&v atritrreov ** ilp^trat, 


rig eTi xoT fv To?(rd' avi^p 

^X^S aftuvf iv ; El ya^ ul 
Toia/Sff TT posits ri/AiMf 
^ Ti 5«i ftff X!^piunif ; 
Oux cri rov adixroy cTfti 

ow8^ Tav 'OXu/ATiay, 

■" f I /ubiq ra^i ;^eipo^eiXTa 

vatriv apfiovu fiporais. 

*A\7C m xparuvtov, " tlx%p ip^' axovii^*, 

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6^^si 6$ rex 9«iot. 


The Ciiorus sing the praises of Attica, the fertility of its soil, its know- 
lege in horsemanship and skill in naval affairs. This was the chorus 
which Sophocles is said to have read before his judges, when his sons 
accused him of incompetence through old age to manage his affairs. 


JSwiVtow, '' Jsvs, rao-Ss X"*P^S VTpn^r^ a\ 

fxou TO. xpaTitrra ' ySig mtkuKu, 
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Anal Or, Mqj. 3 H 


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/Afl^y )^pu(raviQg ^A^pohha. 

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yap aUv op&v ** xuxXo; 

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j^a y'haux&TTig *ABava. avritrrp. 3'. 


*• euiTTTov, f u^oiXov, eudaXotf-o-oy. 
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TOO* ila-as ot^X'iF'* ^"^S iloo-fi8ai», 
irroio-iv T^v axgfl-T^^a ;(^aXiyov 
' vpmraKTi rai<rhi xrivas aymdig. 
*A V 6UT^piTfjL0S ixirayX* aXia ;^c^- 
0*1 rrapa-nrrofjLiva TrXara 
6pm9'xtt, * rcov f xaro/biToSajv 

Imagining from what had passed in the preceding bcouf. that a battle 
must inevitably follow between Theseus and Oeoii, the Chorum form 
various conjectures concerning the place where it would be fought : 
relying on the strength and valor of their countrymen, to whom 
they presage certain victory. 


JSnjv odi Sairity trrpo^ri a. 

avh^&v ra;^* * exia-rpo^ou 

Tov ;^aXxo^oav "Apri 

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^ ?row *■ Tov i^h'xtpov avTiTT^rx^^/ a. 


' Terras vt4>a^S TfXwo-* 

^ Olarms 6x vofiou, 

*' TcuXoio-iv 1Q ptfl^a^fJiOLTOlS . 

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Trag yap currpOLvru p^aXii^oj, 

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yvtofieif " ra;^* fvScuo'Siv 

rdtv 8fiya rXa<rav, Ssiya S' cupou- 

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'loi, Zeuy 7ravra^;^a decov, avTi(rTpo(p7) ^' . 

wavToVTa, Tropins 

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trefjivd re Trarip UaXXa; 'yldaya. 

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coxuTodoiy fXa^icoy 

' frripyoof ZiirT^ag dpwyag 

fAoXfiy ya ra^s xai ToXiTai^. 


A Herald Uringa Ctyteinucstra ihe news of ihe full uf tm). 


Ta^ e}a'Cfi99-&a "Kafxird^tov (pAs<r^6pwv 
(^ptiHTtvfftiby rg xa) yrupog ' iraf^Xhtxy^g^ 
itr oZv a^ij^eTif, eJV', ovtipartov *' 6ix7)V, 
* Tf^Tvov TOO cXdov ^Sig e^TjXttKTfv ^pgvas. 
Ki^pux* air axT>5f rov^ op<b xara^xior 
xXaOof^ eXotiOL$' ixaprupel 8e /toi ** xatrtg 
xr^y^od ^uvotfpos, * Sixj/ia 'xo'vij, 'Tail, 
a>V OUT* '' avawSftj, out« <ro< 'Sa/wv ^Xd'ya 

'^XV ^ *" T^ ^aipii¥ (AoiWov ex&a.^ei Xsyoov — 
' Toy oLVTiov ^\ ToTtri* ** aTroerripym Xoyor* 
" eu ya^ irpoi' fw ^otviXtrt Tpo«-dtJx>j TeXoi. 

"Oo'Ti^ * T<iS* aXXeu^ ti^3' £7rfiu;^5Tai TroXei, 
uuTog ^ ^ptvii>v xapnoira t^v ay^aprlav, 


'Ju> TraTpioQv cZ^as *Apygias ^Sov^t 
'' ^sxaTto as ^syyei Twd* a^<xo|iA^v Irov^, 
TToXXtov paysKTiiiv IXtt/^cov, ^ictj rwp^eov. 
' Ou yap TOT Tj^^fivv ry;^' sv ^Apysla ;^Sovi 

Nuv X^ctipe [xiv )^QwVj ;^aT^f 8* tj'x/ow 0aof, 
oTttToy TB y^topag Zs^, o Jlu^iog r' devaj, 
' To'Joij' loLTrrtuy fM.fiHiT siy rjjuaj ^§Xi). 

430 ^SCHYLUS. 

vvv 8' auTi a-fOTrfp f/fli " xairayuiviog, 
avct^ j^ToXXoy* roo^ r ^ ayrnvtovs Qeoitg 
TTOLvrag 'Tpo<raMOQ>f tqv t epjiv rtju.cto^y, 
'JBoju,T)v, 4)tXov x75^uxo, xy\p()xmv aa^ag^ 

he^aa-$8 ' x6<r[xai fia<rtXsoL ttoXXo) Xf'^^*P' 
Hxei yap b^iv ' ^tu^ €v ' tu^puyy} ^^epiuv, 
xat ToTorS' ajraoTi xoivoy, *Ayafi,sfjiV(ov ava^, 
*A%7C tZ vtv a(r7ra<j-a(T$Bt xa) yap ouv TrpsTretf 
Tpolav xaTa<rxoL>ifavTa tou S*x>]^o/3oti 
^ioj; * jLtaxeXXV/, ''' r^ xaTeipyatrrai Tri^ov, 
*' iJfojuiol §' aiVrTOi xai flstoi' l^^ujixaTa, 
xai (TTTSpfJLa Tratriqs e<Ja7roXAuTai )(BQyo$, 
Toi^v^e Tpola. irepi^aXtDV ^iuxTrjpiov 
ctwaj *^rper5»jff ' Trpitr^uSt suhai{Jt,mv av^?, 
ijxe** Tjeorflat ^* a^iatTarog ^pormv 

€^eijj^€Ta* TO Spdtjua tou traflouf ir3\,fov» 

* ''O^Xcov y«^ ■" kpiirayi\g ts xal " xAo3r% $(X)jy, 

" Tou pu(rt(ni B' T^fjLapTSy xa) 7^ctv^'^eQp(iv 

•' CLuro-^m* ov varpiBov sSpitrsv So'jxov. 

'' SiTrXa 8' tritrav Upiafxihat ' Sa^a^Tia. 


Xcilpw' * Teflvcrva* S' oOx st* avTcpo flfori'. 



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* TepTT^S ap ^Ti r^o"8' e3nJ3o^©' votrou. 


Ttoif avTsptovTcay Iftipto " a-ffirXTjy/xivoi . 

'Jlf xoXX' " afJLaupdfi ex ^ptvig {a oLvanFrivuv. 


I7«9ty TO 8y<r^^<sv roSr ** tr^v, orvyoj crparm ; 


i7aXai TO <r*yav ^a^juaxov ^Xo^r/f «;^m- 


Kal jTtoj *^^ ajro'yroiv xotpavmv erpug rtvag ; 

'^ '12^ i^v T^ erov Sij, xai SaveTv jtoXX^ X^P*^' 

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(Tirapvag ^ TroLpr^^%tg xa\ xaxcKTrptoroug — ' ti S* ov 

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fuyai ya^ >ja'av ^r^toiv Tgoj Tsix^fFtv' 

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ij fiaXTo^, bZts ttovtos ' $v fjietrriix^pivalti 
xtirats axCfxwv vr^v£fiot$ eu$o< Trurwv — 

' Trapfji^srai §£, To7(r< /xev TsSyT^xoflrii' 
T^ [ir^TTOT aZ^tg 1X7]^ avatTTTivai [j.e'Kstv. 
" Tt rws ava'Kw^ivTotg ev xj/ij^fo 7\,iyitv, 

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' vixa TO xs^Sof , TTij/xa 3* oix OLVTippevu. 
- 03$ xofjLTfkfrat ' Tti>§' eixoj >JX»'ou <paf i» 
ujTfp Sa7<a.(ra-ri§ xai ;^5o»of " TTdTcvfJiivois. 
TpoiTiv sXovTCf BijVor* 'Apytioiv oroXoy, 
'' flcoTs \rx<P\}prx TotuTa ToT^ xa^' '£XXa^« 
' ^o(ji<ns 67rao"(rdtXfiy(rai' ap^aioig ydvog, 
Totaura y^pi^ xXuovra; fiuXo7s7y ttoXiv 
xo( Tot;^ <rT^aTr^youj" xai ;^aV'? ' i*'jt*^iO'£ra< 
^to$: TfltS' lxirpei^a(ra. " ITcIvt s;^6I? Xoyov. 


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or' ^x5' irpiiiTog vu;^ioj ^ayyfXoj: ttu^oj^, 
(Ppct^wv aXojiTtv "iT^io'j t' oLvamroktriv. 
Kai Tij jtx' ivlvToiv sIts' 4*puxrwp(ov '* o*a 
T6ia-6frfl"a, Tpoiay vuy 7ri»-o^6r;<r6aJ 2oxs7f ; 
ij xaipra ' ff^oj yuvaixo^, ay^sor^ai xia^. 
/lo'yoij' Toioyroij '" TXayxTOj ouc' *(J>a<v»fjai3V 
oju,a>^ 8' s^uov* xai ywaixiiu* " vofM* 

.n^ ailT 

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" ayaxToj awToU jfavra Tsyo-o/jtai Aoyov. 

fTTTtCirat ird'ktv ima'^Ivtol Si^aerflar t/ ya^ 
yuvotixf TowTow 0«yyo^^ ^olov, ''^^axiFv 
aTO (TTpartias avhpoi irmravTos Otcv, 

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illWaiXOt jrifTTTjV ^' «v J5<»ju,o<j ' tupot [XO'XtVV, 

scQ'Kt^v ixitva>t TT^'Kifxlav Totg iutriPpttrtv, 
xct\ rct'K'K* hfAdiav xdvTa, a-fifxixvTripiov 
ouSfv hn(pBiipa(rav sv /tAijxsi ^ovou. 
Oux o7^a repy^iv, owS' e7ri\(/oyo» (^dnv 
d'K'hO'j irpo$ av^phg ^aXXof i^ " ;^aXxoO jSa^a^** 


oyx ai<r;^^i', «Jf yovotix) yswotta, "KotxsTv. 



The Priestcsg of Apollo Hdilrc»&cs the Gods ot the Temple, and describes 

il. — Ajiollo addresses OrtsU-s. -Tbe (Jliost of Ctytemncdlra censures 
the Furies, wtio are ii»l4e|i, fur imi pursuing lier niurdeier. 

15 d»j TO fAtlTf,Oi tVJTipa. TO<i i^iTQ 

Anal. Gr. Maj, 

3 1 



' finvTetav, tog Xoyo^ rig' " h 81 no rplrtA 
T^et^et, ^ Qe'Koutrrjg, ' oOos Tprlg ^lav rivoy, 
'^ TtTav\$ aXK-r] Trais XQovhg naBs^STO 

fpai^m' TO 0ot'/S?35 ^ oi/o/x' f;^f« TrapntvofAfiV. 
AtTTtov hi *7^lfit>rjv ^rp\iav n '' xotpa^a, 
xfiAtraf ex' oxra^ vauTopovg ' ra^^ iJaXX«5o^, 
6 J rr^v'Sg yaT«v ^X^6 rioLpvfitrau S* sS^at,*. 
■' IJeix-fTooa-t 5' aurov xai (ril6l^m(nv /u.eya 

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at^rifjispov TtQsvrsg r^ik^ptoynvr^v . 
MfiknvTOt 3' aurov xotpTCC riiAa'K<psT Xfwc, 
jds7K0og T« ;ftt)pa^ Tr)(r8fi xptijtxvT^'ryjs oiva^. 
" Ts^vr^g 65 v*v i^suj gv5=ov xrlrrag <Ppivot, 
r^f* riroepT/jv tovSs fAavriV sv Sp^vtug' 
Aittg xpai^-qTrig ^ k<rr\ Ao^iag irarpog. 
" TouTOuj ev e'j;^a7|p ^potfjua^ofiai iSsoup. 
iTaXXap •' Trpavaiot 8' sy Xoyo^g vpsor^suirau 
Xs^m 8e vujtx^ap, ev^a Kwj&uxip •K-grpot 
xo*X>), ^IXopytg^ * ZoLifxoyeov avatrrpn^T}. 
^ Bp^txttg 3' 5;fE* xrjv ^wpav^ o*i8' ajU-VTijutfli'm, 
' fi§ OUTS BoLH^fxtg sa-rpoLTT^yri^BV Bilg^ 
"^ Xay^o 8*x»}V iYgvfls? xaTaj^^a^/ag fXfjpo>' 
' UXfiiTTou T£ JT-jj-yap, xai "^ UotTst^vog xparog 
xaXoD<rct, xal TfXstov y\J/<o"Tov ^/ot. 
JSxfiTa ftavT<^ elf Qpovcug xaSi^avw, 
* Kotj vi/v Tt/^^sTv ju.£ Toiiv xpiv £!(ro6«>v fJLaxpio 
apttrra 8o7cv' xs* '' xap 'liAXr'wjv Tivf<;, 
' j'Tmi' TTctXaj Xa;^ovT«f, mj vofAit^sroLi. 
' MavTsuofiai yap, nJj; av ijyS^xai fleof . — 

TttXiv |u,* €7rsfJL^iv ex So,u«ty Tfoj/ Ao^Iq'J^ 
tug (xr^TS o-euxeTv, fii^TS jix' ' axroitvttv (rraa-tv' 
rpe^a> ol ^ep(7)v, ou irohmxia. o-xsXftiv' 
SfiVoto'd yap ypaup. 

oudev avTJTaij 

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opai h" '' ex' oju,^aXu> jixev avZpa QeofJLvirr^ 
ihf>av fij^ovra, T^oorc-oVaiov, aifxan 

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* ri^ySjr* jxaXXcu' " r^Ss ya^ T^avcoi: eptii. 

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owTot yui^arxa^, aXXa Fop^yovag 7\.eyto' 

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(is^Trvav <pspm(Tag' aTrre^rA ys fxr^v lOsTv 
awTai,\onvoLi o\ sg ro noiv H^sTiUHTpoTrui' 
psyxaufTt S* ' ou v'h.atrTotc'i <Jiu<rta;xa<nv 

£x 8' ofAixarwv "^kt^outri ^ 8ti<r^4X^ 3/av 
xa) ' xofTfXfig o\jTe tt^o^' Qstov ayotJv/xara 
^£p6iv Oixaiog, OUT e^ oLy^pmxwv (TTeya*^, 

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'' 6w5* TjTis aTa TOUT* s7re6j(^eTai y^vag 
TpitpQiKT atvuTU pLT, fjiSTa(rT£vttv irrjvwv. 
' TavT^uOsy t^-^ij rS>vZt o-fnroTr^ Oo'jtxmj/ 

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xa) TdXeriv aXXoig QwfjLOLTiuv xa^apfrtoy. 


' OwToi rrpo^aicm' ha reXouc; Se o-o* iiixaj 
eyyit; TrapstTTotg, xa) Tpotrto S' aTrooraTcoi', 
i^SprufTt Tfiig fraig oi ysvrjCojtxai tet^ov. 
Ka) vw * aXouo-otg rajrOf Tag fxapyoug opa^' 
i/5rva> '' TTf <roD<rai 3' a« xaTaa"Tu«rTo< xopat, 
y^alat ira7<aia) Tulosgy alg ou fxlyvuTat 
Oitov Tig^ ouh* ay^^fOTTOy, (tu6i ^r^p tot«' 
xotxujv 6* ««aTi x^tyivavT' btth xaxov 




' ''E\ia(7i yap (re. xai 3/ ijVe/^ou.§a^% 

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Ka) ' /till] TTpQxafxVi rovSf 3ou;eoXo'jju.evo^ 
5rovov* jtAoXiuK S^ i/aXXaSoj toti ttto'Aiv, 
7fou TaXaiov dtyxadsv Xa3«i»' ^peroL^^ 
xaxii '" Sixao-Toi^' TtovSff xaJ " &s>iXTVipt<^ug 

aJflr' ffff TO TTctw <r£ TtovS' aTOtXXct^ai irovtuv. 
Kat yap xravilv <r' l7rsi<ra " fxi^TpiSov Sejcta^. 

'' "/Iva^ *^7roXXov, o7<r^a jtx^v to (xri 'SixfTi** 
STTiJ S* lirifrra, xa) to p,:^ *jtA£X?T»' jaaSs. 
2iBiy(^S 8^ TTOisTv eu ^egsyyuov t& <roV. 

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TTopLTraTos Wj, — T(f*Ss TTQi^alvtov sp.w 

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op^wfievov ^p^TQitrtv sit7rofi.7rm to;^t]. 


' Eo^otT av, «J*j, xaJ xa<96t/5ou<r<a(' t{ ^s7; 

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dTihoiortv Iv vexpaia-iVt * aig jtx^v fXTavov, 
ovsi^ag €V (fihTo7<rtv tvx exXeiVsTai, 
* a](rxp<»S ^' aX«)/juxi' TTpouvygToj 8' u/xiv, otj 
fi^fftj fisyia-TrfV alrtav * xttvtov itird* 
' xaSouira S' oyTo* Ssi»'a * wg^j rtov (piT^raTtov, 
ou^s)g " iTgp |U.ow hatfxQVmv /jtTjv/trai, 
xaTa<r<pa7£»(rtjj tt^oi; ^eputv fxrirpoxroviov. 


'' '*Opa hi TrXijyaf Ta<r8f xap^ictg vi^iv. 
* Eu^fiutra yap ^^v ojU,/t*a<r*y XaixTrpuvirai. 
^Ev ij^epa S^ /*oV oLTrp<i<rxo7ri)s ^partov. 

Ka} Travra toutu "Ka^ opa> xaTouf/Lsvoi. 
' 'O 6* eJaXuJaj o3f;^frai ve^pou c!xr,v, 
** xa) raura xou^w^^ fx fxi(reov apx^trfxartuv 
eupoufTsv, upuv e7xaTiXXai>|/a^ fi^iya, 
*^xot>flra6' co^ ' iXf^a r^j ^/x^jf xi^t 

"Ovag ^ap ujLbdtji: vtiv K'h.Mr ai^v^tfT pat, xaXw. 

A/wJ'oit' av, 'avr^o ^ o?';^fTflt< ^euyaiv Tpotrw' 
^ ^/Aoii' yaf- fi<riv oux i/AcT^' TrpoalxrapBS' 



"^AycLV w7rvm(T0-fij, xoO xotroixrt^ci^ TraSo^* 


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Aa^Sf T^a^e, >\a^e, °?ia/3£, ^prl^otj. 

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Kvcc|itiun of Daiiaiis utul Iijh ilaiiglttcrs by kitig Pclasf^tib, fioiu whuni-, 
they beg |>roleclion Hgaliibt tlie boriii of ^gy|itu!). 

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oLrr^g S* aj3ij<r<ro* TriXayog ow ftaX* euTropov 

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(TTaQgjf TT^o T£i;^ea>v " 8<a /tAa;^i)5 ^f eo reXowj, 
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"Ojwcay S' ai^ciyxr^ Zrivog al^iTtrQut x&rov 
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X^ fiht irarep yepats rajTcS* 7rap$ivcom , 
x7i,a3ou$ *" y« rmrtiug alvj'* £i/ ayxaXai^ XaB^v, 
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^vfATTSfAi^ov, tog civ T(ov ToXi«"irou;^»v d«MV 
^ vpovao:jg xa) ^ ;roXi<r<roti;^ttiv ihpag 
Efjp(u{xiv, oLfr^CLXua S' -^ 3t' a<mag 




441 n 

a'Tel)^otj«rt' fw^^^j; jS* * otf^ o/jtoVroXo^ "* ^ua-ig' 


NeThog yap oit^ o^ioioy ^Jva.)^w yipog 


rpi^it. 0u?itt§ai, jui) ^patrog rixr, ^060 V 


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Kai 8t) <r<p£ Xf*Va>, *;^«'f) xaJ Xoyojf triBsv. 







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2^ xa) T^sywv eo^patvi xai irpotfrcrwv * (^psvot^ 


Anul. Gr. Mttj. 


442 - iESCHYLUS. 

'AmC ** ooTi Zapoy ^povov spyifjiuxret Tran}^ 
*Eyto 8fi \oioitg (r\>yxa>Jhv ry^mpUng, 
* Trsttro) TO HttivoVf w§ av lufXEvig Ti$S>, 
Ka) <rlv hZa^to Trarspoit '^ Tola, ;^^*) Xeyfiy. 
IIpii$ raura fiiixve, xa\ Beoug ey^fatpiwig 
>.iraTff Trapatrou, rtuy er' tpoog i^gi Tu;^e7v. 
*Eya} Se Tawra Tr^i^ryj^fo*' £^eu(^oftot*' 

Danaus slates (o liis daughters tUe unaoiaiily of the people in the 
decree iii iheir favor. 


0apfTiit€t •TTOu^tg' fiS rk tSov ly^mptayv. 
'^tJj!*01I M^'iKTOLt TTttl'TiXl] ^jj^iVjxaTa. 


* eje g(7r« S* if/Jt-Tif, xoT xsxupwrat riKog' 
Stjjmu x^aroutra ;^Ei^ on*ot ?rX>]du£Tai. 

*£8o5fV ^ApyeiQitriv tu ^n^nppnTfwg, 
'KCtyZvifxta yap X^P^^ Ss^icui/ujutd/j 

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^ptj^ev alSrip^ TovSff xpatvovrtov XoyoV 
tJjluxj jtiSTOixfiTv ^ T5]<rSs ySjff fXey^l^ouj:* 
' xoipffJia-iafTrwg^ ' §u»' t* a<ruXia ^pfirtov' 
xot) fJLYiT evoixwv iL-f^r eTTT^XuSaii^ rtva 
oiyitv" "" eav S^ ir^offTi^j) to xaprepoVf 
TOJ> ftT) 3o7)fi;{<ravTa tcovSs " yafMOptov 
ari{j.ov that f uv <^y75 " SrjjttTjXarcti. 
TojdtvS* iTTH^t pri<rty afj.<p* tJ/muv Xeywf 
dtva^ XlBTvotxrySiiVj tx£(rtot/ Jlilg xotov 


ftcyay ** xpo^mvvav (jut^vot tWoirtv ;^povoy 
xoXtv Ta;^Ovaj" ** ^svixiiv arrtxov d* <3?ju.a 

apL7}^avov ^o'trxTjjtta injju-ojo]^ TffXriv. 
TojauT* axouflji^ J^*^^** *Apyi7og \6a>g 
fxpav * aveu xXijrij^j coj eZv'a* raSf . 



The Ghost of Darius hears from Ills wife Atossa Ihe deilroctioii of the 
army of Xerxes» tiid propheiicalty aiinouncei furlber dmsters. 


Jlipa'at ytpato), * riva 7r&>.i|y TrovaT xovov ; 
*<rTcVfi, xixorrat, xai ^apa<f<rtTai tiSov. 

oixT^utg ' xaXer<rdf jt*** '' So'Ti S* owx swiJoSoi' 
* aXXtog T« 7ra*Ta>f , ;^* oi xarot. ;fOovof QfoJ 
Xa0£Tv afJiiivQus eWlv ij fjn^tivai. 
OfJLwg exiivoig iv6uva<rTS{Kras tyfo 

Ti $* f<rT( Ilipcats veo^jjiiv efi^pl^\$ xaxoi>; 



avTta <pa(r$at, 

*A7JC Iwu Slof 7va\at}iv * oro) (ppsvTyv "^ oLv^itrrctrnUy 
rtov epiSif TiixTpoav yspaia ^uvvaix\ euysv)$ ^ui/aji, 

Tii^ov' " oLvGiptiiTsia 8' av toi xij/tar ai» tu;^«» ^^otoTj^'. 

*^Jl ^tparaiv wavrtov uirsptT-^^mv ti'h^fiV sutu;^?? 7roT/tta>> 

^Urav euatoiva ^ niptraag, <ti§ ^ehgt ^ii^yaysg, 

xai/Ta yag, jJaps7*, axn^fnt ^vBov ev j^pa^sl ^povm^— 
haTewopBrjTat ra Ihptrihv 7rpaypLa^\ "" ttij' eiTrerv ffTro^. 


Tivi rpofrto ; Xoijaou rtg ^7<$e axT)irrog, ^ (rTa<ng ffoXfi ; 



n*iKfittttiiC, «>V «»i.<5' '/l^rv«i? irnc vfifitFiPi. 

inr.'rrti trrnnTr . 


* titles ig vaxtTTfg Sf xf i^av tijvS* ifAwpaviv raXag ; 

*AfJt,^oTtpa' ' 3irXouv fUrtoTov ijv ovnTv o-r^arf ujKaroiv* 

** Afi3;|^awii7y tl^io^tv ' "^XXijf itop^fjutvy totrT^ '>t"^ Topw. 


Ka\ To^ ^ e^ixpa^tv, mtrn ^ Botrxopov ' xXfttrai fiiyav ; 

4»sti' fAsyag rtg ?7^d> haifuov, fotrrt fx.^ ^pwuv »aXco^# 

*ilg lOsTy ** r^Xo; wa^eff'Tii' oTov r^vwrt¥ xaKoy. 

Ka\ ^ rl ^ xpa^eurtw auro7$ aS* •Titf'rfya{rrf ; 


JNauTixog (rrparlg xaxtoOug xi^ov coXfO'ff (rr^otroy. 


** Ilpog TOO* oiV J^oua-coy ft^y a<rru Toy xcyay$^*ay orivf 1. 


il Toirof "^ xfii^^ ap(OYi\s xaxtxwpiag vrparw, 


BaxTpiwv S' ippti xavM\r,g S^fto^, * ou^i Tt$ yipcav. 




If a . k <^ 

MovuZoL ^g Ssp^riv g^i]jaoV ^a<rtv oii Tro^Xtov jusra — 

" /Ju>^ Tff S?3 xai TTO? TeXeurac ; ttrrt Ttg ira>T>jp/a ; 


Nut' * Xoyof x^aTsT (ra^iy^vYjV* toj^s y owx l»i (rTa<r<f. 


* aXX*i orav (ttcvjcj^ n^ auro^', ^m ^sfi^ ^ums'Terai. 
iVuv KaxiZv eoiHS i^Tfyri iratriv " ei^i^orfia* <Jii'Xo*f . 
Hals S' g/*os Ta5' ou xarfiSuiv ^jvuffsy vho ^patra, 
SoTTiff 'ExX-ijA-ffowroy I|?ov, SoyXoy w^-, "" 3f (rft(ofta<rtv 
:^X7r*(rs <r;^i3<reM«, *" piavra UotTTropof ^o^v flsol/, 
xct^ Tfapov '^ ftsreppu^fxii^et xai ';rs6a*i' (T^uffTjXaTO/f 
TTs^j^aXeov, 3ToXX>}K jelXsii^&v T^vuffsv ttoXXu) orpaTw, 

xai riotru^SvQS xpartiiTiiv. ' IIpls ra^ ow nxrof ^psvvav 
ilx^s TaTS' 6ju.o'y ; AsBoixa jui) iroX^ ttXoutoi/ ^ tto'voj 
oufi^^ *' avSpciiirois yswirai ' tow ^Ba^ravras oLpTcayri . 

TauT«, To7g ^ xuKoig o^a»X«]!v avS^atr**', SiSao-xgrai 
$(iupio$ SipS''^S' ^ Xfyouo"* h\ tog cru ju-ey ftlyav rixvoig 
^rXouTotf exri5<rto ^uc ai;^ju,T!J» tov 6* afafSitaj uto 
'IvSov ai)(^{xa.^siv, TraTptSov S' oX3of oio^i' otu^av-iv, 
ToiaiS* e$ avSpoji^ oi/si'Stj jroXXaxi^ xywwv xaxtvv, 
T^v5' e^ouXsw^sv xfXsy^oi/, xa) (rrpoLTiuix s^^ *£XXaOa. 



Tuyap tr^iv §pyw $^r\v i^stpyaa-fthoy 

e^ oyyf Tija>/v ^Tev^ ava^ ti^vS* afrraixiv, 

rdysTv, i)^ovra trxrivrpov iduvr^^ioy. 

" iU^Jo^ ya^ »Jy Trp(oTog ^fytfjuov " crr^arott' 

•^ cxXXoff 3* ixelvm xaTf '^ too g;>yov •i]vu<rt, 

' ^pi^t$ yap auTotJ Suaov u>axo<rT^o^oov. 

TjSiToj 3' ctTT fliwrou Ku^oj, iu^oLiiLtoy otyy^pt 

ao^ASf i^TQXt Traa-tv ilpr^vr^v ^iTiUtg' 

yluStov Z'k XaciV xai tf^p'jyuiv 6xrr^<raTo, 

*Iwylav n TToitTav ' ^?va<rev 3'V 

fieoj yti^ owx ?;^5>jpsv, ' <oj iw^;>a)y t^^t. 

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Kdym jrotXoy t* exvptrat rotjirtp jjdt Xov, 
xajreoT^arsu^ra ttoXXoc crwv ttoXXiij trTpaToi' 
d\W ou xaxov Ttxrov^i Tpatri^oKav toX«i. 

xoKi p.v7ifi.ovi(ni Ta$ ifxas ' €XtrTo\ds. 
Eu yap (ra<fttos to8* Ttrr', sfxoi ^uvr^Xtxsi;, 
aitavng i^fXiiSt 0*5 xparri raS* ttrxotxtv, 

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%oyeov TfXfuTT/v ; ' xuJ^' av sx rourcoi' iti 
T^a(r<roi/A9V cu^ apiina, Tliptnxog ^tmg ; 




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CTfarls KupritTit vfurrifjmu frcurr^pias. 


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^ ^spS. Tov *'JBX>.if3ff irapQpifiv Euprnfrr^s ^^^ 5 


Uaupat ye ' roXXfov, if Tt wtfTTsua-at Sitov 
j^gT) fiec^aTOKrii/, elg Tct vtiv vejrpayixEva 
^Xe-^/avra* "" tru^^alvsi yap ou ra jm^v, Tat 5' ou, 
" KstTfip TaS' effxJ, ttX^/O^ exxptrov a-rpaTov 
XeiVsi, xsvotr^xn/ eATr/triy TTiTnto-piSvos, 
MiftvuitTi h\ §vBa irt^tov *A(rmTo§ poatg 
aphsif (p/Xov " TTtaa-fxa Bqkotwv ^^ovt' 
ou or^tv xotxcuv u^utt iff'ap.pi.eyn Tra^cTv, 
v^petog aTTtm/a xaBscov <JJf ovr^jaaTfof* 
c1, yij* fxaXovTsg 'E7^Xa^\ ou 6eaJv ^pirvi 
Til^QUVTo (TitTiav, (iuh\ infs.Trpa.vai vews' 
jScujUOf S' ct*VTO», Sai^oVoiv &' i5^0||U,aTa 
vpoftpt^a (piS/sSijv k^avtirrpaTtroii ^a^putv, 
Totyap '' xaxttJj hpa(ravTsg^ ' o-jx £Xa(r<ro>'Oi 
7ra(r;^oiierf, ra ^^ {xiT^T^fii/trif xou^iirco xaxSw 
' x^TTtj u^rstrTiv, aXV ct* sxTiSusrai* 
TOiTOj 7ac> s*rrat -jriT^avog ai ixaroTTayifig 
* vpog ^^i* llT^aTamv J too lOog >»oy)^r,g uiru' 


Ohstf Z\ ¥ixf0wv Kal rpirocirof>tt) yivsi 
' a^tova ciifiavolutny,a(nv fipcrtvVy 

"X^piS yap s^av^oijtr^ exapirtvtrt (ttu^uv 

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fxifA,vri<r^' 'A^i^vaiv '£XXa5o5 re, ftijSf ti^ 

oTrep^povrja-as Toy xapovra Sai^ova, 
aXXwv £^<r^€i^, oX^ov ex^hf (xeyav* 
Zsug TOt xoXaoT*}^ T<ov uTrepxortov aiyav 
^povriixaTtov l^stTTiv, ey^uvoj ^ap6$. 
If pig rauT sxBivov, "^ (rto<ppoviTv xt^pr^ixivov, 
' jrtvufTXfT euTioyrtttrt wow^srr'^aTi 
X5}Ja< 5goiSXa0owv6' uiripxoTio S^artt, 
So 5', to yspaia (J^riTep tJ Sip^fjv ^/Xij, 



eXOouer 6^' olxou^', xofTfiov ' o<Tri$ e^Tpiri)^ 

Xa0oD<r', uiravria^s xai^a' irdura yap 

xaxa>v uv ot\ya\i$ Xax«8sj a^a^l * irtofjiart t^ 

aTTifioppayouiTi ttoix/xojv sor5i}/iarr«». 

'yiXX* awTOv £u^^oya>^ <ru * Trpaiiv*iv Xoyoi^-' 

^Eycv S* aTfi/x* 7% w't^ ^o'^ov xarto* 
ujuei^- 8i, T^£<rjS«*j, "^ ^aiptT ev xaxoTg cfuitg, 
' 4f ;^ OiSovre^' ijOovTjy xa6' rlfxtpavr 
*a»5 ToTy davAuri xpyifAar oohlv oi^fXtr. 

*// JToXXa xai irapivra xoCi juteXXovr' en 
^^Xyijor' fixo()(Ta<i ^ ^ap^apottrt TrrJ^Ltara. 

Vl SaT/Jtov, toj' /AS JToXX' i<rip)(iTai xaxa 
aXyij, /MaX<0-ra 3* iJSf o-o/A<po^a Setxvff, 
UTtixiotv yi Ta«3of a/x^i cruiixari 
Mr^fjidrwv xXvou<rav, ^ viv aft7rs;i^«<. 
*ylXX* f7ju,i, xaS "Ka^dutroL xoV/xov ^x So/xiov 

Anal. Gr. Maj. 3 L 



Orestes makfs liiioself known to Elcctra, and declares bis obligations to 
revenge his Father's death. 

i^X^S swayyeXXooo-a, Tuy;^ayffii' xaXco^. 


^ *EiFt) ^ ri vtiv * f xari Saif&oWy xu^ ; 


" Ka) riva trCvonrBa fMi xaXou/xEvi] ^porvov ; 

Huvoi^ *Op&rTr^¥ ToXXa «■' exTayXoujtAeyTjy. 


Ka) ** vpog ri S^ra Tuy;^ava> xarsuyixarmv ; 

Ud Eijttr '^ jK^ fJMTtv e/tou fcaXXov ^iXov. 


*^XX* ^ $oXov riv\ CO ^iv*, afi.<pi fJMi 9rXcx£i^'. 


Autos xar aurou *• rSipa yir^x^^^PP^^^' 


'AfOC sv xaxoio't To7|f e^xoTj* yeXaw deXeij ; 




Kav roT^ (/xoTi? Sp*, ttirtp ev yi roTfrt a-aTs. 

' *ilg ovT* ^OpiiTTr^v raZt v lym xpoaivviirw ; 

* AMv fikv oZv bp&va * hu^-fxaBtis «f<-^' 
" xoupoLv 8* IhmkroL r^y$c * xijSf /ou rpiX'^ 
travrr^S a$f7i<pou ^ufJLfjJrpor} t<o o'm xapa, 
Ijf^voa'xoxoutra t ev (rrt^oKn toTj i/Ao7|p, 
^ a¥§irT§pto&ris, xaZoxttg op&¥ efxi. 
Sxtr^fatf * TOfifi irpo<r&g7(ra 3^T^o;^oy Tp^X^S* 

' 0'Tadi]^ Tf TXvjyai^, «i^ $i * Br^ptatv ypa<^rjv, 
Evhop ytvoti' X'^P^ ^^ f^^ '^^^o^yftS <Pp*vas' 
Tou; ^iXraroti^ yoLp o73a my ovra^ xtxpoug. 


*I2 ^I'XraTov /uiXij/ia dco/ctatriy rar^^, 
'^ $ax^ro^ eXn-}^ (nri ^jxaro^ (rany^plw, 
** aXx^ TfToiflcof Scof*.* ovoxr^o-f i irarpog. 
^n TtpTvw ovofJtMf • ritrtrapag yunlpag e;^oi» 

iraripoi rt, xa) * to ftijr^^v ^^^ ^c f^o< pint 
fTTspyriBqov, — ij 8i xai^txwg «;^fiaigfTai — 
xa2 '' rrig Todi/Imjj vijXfco; Ofjuoa-Tropou' 
vitTTog S* aScX^oif il<''d\ 'fu>} ai^ag ipeptav, 
Afovoy Kparog re, xat ^/xij, $uv rco r^irco, 
xavrmv fMyiVrcp, Zijv), ©"uyyiyoiTo /Jtoi. 

Zfo, Zfu, dfoipo; TcuvSc TpayfJMTOoy ytvou, 
78ow S^ yivvav loyiy ' acroO Tar^o^y 
^ davovroj i v "^ ?rXixTaT<ri xai trvupdfiaa't 
huvrig ix^^^S' Tow^ 8* avmp^anfffkiwug 
VTivrig xti^tt Xijtto;* ov ya^ ' svrfXr^; 



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The Chorus pity the suflferings of Prometheus. lo makes ber a|>|>ear- 
ance, aod bewails hrr fate. 


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iorari yafJLtov, on rav ofWTa- 
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Jia^pwruTog ^\$w, "Hpag 


ProQielljeui, tliough tlirticiteLied ivitlt condign vengeance, resolves lo 
coulitiue his hoatilil^ to Jove. And the Chorus of Nyiujilja profess 
their determinutioi] to remain ivtrli him. The ik-ments are llirowa 
iato confusion around itKti). 

"* oS* e&mii^iv, IJatF^stv 8^ xaxto^ 

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^iiff/. Gr. /l/ff/. 



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$er)^a|iMM'ai ral^ ro5$f, roTto¥ 
ftrra vm j^mpttr en r^v^ &oib$* 

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rrvEujuLQcra TravToiv, f i^ ctXXTjXa 
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^TtTOL^axrat S! al^p rorro). 

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ivopag pj tog txhtHa xavx*^* 


The Chorus hear the souDd of the Argive army, and invoke tlie u- 
sistaoGe of the gods in the cause of Thebes. 


Opoufjim ^ofitp^ fuy&TC ixjl' 

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turpsxTig, M TToXiv " Zimxeav* 
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Bi&¥ 4 Btav ; 

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Xo/xsv ayaTTOvoi ; 




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'^ jreVXtov xa* vrs^itov tot*, e! ju,^ vov, a/tt- 


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^opCtrerats trayaTg ' w^Xaig e^So/xa* j 
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fivtla-Tcpss sere /xoi. 



A Scene belwccn Ptutus, Cliremylus and Iiis scrvsnt Cario. 

"^Slg apyaT^iOif TTfayju.* s<rTi»', ai Ziu xa) Ago), 
SouXov yevstr^ai 7rapa^povQuvTQ$ ^utttotou. 
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IxsTt^etv avayxi] rlv OspotTrovra " rwif xaxvav" 
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xpanTv ^aip,mVt ' aXXa tov eaivr}^£vov. 
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fLSfju^iv ^txaiav jUGjcitpojuiati raurr/V, on 

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arm ^liva.vTrja'atfJii Trpmrov s^iuiVj 


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aXA tis iTepov Tt lAitiyiiy. Hv 6 vifjuv (ppoL(rj) 
o<rrif iror iiTT^v ouroff), xal rou X^P*^ 
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xaxoy Ti ft* •* ipyaa-t(r$t xwx i.^rjo'STW, 


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Anal, Gr. My, 3 N 



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irudoiT av, iisirpi^ii lit, 


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01JJK, syw. 

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aiFavTOL Ta> irXeurfiV ya^ fcd* ww^xoa. 


^Eytoyi rot Zta fKtxpoy apyoplhiov 


Scene between Stnpsiades, bis son Phidippides, «nd his servant, and a 
Disciple of Socrates. 


*r \ * \ 

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oTToVoij' (J^ps/Xo), xai 'Koyia-tvfjiOLi tou^' toxow^. 
0ff^* ^cD, Tt' o^f/Xo> ; ^mSfxot ftvag IIoKrtoi* 

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or en-piotfiY^v ' tov xoTrrar iolv. Otfxm raXaj, 


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"Eatrw, " CO Saijuovie, nara^apQuv ti |ur. 


2ih S* otiv xa^eoSe* ra Ss ;f^sa rayr i<r^* on 

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Oi ft^v 5^a> 7* (mV "" o^oj :?v, aXX' * Ifnra^a, 
'Eyto i* a¥ aiitr, ^ QotftaTtov ^eixvvs To5i 
Tpo^atrty f^a(rxo>, ^fl yuvat, x/ai^ ffTra^dg. 


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0«u^ iX^j ifa xXaY,j\ 





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ffxot Tt 8r^ xa] rfi yuvaix] raya^"' 

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SoLv^tiFTTov ij Xapimrov ^ KaXXiTjr»Si)V' 
fyau S^ row TTaiTTrct} ViflsjU.Tjv 0fiSa>v«'^r^v. 
Tm^ ftiv o5v ' iKpivo[xs^'' «Tt« t«5 ;^^ovm 

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JJtof S^t' av ^5((rT* airoi/ iTsyeipatfJn ; iraij ; 

(» to varep; 

IMU Tl iO-TiV ^ 

Anal. Gr. My. 



Ems juioi, (pi'Kus i^i ; 






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xal /xavdav' exfloiv 'av eyto wapaiviirm, 




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Uptti. Tt <njy TOUT fiffTiV ETSov, CO jraTr^; 

^"iJt"**' ^^^^V TWT £<TT* ^povTurrriptfiV. 
^EvraW ecojxouo** ai'Spff, o*! *' tov tthpavav 
T^iyTiVTiS otvaTreiBoua-tv tog tfrriv Trwtysuf, 
HOLtTTiv wep) ^Jjutdti' ouTO^, rlixsis ^ oivSpaxsg, 
Ourot 6i<>aff-xou<r*, ^ a^yopiov r^v Ttff 8«8tt)i, 
■ X«yovTa vixav xaJ dixaia xdcSixa. 




Oux oTS* axpt^iog rouyo/uia* 
^ [/Ltptixvo^poviVTal xaXoi ri lea/a^oi . 

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'^ coy 6 xaxohaifKov Xtuxparr^g xoti ' Xoci^f^coy. 

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'^XX' f f ri x^$fi rcov warpmmv aX^ircov, 
' Touraiy ytvou ftoi, ■ o-jj^ao-a/ayo; t^v ijnrix^y. 

Oux av jxfl^ roy Jiovuvov, tl SoAj; 71 /ttoi 
Tou; ** ^ao-iayou; ou^ rpi^u Ageoyopag, 

/9*, ayri^oXo) tr*, cS ^iXrar* av9p»irm¥ f/xo2, 
eXdcoy SiSacrxou. 

Koi) t/ 0*01 luxBria-ofMiLt ; 

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Toy xptirrov, " o<rTij fO-T), xa) riy ^rroya. 
TouTOiy tIv irtpw To7y Xo/oty, roy igrroya, 
" yixay Xiyoyra ^^acri raZixwrtpa* 
*Hv oSy [laQrfi /xoi Toy a$fxoy ToOroy Xoyoy, 
a vuv o^eiXoi Sia ci, rouToiy Tcoy XP'^^ 
oux ay aTo$o/i]y ouS* ay oj3oXoy ouSeyt. 


Oux a¥ 9ridotfbi}y* eu yo^p av TXanjy iSciir 
"" Tou; IxvietSt ^ tI XP^V^ htetxixvanrijJvfiS, 


** Oux apa fJLoL rr^v J^fMjrpa TcSy y i[JLtoif ^$fi, 


*i4XX* * owS* eycw fJisvTOt iri<rcov yi xfiiVojxai* 
aXX' fit^afxtvas roXtriy d«o<^ ' 8(^a^oju.dt4 
auTo^, ^aSi^roy «If to ^povncTiipiav. 
nStg tZv yipmv wu x<iTjX^Vji*a>v xa\ ^pa^xff 
7.oywv axpi^iov ^ 9';^ivSaXdtju.ou; jmadfio-ojxaf ; 
iTTjTgov* * Ti TaDr f;fa)y * (rrpayyiwiiMi, 

^ Ba'hT^ sy xopaxag' rig sad" 6 xoil'aj tij*' 6upai> ; 


4>'eihuvos olog XTpe^td^t}s " KixuvvQ^ev* 


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a7riptfx,tpift,v(»s r^v fly^a*' XiXdtxrixa^, 

jyuyyytofl* jctoi* tijXcu ya^ oixit> ^ twv aypwv, 
*A'KK' UTck fJLdt TO vpdyfxci rf^if^rifx^Xca^svov, 



Aiyi vuv f/tol dappiov' eyd) yap ourtKrl 
ifxat fxa$y^77is e*V ^^ <Jlpof rurTijpioy* 

1(1 ..s 



*" *Avri^tT apTi Xatpt^Srra ^WHparir^g 

Saxouo-a yap rou Xoupt^tSfTOf r^y o^^uv 

IIcos S^Ta TOUT* ifJiirpT^i ; 


Kijpoy SiaT^^a;, flra r^v if'^XXay XajBcov 
eyf^ot^f y <i$ T^y xij^oy aurif^s rto iro^t, 
^ xaroL >|/uyf i(ni] vtpii^wratv irtp<rixai. 
TauTag uToXuiTfli; avtfASTpn to j^mpiov, 


*n Ztu jSao'iXfO, ^ r% Xfirr^njTo^ rcoy ^ptveov. 


Scene between .£acu8 and his senraot Xaotbias. The Chorus taveigb 
against the style of ^chylus and Euripides. 


''n ^l^* "AwoWw, ^ ififia^i ftoi ri^p Sf $iay, 
xa) $o; xuo-ai, "* xauT^^ xutrov, xai f»/ii ^patrw 
" vpls Jtos, OS " "^fjuiv icrh o/toftao-Tiyia^, 
rig oZtos oiiySoy co'Ti Bopu^ ;|^* 0o^ 
;i^co XofSopij(r/Ao; ; 

Al^xyTiou xEupiiri^u* 


npoiyfixit •* iFpayfia fjJya xsxi'vijTai, [leya, 

•> 'Ex Tou ; 

Nofins Tf^ evdocS* fio-r) xilfj^evog 
' aT^ Ttt>y Tf;^vcui', oo-ai fieyaXai xai Ss^ial, 
Tov aptcToy J(i>Ta rcoy lauroS o-uvrlj^vcov, 
' o'mjo'iv aurby ey xp/inavtlio Xa/tt^avciv, 
d^yov Tf * TOU UXovTotyo^ ^$^f • 


irepos Tig aurw' roVi 8^ irctpa^eopsTv " ehet. 


Tl S^ra TouTi TiOo^ujSijxfy ilifl-;^uXov ; 

*Ext7vog it^e rlv rpaym^ixw Qpimif, 
€0$ (0¥ xpaTiVTog T^v rsj^mjy. 


" iVby) 8^ T«V > 
"Ort ^ xarr^iQ* JSwgi3r/^j, ' JT«8«»xyoT0 
To7|; XoiroSurai; xa) roio-i j3aXayrii]ro)tAoi; 
xotS roTo-i TrarpaTioiaiO'i xai roi^oopu^otSt 
^ oTc^ ecrr* f y ^TSou srXijdo;' o! S* axpowfuvot 
Ttt>y ' ayriXoyi&y xa2 * Xu/io-fuuy xai ** crpo^iov 
itwipsiKavv^vav, xaviynvav o-o^coraroy. 


KaxtiT €Tap&i)s ayrfXa0fro rou Bpovw, 



Ma JPf aXX* o S>]/to^ ** avf0oa Kpiviv vomy 

OXOTtpOf till T^V rix^V (TO^tOTtptt^. 


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iV^ <jr, 'oupaviop y oerov. 


* *OXiyoy T^ ;^r^o'Tov fo-Tiv» ma-irtp ** iv^a^t. 


Ti Sijd* 6 17Xoura)y $f ^i' irapacrxtval^tTm, 


* *Ay&va TronXv aurlxa fuxXa xal xplviv 
xa\ty](Q¥ uutS>9 ttis ri-xyr^g, 


K&irttTa x&s 

ou xa\ Xo^oxTiirfS ^ avTffXa^cre ro5 Bpovw ; 


Ma jr oux ixtlvog, aXX* f xu0-f /tA^y ^io';^uXov, 
orr 3^ xarijxdff ** xavi^aXf r^y $f ^ic^y, 
xoxfTvo; urixofpyio-iv avrS rou Bpomxt, 
"* ATuv) S' ** ejC4f XXf y, coV i<pij ° £XtiSi]/EAi%, 
"^fS^of xa^§h7(rQat* xav fkkv AWj^vlhjug xparjlf 

^t^giv xara X^9^*' '' ^^ l""^* ^*P^ ^^ ^^X*^^ 
Siaywyititrd' i^ao-xi icp^s 7* Ebpixi^r^M. 


480 AB1ST0PHAME6. 


Nil Alt oX(7oyu«-r.ff^«p« 
'' KoLvraZ^a 8^ ra. Znv^ xinfir^ctTai' 
xai ykp ' raXavra) /iouflrix^ vra^yi.ria'srai, 

TV Si ; • [ji.ttayayyi^arwfn rr^v rpaytv^Cav ; 


Ka} * xavovag i^olcwrt xa\ vri^ng einov, , 

xa) Stajuirgou^ xa} o-^^va^' 6 ykp Evpivl^Y,g 
' xar* mj ^aa-avnTv ^ijo-1 rc^f rgaycoS/a^ 


^H xou ^apicog oTjDUXi rov Altr^^uT^ov ^Bpttv. 


Efi7<8^i yotiv Ta\}prfiov iynu^ag xareu. 


Kpi¥t7 8i 8^ T«V TttSra ; 

Tour ijy Su^xoXoy* 
(To^^eav yap avhp&v airopiav ' ibptcxirr^v, 
OuTt yap *ABT^vaioKn ^ (ruvcjSaiv* >4I(r;^oXo^ — 


■ iJoXXou^ linos evofju^t rovs rot^wp6)(^aus — 


* AripQ¥ rt t5xX* T^yiTro rou yv&vai -xipi 
(p6(rtis TToiijrcov. E^ra ^ t<5 inn dso-jrorv) 
wjFBTpe^av, oTiri r%s Tf;(jvij5 sfKirnpog ^v. 
'ilXX* tl(ri(0[ieVf tog, Srav y '^ oi Sfo-Trorai 
fO'TouSaxoxri, xXau/' ij/aTv yiyyurai, 


** *H «-ou Sf ivov * epi^ptfjLgTas ;^oXoy rvSodsf «|ffi, 
ifvix* ' av o^uXaXov Tf^ T^y * fl^yovTOf oSovraj 

FKOBf THE PR008. ^t 

"Evrai V ** iTToXo^euy rf Ti^mf ico^ai«Xa mixi}, 
' o*;^ivSaXajtAa>i> rn vapa^ovia -* 0-/xiXiojCMtTa r lf^»y 

ptjlkab* ' iVn-ojSafieya. 
" ^pl^ag S* auroxojLbOu Xo^ide^* Xatriau;^! ya ^alrav, 

'' "Ev^w 8^ ' «-TOjuaTow^oj, fTtov ^atraviarrpia, XiVinj 
yXaio'a'* ' aviXKrtrofi.ivTif * ^flovs^yj xtvova-a ;^aX/voL^, 
" pr^fKara haiofxevrjf " xaTaXeTTToXoyijVfi 
" xXiUfjiovfov TToXuv irovov. 

Scene between Bacchus, Ascliykis, Euripides, anil the Ctiorus. 

Oux ay ' [isSstfjLviv ro5 dgovou, ju,^ yooSsret' 
xpeiTToov yap etval <P>3ft« toutoo t^v ri^vriv. 


AWj^uT^t, Ti (riydg ; ^ aierSavsi yap row Xoyou. 

'*Axoa'SfAvuvt7rai xpibTov, axep exa<rroTt 
ev TOLis Tpaytphtat<nv STepareueTo. 


' '/2 Sai/ttovi* avSpcoy, ft^ /xiyaXa Xiay Xeys. 

*Ey<o^ rourov xai hi<rxtfxfiou TraXai, 
civQptoxov ** aypiOToiov, auda$<^<rro/to*, 
e;^ovT* a;^aX<vov axpaT^y *^ aTruXrorov (rrofioLt 
'^ aTcpiXaXijToy, xof/Lxo^paxelKoppi^fiova. 

Anal. Gr. Maj. 3 P 




* "^Xijflsf, oj Trai Trig aftQu^aiag Qeou ; 
xai * vTto^QTTtnl xal /?axio<ru^/5aTTaoij ; 

xat /*»} ' T^o^ o^T^y er?rXay;^i'a ^e^fxrivris xona. 



* "Apv, apva fieTiatvav iraT^sg e^eviyxotre' 
TU(pu)^ yap Bx^alvnv Tapa<rx6t>a^srai. 

"/I Kpr^Ttxag [M.iv (rvT^xiytov fMovioZiagy 

■" yafjioug o' 6ivo<rUu§ sWtpspmv " ag TrjV Tsp^vijy. 

" *Airo rmv ;^aXo(^<uv S", co Trovijp* Eupiiri^Tif 

dirayi (rsoLutou gXTToSojy, s! awippovelg, 

7va jc*^» ^ x6C^ocA{:(i'tt) rov xpLra^nv (Td'j pr^fjtMTi 

Bivwv uir* ^py^Si '' ^'^^^'75 "^0** TV^X£C{>ov. 

2,u OS ftTj Ttpog opyiiv, Attr^uA , aAAa Trpaavfog 

*s\ey)^, Ixiyj^Qij' ' Xoi8o^£?(r9ai 8' ou wpiirst 

av^png xofijTaj mtTVip apTOTTtoKiZag. 

" J^u S' fiwiSuj' ms-wip wp'ivog gfx7rp>3<rQei^ ^oaff* 

MTf^tftog elfJL tycoySy xoux ava^uo/jiout 

* ^axvsiv, 8axvs(r9a< TTporepog, s] roor«> SoxsT, 
rajrij, ra jUsXtj, rot vsupot Trig Tpayoiliag. 

• A'ati V7) J[(a * Tov llTiXect yt xa) rov *'llfoJ\.ov 
xo(< Tov Me'hiaypay, xari /xccXa tow TiiAsipay. 

FROM THE FR008. 488 


oux gj fen^v yap Itrriv aywv vtpy. 


T/ hot ; 

TouToj $5 <r\jvTeBvr,Hi¥, (o4r& t^ti \iytiv, 
'*Oixeo$ S*, ereiSig (roi 3oxs7, S^v raura ;^/^. 

/^< vuv Xi3aycuroy SfDpo Ti$ Ka) vup horco, 
oxtog av slj^ * xpo rS>v ero^KTfJMTtov, 
aytbva xpiinti rov^s ' fjuoutrtxeoTHLTa' 
** ufuTs hi Totg Moutratg ti filXo^ " uTflio-oirf . 


^n ^thg ivPiO' TrapBfvot ayva] 
Moti(raiy KtyrrtTiOyous ^uvsta^; (^pivag a) xa^part 
avhp&v ** yvafJMTinrtav, orav iig tptv o^uftaplfjiwtitg 
eXOann <rTp«|3XoT(ri ira'KaifryLaa'tv avriXoyouvTf^} 

Sffivoraroiy (rro/taToiy xopierao'Bat 
pTJfjMTa xflt} TrapaTpitTfAar ivStv, 

Nvv yap ay€0¥ <ro^iag 
oSf fJi-iyctg ^ ^wpe7 xf^ tpyov ^$i]. 

£u;^ff0'de 8^ xai o-^co ri, ' xp\y raT^ T^iynp, 


' «7yau fif T<oy (rcoy a^toy fitMrr'tipimv. 





tT§poi yap ilfTiv (t*iTt¥ eu^^dfiai ^soTg. 


^ I^iai Tivsg rrot), xiiixfxa xaivov ; 


Kai ftot'Ka, 



" Al^Tip, €}jlIv ^rWxriixrx, xa.) y^XtuTTris Trpo^ty^, 
xa\ ^itvetrt, xa) " fjt.{ixrrfpsg otr^^owTiJpjoj, 
° ipOibg fjC sT^ey^nv, ouv av oixTWfJUn \oymv, 

Ka) fxr}V ijjttfts 6jr*fil';/xou/utfv 
Trapa <r<a^(n¥ avhpolv axotjo'ai rtva Xoytov 
sfA[M.e7^Siav, '' swi ts SaJav aSo'v. 
"^ rxmtrtra fjikv yap r^yplmraty 

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The city of the Birds^Ceriain Characters represented as birds. 

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yufjLVog r^v ** TrXijyeij ua-* aurow 
w-avTa TaTiSgf <a. 


Tlic opening of the foilowhig scene is thus represented by Miiciiell : 
*' Cleon begins wilh the popular cry, tliat a conspiracy is on foot, 
and the democracy in danger. He remarks the cup from wliicli 
Demosthenes had made his libation. It. was -a cup from Chalcis, 
and consequentty proved that he was stirring op the Chalcidians lo 
revolt. At the sight of his antagonist, the sausage-vender's courage 
forsakes him, and he endeavours to escape : he is brought back how- 
ever to the charge by Demosthenes, who makes a powerful appeal 


to the Kiiiglits, who art' oheJient to the summons. Deranslhrnrs 
turns triumphantly to the sausag«-veiulor, and bids Iiim mark the 
dust which annoniices the approach of the new body of auxiliaries. 
The attack of the Knights commences in a burst of trochaics, the 
common metre for expressing strong emotion on the Oreek stage." 



oTir^ V« Ta> 8>3/A<o ^uvo[xvuTOV TTotXai. 
' Toitr) Ti ^pa TO XaXxf^fXoy wotij^jov ; 
^ Oux sariv orrcog ou XaTiXt^sag ot^iVrarov. 
'ATToT^sTaSoVf a7roSave7(rSQVt a> yuaptoTarm. 


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aXXavTOToiXa ; /x») irpo^wg tol TpayfiaTa, 

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Ilaiisj Trails tov TravoO^yov, xai TOLpa^iWXotTTpoLTOv^ 
xai '" TsXfovr^v, xal (pa^ayya, xai Xa/ju^^'v aoTayijj, 
xal TTOLVoupyoVy xai Travoupyov' 7ro7<Kaxig yap " auT sp<o. 
Ka\ yao ovTog " ^v navoupyog TroXXaxij tSjj T^fxipag. 
'ylXXa xaTe, xai Zttoxe, xa) rapaTTs, xa\ xuxa, 
xai jBSsXwTTOu, •* xa* ya^ T^lJ^ilg, xaTTixsi/xevoj 0<>a* 
guXa^oO Sfi, ju,rj 'x<puyri <ri* xai yag oT5« Tag o5ou^, 
"^ aoTTSp ' EuxpaTtjg t<pioyiv eu6u t<ov xupr^biwv. 

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Mtr^pafjiwv eg to UpuravsioVt ^Tra xaAfv Ix^sT TrXea. 


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xai rsfua^fiSy 'o3 UfpixT^erig oux iJ^jfti^Ji TraiTroTe. 

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^na/. Gr. MaJ. 





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KajLtf , VI} ^io* rowr* t^pace towtov, oStf'Tf * xtti'uyrXiB* 


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' TrptioTtts tov ; * 5* * iTirohdfjLou " T^el^erat BtwjAiVos. 

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eg o-f ^aCtritf xal ' waptKrif ^ ^7^0$ 60-t<i> outo^sv, 

vavrnpyio. t* ual $pa<ru 

xal xo^aXixffu^o'iv. 


The ChorUit vindicate the motivea of the Author, aud pass on lo glale 
certain judicial grievatices under which the elderly men of the day 


* * * *A\W ' a7ro^u¥TBSt rous avaTralfTTnug IfruofAMV, 

* *E^ ow yt ^optn^iv f<^€(m3xev rpuytHo7$ o ZtZaaxaT^bg ij/iwy, 
ouwto '' iTa^«|Bii rrpls to Qtarpov T^i^tovt cog SsJioV ecTi* 

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^ aTTOKpivta-Qat hiTrai vm) -rpKts ^A^rivaiaus /t48ra^ouXowj, 
<p7}<r)v S* fTvai TToXXmi^ ayaSoov atrtog ufMV 6 iroiijT^f, 
7ra(><rcit^ uixag $fv<xoT<ri Xo'yoi^ ^ /ut^ X/av «{aTaTao-fla<, 



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7rapa^Qti$e7^\ tog uir ai^Oft&v ruirrofJLOit ^uvayfxorioif, 


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^ xavo(rvxa^tit; irn^aiv tgij$ uinu^'jvws, trxfjTrtou, 
ocrns auTiov lOfMg ••'"tiv, ^ witrtuvj ij jutj vixtov^ 
xai <rxoirs7$ yij rSiv ToXirtoif otrriff t<rr\v ' afxpoxduv, 
?rXou«rioj» xai jttJj TTovr^pag., xa) rpsfjiotv ra jrpay^otTa* 
xf,v T»v* auTiov yvw$ ' airpayfiov ovra xai xs^,iff'Ta, 
*' xarayaycuv ex X(f>povy}iroUt "^ BiGt\a(6ivv '' Yj-yKw&Kray, 
' irr*, avo(rTpE)^as rov w^ov, aurov £V£xo^if3aco'a^. 


^ SuvsTrlxtta-^ wjoteTj' «y«> h\ m "v^pes^ h* ufxoig rvirTbfjLat, 
Zti * "^eysiv yvtofAr^v ^jxeXT^ov, cog Oixaiov cv iro\ei 
e<rravai jtxvrjjusTov ujuwy lerrlv '' avhplag X^P*^* 


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MXX' ** «av TauTTT) ys vixa, raurr^* 7rsT7aj^€Tai' 
^v h* wTfXxXi'iofj yg Ssti^i, ' T^of fTxsXog xupr^^atret. 


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Kal "" xixpayagt tairsp aU) t>jv woXiv xara^rrps^stg ; 


^ ^v 8* availita irapMjigt *^ T^fxiTepftg o Tropafxoug. 


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Nal |u:a -J/a, xaywys toDtov, on xevjj r-fj HoiXla 


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' Ata^opria-eo a\ it t< yp^^uS' 


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<^fia/. Gr. Maj. 


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' xoLTriopxui -yi * fi'ksirovTtov. 


xai <r% ' ^vd) toTj UpoTaviatpf 

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xal xsx^axra, tou <rou ^pa<rin/g 

x6i<ra ju.£v -^ rXfo^ 

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"* xaTTO rciJf TTiTptov uvco^ev rotts wopoug ^MVvairxoTrutv. 


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xai * Trp)v rlfxipav <popyi<rai, * jUit^ov r^v Suoiv Soj^^ali/. 

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ira^iroTiUv roig ht)pMTai$ xa\ ro7s ^l\Qts Trapatrx^^^^^' 

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iravinipylrt n xal ^poaru 
xal xojBaXixfujuiaflrfv. 


' Uph yap itvm ni^yonr^triv, "moi* h raij efA^^tv, 



The Cliorui» vindicate tlie rootivea of tlie Author, and l>i» on to stale 
certaitt jtiJicial grievBiDces under wbicli the elderly men of Ibe da^ 


ouToi '' vapi^ TTpog TO Bearpov Xsjcov, coV SeJioV eo-rr 
^lajSaXXojxsvo^ §' utt^ rcoy «;^d^cov ev *ASy}val<ns Ta;^u0oijXoi^» 
a>]f xwfAiohti TTiv JTo'XiV I^/JWWJ', xal tov 5i^,aov xa6o/3/>/?<i, 
* aTroHpiviO'&ai htirat vvv) 7rp^>$ '/l^iji/a/ouf ju-sra^ouXowj. 

7rat>tr«g i^^ ^ivixolV* Xo'yoj^ ^ ju,^ Xi'ai' i^axaratrflai, 
/xrjd' ^8«(r5ai fltoyfiwoftfiVow^, ft^T grm* ;^auvo3roX»Va<;. 



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xtnl TO/ a-;r£v8a)i' "ttoAX* sttI jtoXXoT^ ouLVUCty ^ top ^lo^vo'*^, 
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I ' £1, ^ra^eXauvcov Toy^ ai/Ti7raXoyf, t>)V fTi'voiav ^j*sT»i'^S9. 

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fTra i9auju.a^ei ju,* opa>i' '' [xetrov ^utr^riXfOfMAvay, 
-^ T^ €<rTtv ' ij ^frivoict. T5j<r$f t^^ ^cyxsvTf i'^o^. 



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Oi yipavTis oi raXajoi, fiifA<p^fXi<rBa rfi woKn. 
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yijgoj3o<rxowju.iflr5' w<^' ufxtSvf aXXa Siivot ^a<r;^oju.!v, 

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ouStfy oirajr, aXXa xm^ou^', xal Trcc^s^ijoXi^juevooj;, 

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tlra Xu^st, xai Socx^uei, xa2 Tiiyei irplg rcvf <p/Xoi/^^* 

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vuy 8* UTT* av^pfvv noynprnv tr^oZpa. Siaixojmsda, 



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elra ra^yC ^ oftoia vavra v^^i fi7ij^a¥(OfJi.eBa. 
"^ SoXy^tyivres yap xaS* Itf-ftou^, eoa-wipi) rav&pi^puit, 
"" oi fji.\v rifMov, ouxip 'ap^tov, oi hi irap& roxtg "Sv^tHoc, 
Of h* ev *i28fia> $ixa{buo-*' ' oS Zl irp^ To7g rtt^ioig 
' ^uft3ff0oo-/tAfvoi, iruKvlf Vi6ovT§s iig T^v y^iv, ft-oXts, 
eSa-TTSp oi (rxw\v^xt$, * iv rolg xrrrrapoig xivou/xsyoi. 
"Eg re T^v dcXTvijy Siatrav fff-ftiv fWTo^coTaror 
Tavroi ycLp xsvToufisy dtvS^, xaxiropi^ofAiv ^lov. 
*^XXa ya^ ** xij^^yf^ i]/t7y §l(rh iyxa^vifxevot, 
o'jx lf;^ovTf; xivrpov' oi " /xevovrc; ijjuuov rou ^opou 
r^v 70V0V xaTt(r6Uua-tVf ou raXaiTm^oujEUvoi. 
TooTo 8* lerT* aXyiorov ij/tiv, ^v tij afrrpaTeuTog tow 
ex^opfi Tov fif(rdov rif*.£v, Tr^trha rr^s j^^atpag uv§p 
fxr^Ti xtoTTT^y /*'JTf Xoy;^i]i' ftijTf ** ^Xuxratvav Xa3my. 
VlXX* «/Aol $oxc7 ToXoiTov T»» ?roXiT«5i» • ifx^pa^ 
' iffTig oiv ju,^ '';^ TO xivrpov, /ut^ ^spfiw r^irijOoXoir. 



^EiTp.\v )7|Ciff($\ oTj- TTpoimrrt touto '' rwf>pniTrx}yiwt% 
Tcp xoLwym ru^wy ana<ra¥ tyjv TroXif, xa» 9ru^roXa>v, 

era J a»^^ Trap' av^p\ ujt* opyr^^ t^i^ " ;|ffXuk7)V iffOtwy' 

*^XX* o/^ud; (XTKtfO'afifo-da f uy flioT^ xpoj k^Tepot. 

^ r\au^ yap rffirnVf xp\v fxax^cQctt^ Toy (rrparov Si^TTfTo, 

£?Ta 8* s<r7rofJi,HT$oi "^ duyyafo»Tij «I^ too^ Qu'KaHoug' 

o! S* E^psu-^^y^ ra^ yvoiBou^ xa) ra; o^^u; xeyroujuey^* 

wrre ra^a roT^ fiocp^apmo'i jru¥Ta)(otj Ha) yuy tri 

lAtiZlv 'ATTtxdu x(t\i7(rSat tr^rnxos uy^^iXtoTipov. 


^Apa Zttv\s ' i5 T®'^'» <a<rTi * TrdvTa /xij 8«8«*xeyai' 

xal xaTeffT^c^otjaijy ye 
Tou^ evavTiou^t wXstov extT<ri rciTg rpn^psfrtv. 

* Ou yap r^y irifAjy ojra>$ 
prifTiV ffu 7\.i^€ty ijU.eXXojuiffy roV*, owSs 

a\jxo^avTr,<r€iv riv^ 

(PpfiVTis ol7^^ 0$ av sperris 
?<roir* apKTTOs, Totyapouv ToXXaj xoXiij 
Mrfiaty GTiQVTtg, alrtwraroi ^ipi<r$at 

Toy <po^ow 8it/p* fo-/u,)y, " oy 

xXeTTTOuariv o! yewrspot, 

/7oXXa;^ow o*xoTro3yre^ '>5/Aaj, «<f airav&' €up'^<rsT§ 
Toug rpoTTQUg xa) TY^v $/a*ray <r^ij^iy siM^eps<rTaToitg. 
n^wTU ftlv yap oudsy T^ixaiv fa>oy ylpef^fcrfxevoy 
jLAaXXoy o^uSw^o'y ftrTjy, ouSe SuffxoXtore^y* 
yliitf/, Gr. A/tf/. 3 T 










James Bailey 




E. H. Barker 











S. T. Blounifield 

New. . , 

Dr. K. NewtOB 


. Bishop Blumfield 














R. Potter 








The Latii w 



•ion attached «E 



Ponwa'a GlaMa 



Editioti of .^Sf 



loa, which la k 





Mad. Dader 

veraioii otSumkm 













. Duoater 




. Dunnegan 




















Sill. . 

Dr. W. Smitk 


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Florens Clirisliauus 














































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. James Bailey 



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Mad. Dader 



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Dr. R. Newton 




R. Potter 


The Latin Ter- 
Poraon'a Glaagov 
Edition of iiveeby- 
luB, which ia ii 
part or in whole Ch( 
version of Staalry 

Dr. W. Smith 



in % iiit<Ullo »cns<-, like itityfim, i<c, 

■• Wham yuM karinfr etulartd keep tkem 

» TtXnrfiratnot (fi*«v) 'AKudrrto, Iftliic m. Su €?x» tc»rwrr(ni^*t^H below. 
*AAMiTTfM, Attic 'AAvdrrov. ■ TAr cinurinsmn o/ (Ainr s/mvcA. Schw. 

^ 'O ivibs) 'Wvirrtw, imv ttfhfg (koA*) Itepltf.Lu. Drijt of Ihrin- wordt, StKU Per> 
j^Aiwicu' in ««-«. 'Etmvc scenia to l>c govvroed baps tb« unie as /ir(A.o7urM^, •(fwrmluN »» 
by ikva.. 8<&. or Kari. n «ubj«ct. — Hp»o^v*»s, totimtcleiltif, froftfr- 

•" 'En*&HK»ro, *et hita.i(lf u/mh, attacked: ly, or apfiotiUif, 
UT uiidcismnd rrpartif. " The Amiic TArodaiw. — np«MW4irrw- 

<* Tlic object of itbi> consecmliun was to fttfoo . n^Kxr-, rn addUiom (•.* ««•' OIM> 
drtaiu ibe deiiice, and present ibutr dcjiW- irAa{ A* hud before. 
luj-c. •' 2o^(crH|i5, a man tkilttd in art or mince, 

' Thmii$,Thfirralhiiicrrnna, — *Ej^ ftipttj wta not unginally ft term of rc'iiroadi, but 
in liim. betuune mi afterwards from iUe marcnotry 

* Sanu ekargei against iomt, cthera and »ophiMtic«l practices of tin* prafefuon. — 
againal otherM. ( Kori) rauroif j^vor irirp(a»'o¥ i6irrt%, hap- 

t Tfiy ^y. i. e. S,y fiir. Tlic article i» pnied to exift. 
tbui pcrpctunlW put fur ihf relntiTC by Ionic q Tlicy come, om Mcfc evutd come, aa tkry 
writtTB. — Til' depcndd oft aWlas : unleM it found it concenifnt. Schw, Ai tHfy inditi- 
can Ih> goTjTtied by itapk, rx jinrte, on the dually chanced to come. Wyt. Pro aa qnit- 
tide of, m rapavpiaKuv. — Kal ^av^a, rem. ,fttt'. Scliicf. 

•• ni. trAen.— KoT«rr^<J>»^o, hud hem r V„drr the pita of aeeine the teortd, hut 
rtilvced. — Th Mtvr*¥, what fnllitired from in truth in order tfiat . . . Avaat, to abro- 
thi: — Nmii. fais.—'fiwutifttfoi'f lun. for i^. gate. 

So tlie looijiuB a»\A ova otoi rt fur oox. — * Which he had made. Twir by attraction 
2dp5«j, Ionic of 2(ip8<«i. for TOiJt. The expreasion 0tf<r0ai i^f/tavt pro- 

I U thcrt were any late occurrtnct, ■atpi, duccd the words fiwr^Jki and t4^uf* 
in the eoutifry (tf.—'twirov, feminine, curat- ' Were not tuth aa cnald, were nnaltle to 
ry. — Ny IS y6tp. do it, i.e. to nbrogntc the law*.— 'fli*^ i.e. 

1 Suppoting: a coininoa meaning in Uiis oSr. 
writer, • And in fnct alio. — ^fftraupain, treaau- 

^ { What yoa aay, ia good:) for 9k that rie*.~^Bnn<fdfit*'oy, Otaadn. 
Ate. Ai, same a» tl.—'TwoXoBiyra, taking ♦ Aafur <M tutu coNcrRicNf (a him. — :i4a, 
up bi» words.— OWto, rfoiwrfro, whut ia r r«- eai. 

annaltle, ntttural.—'Zirti tt rdx""*. fer » " To denote whal follows, Ilrrudotus 
aiuc*-. T« In tliis construction Rceoi* rllip- most fu«<|ucitlly uses Tii8«, arldom roUUt." 
ttcni. *H b«-fort' ^irrl would lii'om hmir pro- Sto. — ^'HStj, a§ yet* 
p«r!y to b« placed after viai. " /nmihinox 

ifttid pytas, ex quo priiuiHH adificart te con- 
tra te cla**rm audirerunt, exuptare a/ivd, 
nui ut . , ." Scliw. 

PAGE 2. 

I 'hftpdiiMiK (Itrrla), kwing tet anil. It 
abould be prgjwrly iutpantroui. Hcrodtilu* 

PAGE 3. 

» The nanunaiire in Gret-k, »ns«c-i'tg t<i 
xe with an accusative lu Latin. 'L^Tri^aiv 
indeed anawers to iateuur ain^, aeetnimft to 
himneif. — 'Ewfipwra. tuked vpnn Xhia aubject, 

I "Tiri iu comp. cxpreaaca MncfrrAaid. 
Emphyinff the truth. The thing tthick 

thought be bad wntii<n iibove m*/«i( clat it, — 'AvoOwpdaat, arudau/t. — K»ip (cu'r^p), 
wovUt the ialandern hare withed. — Oixfiftiviur for what rcusoit, Froui koI^ is Lai. quia. 
AnuL Gr !Hiii. \ote.<i. a 


[Pp. 4-7, 

• TovTO ftiw — toDto 8^ : oil this arraw»l~> 
and for thia : or fmrlly . . • fnrtlff . . . 

* IV'/nn Iht ctttj iTiM going on ictU. E5 
) i!« to hitcr arrtrvd vrll at any pf/int. 

* When he wan Jlotirishng ni meant, 
(n*p\ for 4ir\) reii fiiou. See the last note. 

«> 'Of tA wdp' 71/iii' (^«rrl). a* tAt»g'l ^-o 
l^i/^ Nf. 

• (Kari) t4 norii — Uporrpitfrvro, i. e. 
(^T»/)€irTBf ) from llif follow-iug iirttpvrvn 
tHftltii him to jurther tfuentitmn. " Aitmo- 
nLihtU him, v\i. to leani to ibiiik mure justly 
of the happinois of in«n." Schw. 

' ['O Kpouros) iicfipwrei, — ^15(»> he had 

B The »tofy which foNowa in Herodotus 
of Cleohik And Biift is htm omictrd, ne it is 
given in tlie Second Grt-ek DelpctuH, p. 

»' yot even. — 'A{/, Jtt tn he weifht*l 
tigaim»t, to he comparrd « ith : from ttytt, 
6^Uf \o weiiih.— Ilov, omvina: S<;lf«. 

' (n<f»/) <rt. — (2«") TfKfVTi^ffaan-a. A par- 
ticiple from the Latin iitCuitive. 

i Than fie who ka» provisiun merely ftr 
the dai/. 

^ ^Exovra sftcr o'l. Awrki' most be sup- 
pupil : unless it hnypens to him that hi ... 

' Hating themsilce* tiunlerately as to 
meanit, having miulerate meanM. 

" Net equally (oiw) wUh the other. 

PAGE 4. 

" See that yow fMiitse. — Kw, ir«*. 

" Betide me ae judge, in my opinion. Or 
4p4p«(T6ai wap' ifioii/nun me: mpa being in 
fftct uoderstooii, Mrbeu the dutivc l>v itself 
has this fceme. 

I' The nRine of a luippy rann. — Kij. iH}, 
by ich'it tPttt), how, it iciU'termiHate. — Tw*- 
8f|aj, vnoStl^at. — 'A»4frpti^, ttie tenst- of 

'I And from Hot hnrinp; made him of any 
acentint. — M«T«lf, huving stt naide. 

"■ 'Clt {l^t<my) cticdvai, <u Ke may conjee- 

* The exactncBS. — AtitpBapro, teas injured 
B* his fitcuUieit. Below wo huve Stt<f>eap- 
fA4vo¥ riiv &tto^v.^~K*e<pht , dumh. Sometimes 
dftf. [t properly memia btunttd, obtu$e, 
frniii Kivreg, K^tcoipa, nktundo. 

' {Ufp\) TO iW-o v.— 'ill ftiroA/crfi, thnt he 
should lore him. 

" And had soliiaqHized, reflected.— "Ayt- 
Tai, gets his son married. — Xp4oprat, xp^o*'- 
Tcu, xpQvrai. 

* i*a\Afiovt, inHermott ehambtrs, femnlt 
apart iH4rHts.—'ivyfyit(Tf, from a-wniv. 

* Thnt \h, T^ iraiSl {(n^i ) oi, 

* (Kpoftfou) S^ )fx">^o» ^i' >f*^^ <*'• "» *"■ 
on kia hands. Xtpal (otfo'ats) o2.-— (Karci) 

PAGE 6. 

y The things cstabHshrd by latr.~-'C 
ir«, 2) &f9p. 

* Sitttn;: at my hearth, aufjtfiant. 

• The son of Sltdaa. — ToitrSt (Xi^ois.) 
*> Schweigha'user justly calln ihi» a an- 
gular modes of speaking fat iv 4tfitr4p^ «f«r> 
Perhaps we 6hould understaiul m (Hf 
aparlmtnts) of our {hottsr). — *Ef (ote) 

c A« digtinguisLed from tfir famoosOlrw* 
put in rbeeaalj. 

** /I jfrtil creature of a boar. 

" Labors in the fields. Virgril : 5^*t« l«ti 

bounique laboirt. — Ilot4t<rtco^^ did ii. Q^ 

atnoZ, inj or from it. — {Karh') rtkos, at last. 

' "Av shows tliiit they con*idere<l the ^. 
linp rid of the bonr as a probability, not t 
certniniy. Sto. 

^ ToBra, i. e. t4 tow yofuyv. 

*' ("Offo*- TrpoOifUns ) &s npo&VfiOTdrotn. 

' Being satisfird teilh tkem mfmrfa. Xfit- 
pat, I usu : iwoxp. I use a thing th or o u fcly^ 
bHve. enough of it. Thus i.irh in ht^nX^ 
ei^ifies cocnp]eienes>, 

J Twy, i. e. irtfjl 5*'.— Ov ^/o^^va^ rr- 

PAGE 6. 

^ 'liifv ir(v' ^>«(.— Tfoiffj, from th« oW 
T«}y, ^ame »» t(i. 

' Toi, (Tw.— n^is &»», IN considcratian <j/, 
trifA n rifu- to. (ZKoirwc) irp^fr. 

"' The thin}:s now talcing in hand. 

" Tu affal you awny from the hand of 
death during my lifitime. 

" Ti>, « — " (KaTi) T^ ivsipoy : or, which 
I like better, Kvrk -rh {i. c. (caS* ft) A/\^/ ert 
ri /Ij"eipi>r.*' Skbw, \Vo hrtve below xa£^- 
fielj ((rari) t^i* (^K^f-oi*. — *6$tai, for ^^e- 
c<rat, ^a$4tai. 

p Or cBif fAiitg- (Lie icAii7» i* at all like it. 
Ttv, TOM, from toi, T*y. 

<i •• For txpV*' ^. *< would then hare brtn 
right." Sto.-Ta, a. 

■■ Nuf il (ttirt rfktvrfia-far /*«) 6trrf. 

• TViii is a u-ay Ity which, 

' Shnwing mc your opinion. 

" For Ax"^*^'* ^X«'F"- 'Axap* is tiom. or 
ace. — 'OK«43i{ai toi, m«fl^ian of a reftrvock 
to you. 


♦ For the purpo9eofharm.—Tlfi6trvl^; 
besides thin, nphf rwro is irJk^r/arr. 

* Such is the proposed Acccntuaiioo of 
Schw. for ihe common irpwenj. Ittug it 
in the futute, coritractcd from A»oA.a^»p5. 

* In 9ny olk*r Mtr.— Ot'x^r, iotniu 

Pp. S— 11.] 

1 Fartuaaie.—ndpa for wdptCTt. — Jiwti- 
8cis. yffu ur^e it. 

• Af far a» deftinii on. Sto, 

*> MUfci it. Ab iltv uiMnrat.—'AYftK^mif, 

■= ('ExtiKOl) iirCKTUVC hr . . , 

•* Ti* ovrby^ Ti«. Jove. 

" He e»caped the oburtation of himself in 
BUffortittg : he wiu uneantcunul^ auppori- 

f In additian lo. — T^ KaBripayra. But 
ivboTc we hftve rend Iliac t< was CVtrJiii who 
purified Itiiu. PerLjipii Crrcsus had the buIo 
right to puf ify, but deJegmed it in thia 
inBtftnce to )u» aoq Aiut. Beluw we read 
•gain : potf*it% tou ita&fpainot. 

f Atul iiutt it wn» not Ut>eaLU by him, 
and that be would not Uct. 


PAGE 8. 

^ You fr9noune€$enUnetqf death ag^aintt 

' EU' ftii (it TotroDrav) taor, unteaa imw 
mut;k Of jfou have dmt U unwt^inf /y. 

i A* wu» projwr far hi» f»nlc, 

^ CwMcioiu within himse{f, — Tun>, i, e. 
intlntv oSs. 

• Eli4tt, ilS^ffv^ iflinica, ^ftS^Kfi*', iitt- 
S^Kfc, (whence ijttHicti,) conU. 1$«iSf. 

*" Viz, (TTpaT^*'.— AiOffdtS^r. lo dt<MUM 
hiM army. 

" TiUi 1/ u>aM an (tlfjcct to him, that it 
va$ adtiaebit for him. — l^v J«}»^tr, the 

" Through ha»te. quickly.— 'Arr*^^t 'A* 
vuuenger of hi a arrirtd. 

I* iS*uice niattert turned ovA t9 hint other' 
wiu Uian he trat erutcling, viz. whon he 
wna dismissing liis r>r(--e8. Since {^{ok ift 
coi»tain«d in nartoiH**. iKKvi «voiild hkve 
read better than wapi {^(cu*. 

'i On horteback. 

f Burt, with uo trees or ahrabs to im. 
pedie tlie i;u?«ilrjf. 

• Aldcrfi/ tv CyheU, the mother of the 
gods. Po»sr>&sire case sflcr Iftit. — 'E«(9'S«r, 
empties itiflf. Korit, 6y, near, 

f Hating HuggettcH. 

• Caused tu a»ccw/.— (Kafl* ) iVvtUki. 

PAGE 9. 

' TA<r cnttel train, like tV Iinro*'. 

* Sufi for iurrraxi^v. 

' Being taken priutner ahomld defend him- 
self. " Should resist being tt$ken prisoner." 
Sto. — 'hinla, for iurrlms. 

1 Endures seeing, bears la see. 

* In Kn activH Mrisc, — He had contrived 
this plan. 

* by which in fact the Lydiiin even ex- ample iff , 

pected in some measure to distinffvith him- 
self. 'Ewf^x* (wOrj. 

'' (T^c i<r<^pi)0{¥) rmv. 

' In time, nftcr n white. 

^ Both mdet httring fallen in great nttm- 
ber. Or Ofi^rtptey for hfi^ortpteBtv, nt we 
have below rh irA^0ot iKartpoi^. Unless 
ip^afTffHiiv could bn governed by voXAwy, 
like rptjjKociovs {uaHfHtv below. 

*^ for them. Larch, like tlie dalive o2 
fullowjiig. Or by them, the Pernaita : tuuti 
^iv boiDe opposed to Kpourvi 8^. 

"■ 0* jui* < ft77*Xoj) opfiuwd to iWavs iy- 
yi/Mvt. Ql fiiy, some. Or, if qI i» the name 
as the relative ut, we musi rep«ai ftinr^^» 
Torro before wpofpioms, 

t Vii. Tjjvt wfAfiaxljlci. 

'' To request them to assist as soon as 
possible. Kara tV Taxiorrtif it6if. 

' Tlic plurmi naine after the aiaguiar la 

i Being a part of. 

^ Und cut it off and approprialed U. 

' 'H {yn) Mxp* • ••• ^f 'Apytluv, was the 
properly qf t hi- ArgircK. 

PAGE 10. 

*" That tht mass, — ^Enirspoi', same as 

• ll'hil^ the othcra were fighting. 

• 1 hat is, X(<PA> ■ engaged in (tattle. 
P Took hi» post in the field. 

1 Both people on hearing what had Utktn 

•■ For some timf. 

• 'Etiirtpot t^atray airrti i^utf v, that tkey 
vere the victors. 

' llKdoyts trtpiytyiifaat, surtivcd. 
" Vi«. by custom or the law*. 

* (Kara) tA ifoyria. 

* Uejieat i^rtno r6nov before nop.^. 
^ Being asluonrd to return. 

' Killed. Kcrraxpdu^ai in ihia senve 
inenoa to use the hwoid iigninAt. Or to 
tnake use t^f a thing tlwrnugly, consiune^ 


' or two termiiiPiioDB : else it would bo 
iroifuir for iToip.iaif. 

■* la a nessire sense, like Lat. raputo. 
So l|A(wraf below. — "f.^otroy irtu held a pri- 

** JJaring considered the king'i caa« <i 
great misfortune. 


<^ // did wot succeed. Lit. oitMce. 
^ Same as iravtraft.{yup. llaits is an ac- 
tive verh- 

* A Mardian. — Anybr, fo he feared. 

' Sc. ^M^pfj. --'£»!, after, fur. 

c In H middle scdbc. — Kut', t^ter the r\ - 



*> Thtt ih*y tU nol ihinX it Iturfui to 

I j4< ii liApprna to fmem t0 mc. 

J Mak^ it Ihfiy cuntinn. 
^* XpdufMi, XP*dMfLau. — et'Xei {6 9iatv\ 


[ • 'Eyylvtrai (rifun). — rivrreu, is included. 
-TiroW<£<Tflf from {rvaTdtrov. 

When the tacrificrr ha» arranged thent' 

" On* It/ the magi,—'E,WKrX'^y> lutcing 

" Titkes aumy/or his oum use. 

P Makes uit of them in Khaterrr manner 
reason inclines him, he thinks proper. 

1 Wrt.« burn. — Twk i\\a.'v^ quihn a/mt, 
Sctiw. 1 shoald prcfor iXAcvf tu runrk the 
feniiuinc, days. 

f They thank it rif;ht to furninh at their 
table. — TlpoTiBiarcu, for itfiOTidfvrai. 

• The smaltiT kindofcitttlt. 

' And those wit aliagethrr, bnf ffW at a 
timn. — 'Airk Sefirrou, itfter. 

»' Witrthy of tmntion or ofnccmtnt, good. 
— S.I 8c Tt, if any IhMg were brought on fur 

* np6ffKtirT(u,niaTai,Kteeruti, incttmhunt , 
thctf apply tOy indulge in.— Miy fuy porliaiJA 
blrtuutil bu read fxiv vvf, — ^vKdtrffinu, art 

" In whose liouse. 

'* T^8c : by this circHnmtanLC you teould 
discover. — 4>tA/ou<r<, they kist, 

f Next to themselveSf iwo l>eiug consi- 
tlpT(?d : the one wliu i* uoighboar to the 
otIiPT, tilt' otlier to Ihe one. Pust xese fliw- 
tuiif Schw. But Larclitr n-ft-rs t1»is praciiit^ 
iHjt lu iudivtiluala, but to nations : *' Led 
jiatJiiiiEi Tai;>iitrik Mint celles qu'ils estimeut 
Ic |>lua, tuuiefaia apre* eux-juctnc-o." 

PAGE 13. 

» (Ty««Mr«') ScvTfpa.— Kara \iiyov, they 
Itonor pmportionaity as thty adrance, i, e. 
kss and les*. 

* Aecordinf; to the srnle just mrntinned 
attitfh themselves In rirtue. 

*> On€ nation even goremed the other. 

'^ And ciptcially thnse wAo... Si*bw. — 
S^itri: A few line^ nbo^r ft^X'"^' "^^ 
joined to a genitive. 

'' Appart'ntlv ilie sanit' ns ruf fidXtma 
ixofifrvr, their neighlMUrs. — "Exo/mu, to 
hold fin teith, 

' For this nation (the Persian) adranctd 
in ffin't-nting, rxtendrd their dominion. 

' Admit, udnpt. Muidlf. 

t It is admitted its u fnnnf of manliness^ 
next to being Ararc {*v tv> in fighting, in 

him vho has hegfUtA many ckilJren. 

|. BS a tHutology i* supjiosf d : A^ttj 

ScJTTCU iwipayaila utTh rb fiAxstr9a», (4 

vov) sc. tlvoi ayafiv, ht &.c. — 'Aw 

in n pii»»ivc sense frini S^xoMOi: «•• 

aays Schw., it is fr<>iii Scikkvw, tnt, 

— 'Airo!«'fp, QXi?8«I{p, .f/io«; fo <lie H^orM.-! 

* 'A>4. as Mie wy Pfi* anntms. 
> 71u^ fhiftfc 'Aat number* i* ft\ 

' Hy iar ai, fot rjyfatnak., Formed tha»: irytM 
irytiyrai, rfytiurai, {z» rirpaipTai, rtr 
ToiiTtrpdiparai,) fryta-rau Or (bus : ir\ 
Ttu, ^ftrrat, TfYiarai. 

3 l-rotH the c\i\\d being^rd y^nrr oltlv 

* Ilpli' <> ... ITpl*' ii « cotupsrative : | 
' Sc. irapi Tif irt "ywoiff. 
»■ MijStVa seems to belong both to 

fiAAwc and to tuv invrov otKf^tarr, 
OiKrriooy is governed by cut'lt/, Odb 
reads /ti^^rc ripa rarr &XAcpr. 

" i-'or one fault to infiict ojt tr 
puHisluneHt, i.e. to kill. 

° Than his services. — 08to#, fn rAu < 

P TAfactir o/s;M(rioHjror admltert»iia pro- 
J««. " For {nro0o\iftaiaty tpya.''' ScUw. 

1 "Affva, Arra, soft for firra, ^tna. 


' ndXtOTu ei (;)Ti).— Kal, etlm, 

* HecaVse ht offended tt/^ainst. 

• iSeizi^d mih Thexe disurdrrs. 
" AVtr i/<» they suffer any une el** to 4< 

• IVfcu'A A<i.< eswaped the obmrrrntitm 
** .4// Utfiy Hrimes, which aH\tper or 

respond to the tiUMtlilies (^' botlits etr tht 
nity of persuHS. Oivi^ara, proper 
Oil>er« understand awards \n gi^nonil. 

^ End in. 'E:r : because a niotkm 
progress is suppused- 

T Ntil stmie, find others not, hut alt aii 

' The fultotring. — Kpvwrififva, tecrtt. 

» The dead bod^f. 

"> Are distinct', differ from. Fe»r 

* Consider it a sacred matter. 
*• Object of tulwr, mtcrprise. 
» "Eo, / was, n» irieta. 
' (At') 3 T(, tehy it flows down itf. cIimtiik-I 

increasing as it gcM's, Iteginmug thtu f« in- 
crctisi' at the .tHmntrr sidstiet . " Kartpxtriu. 
deutttdil., dijiuil in agrus. sc. posti|uank 
auctaaexaupcniTit sou ripas." Sell w. ^ 

PAGE 15. 

« Having ntarty completed this 
days. Sctiw. Hating marly comr u/i i 

*• Ketires abandoning its current i. , 
it* extended course. •• 'A»oA«iVi»v <« 
T«> ()U9pov, fads as to the water wkith 
crtmf».*' Scbw. 





Pp. 1(1—191 HERODOTUS. ^^^ ^.. ^| 

^ Perhaps unJcmtand M*'Xf» ^ C^fxi ^trr}) 

otb«r rirers of Libyn, wiiI in tike ouaiier ^^M 

I rp9ir4wit. 

diminish tt»o force of their currcntfi. A« ^^| 

K > To 6e &y floftrr^ <Ae rererM qf. 

tlu4 is not Uie fiaci, thu muoniuj^ of UiU ^^| 

^B 1^ AJrlovT (roi<) w\ri9itiy. 

aniliur falU tu (he ^routul." Ihud, Sic. ^^H 

^^ ' Ilf^T (Tovry), Tiutrenrrr. 

" 1 hat 1*. burniHfc rrery thing thrmgh ^^| 

■■ IKowl4i 6c etimilly affreird and in a 

trhick it paiaft. Scum. — ^rdaif, ptigitum, ^^^M 

irmi/ar roaimfr triM. 


■ 'EAiorcrovcf K". iroT<^t«(. 

- I imagime. 'EAiro/iai »cero« to come ^^H 

«» Jiut a'^ to sptaky or fo my Iht truth. 

from (Xw, / tuke iotu my mbii, wliulhcr its ^^M 

f ;iyttt( /iifc/y or fUHusiLU. 

a thnni^iit or &« a hopt>. ^^M 

'* Many pivt</» o/ Ihe tkinga noic taul. 

*> (Kar') iipjA". i" ihe beginning. ^H 

WcM. Ti di>iurb6 Uie »eo»e. Scttw. 

s Haa tnken upon kimaeijf, prqfeated, ^^^ 

' '\p9pi 7* 0?V Tf ^<JvTl (wAo « oA/ir) Ao- 

' Thr tfcrttnrif uf the cwrto$itiea.— llai- ^^^k 

7({*Clri^ TBW^tfK Wipi. 

j'fi*', to juke. ^^H 

* But 0/tera/aU o/ moWy it it the nteea- 

* (Kari)rks Kopv^j. ^^M 

tary (otutijurnee. 



PAGE 18. ] 

' In the third jtittct. Or Tflra (fiap^ipia 

• A rope. — Karttyat, let dtmn. ^^| 


* Of tutual oecurrcncr.—'AviifiaivM, re- ^^H 

" (,Kiit4) Taunjr. Or X'^'^i** •• hc 

tVAled them. Schw. rejuln : avtipaift, (&s ^^M 

active, sc. i 9tis. 

4(1^ KVfrtwoietp, <m / •nderatttmt,) it^ \i:. ^^M 

* TArpM'Min tc>A4> »poke vtbat 1 liare al- 

* 'r^T {(TVfifiidi'u) ifU. ^H 


* Beating Ofain^l.-— 'AAAov, i. e. «cip' ^H 

<* Haeing tarriid hi$ ttnrtf v/> /« dii o&- 

SAAov. ^^H 

aiMT* /MiiJi/. 

* iS'o murA a9 foHowi. ^^H 

» De»erte.i not re/ulatioH. Schw. 

} Without iacttHtiHg.~~ivftPaM.6ptyoi^ ^^M 

T FrvMrt hitjurmer furtf. 

cuMting together, ^^H 

* T&iis (Aif tcAofi matter ia rxplained in 

» Haa (the ptwer.) — Tiit^ Ihe/ufhwins. ^^| 

the ihortetl teonl*. Schw. Stt in frv Hxtftli 

— (flop'] irfipatv. ^^H 

tht rauun tij Ihn bfUif. Lar. jtiy trniaon 

' / rifm ot&<rr ftf/i/cf tAry came intt con- ^^M 

may bt rxpluined ttithuul tliffirtdttf. \i*f\. 


» That i». the San. — Karo, nrtT, Scliw. 

>> Tntritrda the ra*l. ^H 

tofcurdg, Lttx. — Otitis {iim). — ^'Evcnb) Mi- 

< And to tee if they could disevver w<'<l ^H 



>''Atc, wf. eUa, in ihia ccmMractiou with 

'^ Accuaativr after ^v«i, because t<^(ra»^ ^H 

s gun. i>iixiici|>le aru very coiniuou. At }'0U 

ia ttiMlcr«ioo<l. ^H 

may imagioe by tetiAuii of the air htittg ci*N- 


staittlif aerrne. 

PAGE 10. ^M 

' JEittile. Schw. (A»i) t^ tfc'pvf.— *UI>r 


(3*4^^ (rard ) r^ (UffQf. 

• L*A* fAoJi middle-xiznt mm, pigmici. ^^M 

*■ Totcanh, to. 

' *»ttfT}s n, liny thing o/ thrir litujfuagi: ^^| 

* /t i$ prnM'ltf fnr thit rtwrnii that. Ijir. 

( IM it be thus (\iUy him- hccn 4lrcliucit ^^| 

f'rotn whence it'faH«U)»that. Schw. 

bif me up to this pttint : ejecepttng that ... ^^M 

*■ .'(/ini,v> to dismi*» from itnl/, Cunatnie 

*■ Probability thua draws ua, i. e. lu tJie ^^M 

Toi/ HelKau aftei tci vS«p t6 ^ircTfUff. 

same conclusion. ^^H 

r (Kori) T^ (7ti^^»'pr) *rrfv$t.r, *\fler 

' The «iiperlBti?e has the notina of a com* ^^| 


parative. Schw. Very mn»y mo»e. Kurip. ^^| 

** l''vr to lu»ft, u|i» to IhtJ* time. 

Xndr. G ; offrii &AA»; i\nrTvj(e<rtiTfi yvy^ ^^| 

' Ol ^j^, oppowd tu 4 Nt(Ai>t below. 

'E/u>v vf^urtv. ^^1 

i (?rr«<«r lAan gpeech, i. e. i^reatrr /hr(« ^^| 

ran fr« •rl /on A by word: Schw. Htijhnd ^H 

PAGE 17. 

a/f cj^n-rxfioM. Larch. — FTp^s (in cuppariaoM ^^| 

wi/A) irao-oK X^F'i* '* ^' &AA))i'. ^^| 

) Aia or ^p<^ 6tp*os. 

^ Different from every otht-r. ^^| 

^ Toina¥ rhw j(ji6yo» opposed to Toi> 9*- 

' Difftrenlly from. Adjecurea of at'. ^^| 


cordstncti (ffW) with, lake a dative : there- ^^| 

' Leu eopiotit than what it m at another 

furf bUo those of non-accordance with. ^^H 


•u " 'Etfca fteem lo regard individual, ff^a ^^M 

■" But dunna the winler it ahne ia 

public manners." Schw. ^^M 

preated by the wjti. " If the sun aiiracteil 

■■ Sho«t the woof above. ^^| 

iiKMMluro from ilia Nitc iltiriu^ tti« wiiiU-r, 

" I'hal i», iprttii itrti Vntv. ^^| 

il wuukl do the «4Jnc with mpcct lo the 

(* JS.op.iw, sane m ao^ciw. ^H 


[Pp. 20—25, 

«l tfiih grir/f i. e. on the d<**th of a nJa- wlucb u said of nadnml 4tmMk OUi '. 

U*^.~ Kiitaf§ai, (torn kc/^w. to, not rrrn these. Le> riXKa itrifrtL^ 

Ur^crei, irj^ urt chtrjlif ■• tut tou^, 

'Tr»( cUut UUOHm — 'Akhiwi, miltr, 


PAGE ae. 

' That i», thry lire upart from anitnuh. 
t * And tkttf r€more UwHff with tkurhtnda, 
■ Tw9 kinds of UlUn. — 'IpA, hi^nigltf- 

• /n tke co«r«r «{/; — AiA, at (A« ij*lf rrd( 

• Yvxp^(naTi), a» Jurenal uses fr/u/n. 
— nibrxoiNri, lAcy rnyny. n<E(rx«i Mas to 
liAve the seusatiuii of good or ill. 

* Of their own profterty. — l^i^for them, 
1 Tpttryo) was >ajd of tilings eaiea raw. 


PAGE 21. 

» 04k Jf (/lAwi).— 'A^ri — , IN Am ream. 

* Are the sacri-d property of Epnphus. 
•» £rfa tti»*.— IJijTO* ^- ^ ioKifid^cetf. 

« (Ai'fijTiu) «^ wlutbfr it isfrtefrotti the 
bUmhhts estnblished tu sudt ia tii« Mcred 

«i On it, tlie altar.— Kord, down upon. 

^ Thai, as meulioned just before. 

' Tluy, who hatr a tnarket-ptact «f hand, 
takv U. 

f Then stU it, *Air»3orro oIp<. Tense of 

■• DitentboweUlng. Scbw. Jnspeetiim of 
the eniraih. Lar. Choice. Beliaager. 

. ' They think. Middle iK-nae. — (Ofpl) 

J Keklj KtfiAi^ is what they ebcwhi-re cntl 
Ktyfief, the. Mly, alxiumen, iu mIiicU arc the 
entrails, ischw. 

^ '£{«tXo<' ^v. At bcfj/e aw' iw tioyre. 

PAGE 22. 

• The extremities of the lain. 

■ The other part of the budif. A» tlie 
Latins sAy ^ummus monH, and lleTodoiuti 
above •rl'f*' wr^i)'^ itKfntP. 

" Beat tAiemw Iw*.— *AiroTi>4«vTft», /mi?« 
doite beating themseitet. 'A-wh signitit?* emu. 
|iletion, as wa say To fipbt it ihjt. — Uptni- 
itm-ai, set before tkemsrtvcs. 

" The oxen which die. 

P Accosative ab»olul« : unleaa we read 

'i Rising a&oce grottnd, 

•■ But the name it/" that citif, from which. 

* /» the saute moJtJier (^aiw) with. 
' That is. r&AAa im^yca, 
" Urtlyowt is opiivwd to iwoOyitaKomtL., 

" Much the same f, (vrt 6i rtrpintmr. 


'» In prnpartion to. 

f As muikiitg, as it makes. 

* (ZmcJ. an amtmul tchieh is am irttjtKt «/ 
tfuiet treatment icith it, 'M iteing . . . 

» " Fysi etfactitu UtpMi." W >««, Melt- 
edy east, Umtn. Ueisk thinks UiM tM^ 
were uf glass. In DolxcJ tUey are tnss- 
lated fossils. 

» While living. 

PAGE £4. 

'' Sc 4 iyp«WTi}s. — Mrr(«, syoco|Mi|«d fcr 

/irri^i, as aJrw for aiVe'eo, aays Scb«r. Of 
it is from a verb prrUa. 

'= Sirnlhtcs it i/trirn, 

' Kar^vXaff'c Si», as bcfare. 

F Adverb foe adjrcdve, as is comnwHi 
after tlpl or iu r<)uivaleat. 

I* A'or |>ermilliH^ the troop*, i. e. Ari^f 
adverse to. 

' fVu- to take on themselves /« fng«gt: 
too feu- to <lo so. 'OXlyovz (itrrt). 

i Was prevaHing, — Kuifitu* Foi they 
Toted by benn*. 

* There rensamed an etetenth v^ttr to 
gire lus casting vote. 

* TloMtiopx"* *'i'o^ '9 ^ thepolemmrtk ^ 
See Robinson 'a Archcologia. 

"■ Empowered him to have a rote equal t« 
that of the ten trrpanfyoi . i.e. ia cM« of 
equal votes between them, made lii» deter- 
roioe the queaiioa which tlieirs uogbt to 
have done. Or traa»laie bn^rt^v kavtmg 
eqnal riffht to one vote, tl)U6 bulauciog ao 

" It is in tfuur power, 

" Dcruostlienes has, i^' ot fiyorof \ 

>' it haa betn already determined trhmt 
thry xhitU »vffrr. 

') tt in able. 

' {Kari) vi tovt^. — ^KvfMr, pencrr of 
deciding, decision. 

PAGE 25. 

• Unwund, bad counsel.— (*Er) rp ^y^ 

» Dtpmd on yon.— Opwrftf , a/d y«iirs«{/, 
aeeede to. 

» T^r Oyw^Tjir).— 'EAp, mid. Bubj. 

Pp. 26— »0.] 


• Thf eommnnd far thf da^. 

• Though lu rtcrireii it, 

« FuUotTfsl him up in rtffvUir ordef. 

7 Holding nn fu, succeeding. — (^'El) Aa- 

' Both <hc< Delia tnd the Panalht^sa 
vrere cekbrtted ^very fifHi ycMt the bltcr 
featival is liere in<<iiiTU Lar. 

» CM/iC «/<?«• raHka de*p. *Erl, OM upoQ 
or aflrr ainoiher. 

*' ^rA4^ it ir«i« amiiif«d /or (Airta, Ihey 
vcre arrangtd. Or undenrand rh tnpard- 
ifftoy or ^ rifif. 

• H'AfH /An/ rr«Ti- Ut gn from their po»i- 
tion, when the aigml wm given. *A^t- 

<• nify imputed. 

PAGE 20. 

' Imagined. 

f Same a» po$fp6t'. — I^Ikw, vert in (ht 

« Middte qf the ««tufry. — Tk /aJj" T«rp<Mi- 

*' L'p tu ilie point kt which, Knri/. 
' Tttnj called far fire to burn the fhips. 
Homer : OXfrrrt xvp, vvv ii\u.v trijrrmit Zc&j 

-I TouTo fikit... jovro ik, in ihefirgt ptacr, 
im the next, 

^ " Litenilly, ii/ter beating litttk nut of 
the fight, i. e. after gettiiig ofl by ili*' nrunipt 
•nd vi^oiotiii u»c of tlieir «jar«. If htl ttpift.- 
ftl^i* unJer«too<l,it will mean Lacking out 
^ Hu Jightf retreatuff by bucking u-Htt-r." 

' "EJUvov i- r. rik ofSp^roSa. 

" To untttipate them litj gftdngfrxt. 

" A$fmt tu they covlJ. E?x«»' {iavrais 

" Anchoring alutve, or wer ^ninitt cff- 
V Attout. Katit expretMi a ceruin ei- 
tent pasted down or ibnrugh. 

PAGE 17. 

<i To take in hand. 

•■ ibc. from my ance«ton. — (TTo^) rSy. 

• lutllouing hin direetUfn. Schw. 
' It contlucea to our finttperity . 

« H^kat deeHt they hate done and uh>it 
natian* they haee aegnired. Seltw. Or ri 
at ouce refer* tu tivta, and xitrtpyidraiirro 
means deit^tchrd, ^nthjugattd. 

• Ac(i|>o>icu (Tiyk) , or ^cll^o>lal (iwi) ; or 
Aci4'oM<u expresMTB a comparative, he inft- 
TUtr ta. 

• Hand ova*, communicatt. 

« By thrmoing a bridge ocer. — (*Et) 

T /< i/ui ae( happen to tiim tit.. , 

» A» if he had *ald r^i 'Af)fimUv»->' 

* / hare prfpared ntytt^. "Apv, Afftat, 

PAGE 28. 

^ Faciemui. Schw. So 4»c»8*^ai i.e. iwo- 
Stl^ai $a<TiX*a if tu eanatitutr, crente, make 
a king. " The Persian empire will be li* 
ijiited by the tjearcoi >lone, ' Bel. 

'■ Thiit the faUoicing is thr caw. 

'' Thtu Mb the suiUtj nuil flu evittleat 
ttiU equtiUtt he t>Kr tUitet. Afrioi itfuv, i. e. 
alriar vapixovrtt y)pMf. 

"^ At tehich. 'Ei. heciute time proceed* 
from ihp prenent to ■ future puint. 

' Inijwrsonal, like xp4\, 

* '£r (^pLv^ois or olir^/uao'ii', ofMrrmittis f 
•ilfl9Ti(HiV {ofKou). 

** It would be a terrible mattci'. 
' Tuiv, far xpwttrwi' ia " rervm Ulomm.'* 
^"EoJcrai' i. e. titnu. 

i t'uUing but a little qf going. 


'' Atror, plain, eren, open. 

' Tlicre being no refuge in hi!l or wixmI 
from the openneu of the position, each 
army tiphls to deaperalion* 

■"" / do not tpeuk at all. 'Apx^r : i. e. I 
will not even enter on it, 

'* Whote iatarit it mvw. 

" Tn li«y hold of fttiJ »(op titiir <li»ptUe$f 
and (hnt bn rrrry thing rather thnn nntr. 

'' Tht't ah'tttid mutoalhj find a place »f 
great nnturul atrrngth, ami thin trf the 
iiutie n/ti but til . lUl. Til \c. in npjioiiiiion 

"J They nerrr tame to a cttnnideration of 
this (thnt I hud came »n fur) $a n$ to ojtpoae 
me. ** ]>luHquam ad ^u» rrt rationtm et 
cauMttm, *it mecum <■ ttrtamen deicendercnt, 
rcnixnc." Weaa. 

' We «ny, Nothing try. nothing have. 

* Having toftened aluit tra» hard or harsh 

» Tni»ting too in fact tn thin drcunw 
stance, hit rclaiinnship. 
" To choote and take. 

• /?!/ it»t{f. Iter »f. *Eir\ Meina here to 
iiieuii UN the account of, reference being had 

" Came back from Greece. 

PAGE 30. 

» t.Xdatu', iKdtiv, iXiif. 

1 *' liHt it matt bnpiun." -Schw. Lw. Del. 
" Kal 8J} Kol (jovTO <f>i0i) ; And nuppotcthlt 
too : it hftth hajtpencd that yow vert dt' 

fratetl. lie «|>*aks of lli» ftilurc m of tlu- 

iiMt." Pall. Or itiuo ■ yr^ t-imrnilH-r i( u 
ironf fo hitpprit ^r. : unileistaudiiif; after 
i/4^T«pa OQ tllipBii: " wUith m»v 1iu|Hh;o 
ia your ruse." 

» Ei is milt I) the whip »• Sri. — Toaairn¥, 
to largt an army a* fiilcd. 

• Svjtpoife tlwn, ur I tcill alluu- th<n, they 
hart not (i. e. wUJ hu»e not; tucctiiled tn 
Imlh tti\>€cts (i. r. b;r »«• aod by lunJ): 
yft, it iS-t. So Sclnv. 

*• liy tio prcul'iar wudom rf my awn. 

* I hiDk of what « calnuiiiif ivantrtl bni 
tittle •/ ocertuking tm. C^*^''^* t^h) *«t»- 

<> Tutted tkeaueltea tMto aU /ofnw, frird 
etery thinif. Scliw. 

"' TfiJir* t, r.^IttW*. 

' H'oii/</ /mrc Oten douo up, rainri/. 

« It* the jf'wer of, '' Puhlish/nrth. 

' In such a cftse »/ Any thing thooteg to 
«l>post our success. 

i lie hat lighted on an utiexj)ected adran- 

•> To make a pompotit diMjfhnj. 

' Stnall things do nut annoy him, (rhv 
6fhv,') ntir his irrulh or enry. 

in Ti TOiaSra, sc. rh fiiyttrra. 

" lie (&6fi>%) hurlH hii thunder bull i. 

" 'OXtyov ((TTpaTou). 

f After the tame /a»hivn. 

PACE 31. 

' 'ETf I'yo/uu lioi a middle senfci> : to hasten 
on for oneself, 

* An apt. — 'E«-t<rx«u', to Ktop. — ^Afiiy in 
the eourse cf. 

' Tit heur ilKmsf'Kps spoV«i of. 
" And the pioty preM'tU and U>lpning, 
' litltiien thtnt. — Tou irtpou. ., t<»u Irt- 
pou, (In- uHf, tlic othir. 

* Putting down by waij of fdedge, 

^ Sucaed. rropfrlv, turn up. 'Awo- 
fialvnr a mure ciniiniun in tills sense. 

■* Snmc as KrtivMwaatf, and •nuTX^'^'"^ 
«» irofrxtTawcw. 

' CEs) n/fwo*. — Kar* dWv, oa yoxr 
mu ri'/i. 

* Huring come to knotr. ^ Vou ere 
Itersumling. rifufOKW lierc seems to liave 
an active oease. tn cause to reuhe. 

^ (Jou nit) Ka&faf. 

PAGE 12. 

« For let it n«t be true that I am Itom . , . 
if I thitU not hare . . . 

'' Thry at least tcUl not.— »iirripitt> (jC^- 

^ ffwe way judge from . .. 

f&-»t>O Mib k ittMxuter, H ia 

>^ The point of dispute litn ir/ore iw irAr^ 
Ihtr ttf arc in . .. 

'• M'/ucA / nliatl SMffcr accord tag M y««r 

' Down to thu thtte : Buiimj^a x^ **' 

* AtSpw ; ( jtwry), 

* There. SdlW. for IAm }>urjH>xf : atr:* 

' Having obterved him i. o. 8aK/>d:«arr» 
'" AtfirAt: tor he cLanged Itia o|«aia 



" Having pcTceired : luiddle. 

" in the Citur$i' of. 

I' Ta tthti$n it tktiil not occur. 

') /tt caujin^' u« fv taste, in giving u 4 
taste of 

' Dccause lie so suon duappoint* «• Iw 
taking avrny our Iftstc of pleasure. 

' ] Ouic (ot fit fXVulfltSa, pf, p. fi.¥i4M4U'~ 

Xpjitrrit, littnt reity Scliw. the ptevsmrc* vk 

art bffvft UM, Bel. 

^ ^'a c/mr in diuuadiog him ftxtm «v. | 
■* Mould i/vN /iu(>« changed yotir 

Mrrii lu conip, ini^it^ ctmagc 

* T*Xei/T^(r««f, ii. 

* Aat>irf»'i€ lifls usually a SJircnsttc 
jug. '^ Vid(5tur siguifuare, O iivutinn 
time, Rut O oir wirf/ce." Scliw. 
i*tlp&y. ' • 

* V\oh\atiKf)aunf h&9 tbe force of • 


r This one stlf-nnme ptni.-'KofiLft^ ^ 
*h>itl hrinj; tjiiurxelf to. 

' Valck. prefers jnroSflf/urr, frwm 
fuu : cn\*acious. 

* ('Er) t}> irpJtrw : stolen atray or «<« iili 
yohrti{fnway, i. e. /fd on itnpt'rceplibiy, i 

'i Ji nothing opposes you, you wi(T thcrtt 
fore advance mure and iiiorc : the worv 
nliovc, tl lOiAoi &c. bfin;j; npplicj hfte. 
Elie t^i is, vH the suppoxition 0/, «/- 

*^ SalluBt : ** PiiusquarD incipiM» , nm- 
sulto : ubi cuusuluiiis, oiatur£ factu' qu^s 

^ Propo fed from titne to time. 

* Volt nkotv not tchat thai stcf* is trkiclk 
is a Hure one to take. 

^ In thcne <uxh« ames tqunlty as muck «■. 
'Opaiw\ Kol : the one a-xd ilif otl»«<r shvuid 

do BO ttJVAttY. 

' In this rttpfft then the casts mre i 
you are on an equal footing. 
'■ As he ought, as ii proper. 

P|>. 35—39.] 

I Succest ugMalty attenii$ thine trhn tirt 
mUing to act. '' Audontcs fortune juvat." 

i 'El I (^crpoi'). — npo((FX<v^K(, hare been 
mmd mre atitancini:. 

* 8ui« M ajrr^ju5t iborc. 

' Tmmkc ^ " Nua fit lisu pcriclo filcinu* 


" " Are apt to be undertakm. Laurent. 
Are apt to be BuceanfuUtf conclutled : So 
Poftos more riglitly." Wc8». Karii o«- 
proftsrs com[»i<'tion. Tliiii soatunce is uad^r- 
stood by Scliw. iliflcrvally ; " A ^jrenl powtr 
ia not apt u» bo orcitlirowa but with great 


" Them, niv royal ancestor*. 

" CfliTT* tffiu) wXtura, So Suphoclea: 
tAtl^oi^ itcrtlvtu Xiyov. 

P ijy no MUtilu. — T\a!Tipas, those from 
tchom tluy arc Ue$cended, i. c. Hie Athc- 

'I ff'ithotit the aid of the fotiians. 

* /* apiturent. I Kingi xx, II ; " Let 
not hini, that {;i*'(l''tili on l)ii hnrncsa, boaat 
lutnaelf as he that putU^th it off." 

* Wlio fear tlic loniana lost, uihafear U^ 
the tonioHM should revolt, 

• liuf in their ftou^r. — i^Qart) ita^tti- 


" Thry gave among va a dii^tlatj tf. 

♦ Ionic of iicvrpiwmt 


TAGE 30. 

* TliC prcaent, ibo liUtmkal icnse, to 
make the narrati&n more lively. Dalx. 

^ Kol . . . fti . . . bvtt ulto, moreover. So 
below : Kal rwv 'CAA^mr 9^... 

«= Declared, vpimHted. . 

■I E^ : bocauae A^tarrw ia Uto aM)i« at 
ta^amt IpxMTw. lo tim plain ol CMtalua 
ibe HtMiiog waa appointed fwc ail tbe troop* 
of the province. 

■ A ParrkoMian. — Kariffrn^ in ft paadve 
acMe, tcaa inttUvtid Iv. 

' Ilnvinf ntceeufuUtf legged him •ff/or 
kiuue^'. *£{ aa in Ezoro. 

V In tktfMcer of,, dependent I'vaa. 

^ 'TwdfX''i '* ^t ^^ ^ present, to he not 
«kml/ram, to h€ not wanting tit, tofuvtr, 

* Vtetl tn e9mt. — T*if ira^i ^oinKimt, 9f 
tkt Kints^t mtuengen or courtitrt. 

i ndyrai, plural, Ngrcea m scDae witli 
&mf , wUich iinplio numbers* 

>' DupoMing them towarda bimMtf^ in Ub 

* Hold themulee*, be, icell intenthned to 

■ "dri WBJ furrncrty written 6,^1. TLua 
tviaifjMy iat Srt tMLKiata was ci*5. ^t 0,Ti 
fUXurrtt «if^fd.ap iarly happy at what ia 
mmtt kttppy. Bit. 

" IVhtneeer he held a review (fvKdtutr) 
9ftk€ gnard'troops h* had in the eitiee. 


" The Peloponneiiuii wer« now the fir«t 
state in Greece. 

V Under pretenet that TiiUMiphernrs tuoi .. 
That is, tkta conuuandiDg l>y reanon of. 

t (Kar^) T^ kpxniov, fnrmerhj. 

' T4 airri roDra, bc. droffrijKai. 

* To bring back tite exiles. Kori, back : 
porha(^a bccauae wo go up, and return 

' Begged, as tliinkiog it At, iftof. 
• " IViM nut lenMiUe (««pl) uf. . . 

* But thought thitt he wiu »iiemU»g mo- 
tuy on hia troopt oa being «l imt with T. 

* HaviMg tnuuaeltd btmuu with him. 

* Escaped obeerrtati&m in being muin- 
tained, u\tM etcretly maintained, airt^, fur 
him, Cynu, 

> To the nnmlter o/SOOO mcrccnatiet, 

* Aihe would thu be able to get the bet- 
ter of. 

*■ N4tt to aeltle the dispute with. 

PAGE $6. 

*> To came to him. 

" At the Pitidiitn$ were giving tronbte to, 
tnoleMiing . . . 

'' Up into the country, into tapper Atiot 

' Which waa there^ in lilt prorincp. 

' For him. — Tov IttriHov {^(rrpardfiarat), 
the mereenariet. 

** Pramiaing tlum that hi- would nvt 
cease. Observe itKuafujOai, where we should 
ez|>ect TtavattrQat. 

' Were present {iKBivra tit), 

i 'nr (vp^t) ^atrikia. 

^ ''HKeurt {arpatiiif). 

PAGE 10. 

• ('£»!) tub 9X4BfQ>¥ (Kar*) iJpor. 
■" ('EAftJyTtj) cif.^nAV ia auracliiuei n 

Anal. Gr. Maj. 





[Pp. 40—43; 

' « Tlp^tpoi is a compsTatire. 
'"• Tu» {Ka9i)ic6rronr) tts, 

P Tkt rt'tt nf the ni'Miy. 

1 Said thnt he had not hitherto put him- 
itlfinto thekatid* of any one stronger than 
hinaelf. Onltr: i\0t7f ovS4vi ctt X'V'^* 

' And Uiia, vis. that his tirrUory should 

' // they fihottld Ifghl upon liiro ; or if 
(tiv«i) uHtf xhoulil light oit them. 

■ To rcctire Imck. 

" Thvy iitiil they tvould uol g« further. — 
(Eff Ti lilfioi) Tov wpiof^ (x'tfptou)- 

• Cteatxhn* teas the first t« net abwt 

PAGE 40. 

" XoAnrui <^<'p« (ifuavrhv iw\) ro7s. Or 
XoAcv'ui ^fKif liail Uio govornijit!i4i of X"^** 

• \'crbs of. taking awajr gate m two ac- 
cusatives, aa other vorbs in Lfiiin : Cclo tc 
hanc rem : Posce Deob Trtiiniu. We may 
1»rru ex^JW^ llio plinisp : to de^triee the 
fireeU inhtdfttantt (kbtA) in regard to the 

y Called me. 

' In recomjKiise for what i had been 
treated tcith hy him, 

' 'AvdyKT) fiot, (ifit) irpoZ6pTa. 
' ** To make use of. 

•" JUtrng^ fiilte to him. 

*• Be assured of my going. " Litcmlly, 
(U / ant then goinp trherrrer yon shnU go, 
to entertain the opinion." Dun. 'fli («"<pl) 

' For Sht? hc. 8S^«, irkieh way toever, DIf. 

• That he said hc ttould not , . . 

« HeroiUaii Kup|)Ue& llio dllpfiU : rk 
frKtW)p6pa., Krijurt rt iral oxfffiaTa, 

** AdOpa bus a genitive, like X'^P''? '• c- 

' Since thtse muttcis icauld turn out pro- 
perly. 'tli {xp^'')t "^ ^"^ ''B'>' 5" corjsc- 
qacncc of . . . 

J And ndritrd Cyrus to snid for him: 
^t, after lie did ao, btill he m'nt hc n'uuld 
not vame. So llulcliiiiuof . " Hut at the 
»ame time let him kitotr th<tt he did utt de- 
»igH to go to him." SpoUn. 

° E7/j«, to go, is used nt a future 
Attics, *^ntv kbI iirtXffrh'ofttVf 
Tliu) irttity answer* to fterovfjur. 

•' The man i. c. C^rus u a very 
friend to him, to icliom ... 

'i Neither do uv aeem to bt tneamped t 
great distance from him. 

•■ The consent. 

• Pretending, that he uriowiiti uisktL 
" Tlie K»li«le upt-ccli ii ironical, aod a a 
calurc of the mo.i»ttrc, wliicJi CleaicJiu^ ] 
proti'iidcd to adoiit." Hlf. 

' (6,up) f\tffGai OTpartrYovu So (8 
iyopd^taOeu, &c. 

u X Pf.,. jt„cttltt>n regionem.*' Hutch. -, 
take (pikias lo bu n sul>stantivc : tkronghi 
amidit thcfncudtship of the country.'* r* 
«— M^; 00diroi/ff» : Shutild not nnticijtate ih_ 
by seizing thi- CMincnccs. *ediroivt is D« 
bnr'i reading for fOamtcu See Dav^-cs. 

* "Ex^Mft ''"« fi™t person : tL>iugh .^ 
real of the spcecli liaa been in tl»e Oiini per- 
son, SiiActsitl: "And tic cdiunuaiidcii 
Uier.i tlial tliev sbouUI not depart from Jc 
5;»lern, but wail for tlie jtroniibe of tho 
ther, whicb yi: have lieaid froiu »ir/' 

PAGE 41. 

•^ The meBiiin^ifl, it i» jdain that ire can- 
vol erpect any tlting from him, any more 
thun hc from u.i. 

'" Vhirflij Ihcaime I am anhamed, becauM 
J am cuHKims nf having deceived him. (JJt- 
pi or tit) aindy. 

» Imp'Me a punishment on mcfor... 

PAGE 4L». 

* '£ii (w*pl) itt\ arfwfiffhiTovra,. 
« Supply llie uflTirTOaiivf.' Xrycrw vox 

Blf. — llfiiTopmy I triU ofiey. — Au 

» At if C^rua wet not on the . 

nrnking his voyage again. TLat is, (»i 
^uv) irtp) Kipav liffitcp fxij irotovfiitvov. 

'■ Hhuic schume we mar, Tj^k 
(tV • Jffo*) ^. Or ^ in for whom. 

* What kindira you from begging Cyrnt 
to secure those eminences for you f This f " 
oo loss ratlonni ihnn to coutide in the ^ult 
lie fiiav ap[ioiiit. 

*^ In what he wishes to eta/dny tw. 

'^ And if his undertaUttg Ite of tht 
nature with that, in which he uted befm 
employ foreigners. UapavXiiaia. {aitm « 
iv) o^f^vtp. 

'■' L'wderitntiil JioKtl St fiot fioin 
So also btfoiv (i^iuC*', to «,%A hi.n, 

' TIphs f tXiW, in u friendty »muner. 111 
■trpiis fitatf. Ulliors uudcrslaud it " in j 
tarn rcgioiicm," bc. x^pav. 

P To let tin go* 

'' According t" what he shall mty : or 
retatiou to these our present affairs, 

' Thry dewaftd p<iy over and above ichot 
they had l»fmc, 

PAGE 43. 

i {'F.K(iyov TOO fnff$ov) ol i. Ci St>. , 

'' {'^''a')ravftijvitfT^ffTpaTiiiTp(iitArr^y 

Pp. 4i— 48,] 



^ Not ^PfB tfurg or theiu 
"• Fetting a tiuilicioui veaentment agtdn»t. 
« WUhed they might he taken* 

in eaae they thouU be taken. Pasairo 
Kcnso, na some ten&es of titc active also of 
aaJ^itw are aaal, 

p That thry nre neither g»ne into concenl- 
mtmt——nor litre they made their e$mpt, 

1 / war their tcrvices, 

' ('Ef ) avToilf. AtfToirf, beciuu« %vs &r 
•rapri rtt iin|ilic§ a plurality. 

* Same a» ierdxray. 

4«*'Iji a pawiTC bcdsp, rs kKA<rouna iiboTe. 
■ Rather detp»n4ing, more than «•«• 

PAGE li. 

' (iiven hertn pmr'tr brr :i'li her girdle- 
Cicoro »;iys of il , " |»Iurf» 

MXOTT* h.tbcrr ; I I'trBRltti- 

bucrc, hoc niodu ; 1 i;L'c • uit;v«; iiuilicri rodi- 
miciilum prcBbe^it, Iiarc m colluni, liirc in 

" The teasant. 

* That Mm march tri* to he. 

' t *K» ftif, ti^ fail. &hAk;|icBrc often tucs 
AH for ir. 

* A Htl thilt too, at a time when ... 

* 'I'tio Ut nor. of Irrvfu Itaa on qcUve 

*• Th w6\u (fitpai) 'E^WtfyiHoti (frrfHtrtC- 
fioTot). floXti, MUi-h : Tit troKv, the /:r«i/i.r 

' VoH sAnti he honored by CyrUB men 
thiM . . . nfontuhntHt puaive aeaact 

PAGE 15. 

'- * Tp be the ciiutc of it. 

• H'ill ttckiiittrlrge (he favnr (o you : ot 
wUi know (huic to nturn) thunka to yon. 
So 4irlarareu (^xdpiv). 

f We th'Ul nH then fio home oRitiu, tbfjr 
as well at \\c : but ira odIjt sbnll he to- 
frartlo<] on our rcitirn. 

« T<i5{«o*f &AAOV (rpiLynaroi), oinifos tu> 
it'n^ty (»«f»«) Kt/pow. Tuyxit-at, tu light 
{M) upon, takM a gpnitive. 

'' lie (Cyrus) tens ««im/. 

I <',..•..- ).,.-..,,, to crots : imprrf. 

J I: I,. "^ Submitted to. 

. Ml rat) iKift, oj shrub. 

■" PIumI ui'ict ucuur: because ffAif and 
ndXaftos me intomlrd, 

" :&rpovCol (irfoXai. o*triche». Oat rich j 
hy the way, ia for ituitruhi-, arittrHthht. 

'" Our hortemen, Spcliii. So btlow, ol 
St^orrcj rwv Iwirimv. 

p WMtdthenitand ttill. *Ar thus .x 
prOMCt custom. 

•t It ica$ nut {Mttible. OvX "f^" *< ^''• 

'' Uttleaa th< horttuMn, knwng potted 

themaehet at a dittance/rom each oihtr, of 
hiicing dii\>o$ed llumultct in the manner 
of rehtys, had managed tht chtue i» auccea" 
cim with fresh horses. Van. 

PAGE 40. 

• Ostrich. — 'Awiirra^ «. 2. of implwrnHh 
liltL- Irra impf. in ThucyJ. JJunbflr wishes 
iir«'xT7j. Schneitlcr tcmIs irnntaro, se abri- 
piebat- — ^tvyowra, <rrpov9hs icm. 

' "Apaira (tavrV). 

" // one xpriugs them hiutHy. 'hj^Urrif, 
impC in an acli?c sciuc. 'i'he 2d nor. u 

* He says SAAo, na if be had iiienlioAcd 
iomc treo before. Sp«lm. irajislniok i(v^pa9 

• JUill-slonet. — Tluiovntt, fashionitg, 

* Sc. (TTpore^fiurrt, 

y ("Ajnl or Tph) Trrrdpt»y. — Ai/ttiTAi, it 

« ,Sl.- ' r- .- ' ■'■ v'.v*. 

•• ^-. ., L . ^:ijrq,haUvJ. 

" ik'. itkdpos Tt) 70 V, 

** /m Jheat fOMtly tuuiei oj theirs. 

PAGE n. 

« Throuiihaiit hitlening the nwrcA-— Aia- 
rp:0ottt (xP^>vy). 

' To (Ills vrit in llio prtv. Inf. givinj^ it 
a con I in gc lit oi f-ituro sense, l*oh>nj;it &r, 
(Maccdfur ib^^iltoi bcforr Oarrov. liit. (Svy) 

t 'H ipxh /3affiA*ti.i i^y, rtp vpocixoiTi 
T^ wt/i', avriStii' uitra : the king's empire 
uuufornn atimtirc obicrrcr toscc bring, i.c. 
it tr<w ftmyjitr an tiUi'Htie^ olKuner to set 
that the king's emjiire uiw , . ., 'He (M t«) 

^ tn ttbuaduttce of tciritury and popular 

' In the (cir»iiMi/un4.Y) tiiat its farces 
tt'rt'e septinilrtl. 

) Sc. xp^^<^' Quickly. 

>> Whieh they used for tend, 

* Ridrsbnck. 

■■ Friendst uitendttnt*. Ncpt's : " SeJ 
son pnasi aunt hi, qui circa eranl." 
" IVas riding np. 

" Aiins a Idoir. — "AAXoi Si (1170^1) Kt6(f. 
f Culls his tnen to arms. 

PAGE 48. 

*) ftcitting their shiilds against, 

r Ajter thi*. \\\i. At Ungth. Ilutcli. 

* Sc. ro^t iavTov, 

( 4i(^N«(c'(/ hi* arnu : " nrmii rilt dispo- 
lilit conttilit." llukli. 


[Pp. 49-5 

> » ShouUl ipcak (amehf "i* tif:htltf of hi* 
tfiatmmt, *• Sc Twttoii'. 

« Came (a hU trnxtt. — 'Eirl roirrtf. not 
against him, but on this *crrice. 

y " HutduMon'a ioietpreuiioa put their 
arm$ in their fi/'icM, might suit fStiray, but 
not f0(rTo. Kar^ X^P^"* ^ '^ '^^ groMiu/ : 
and iho manoeuvre appears tu be (hat witich 
we call grounding ontu." MIL 
' • (KarjL) ri . . . \ty6ntns {tlytu) . . . 

• Hating Uen reconciled MQce his former 

'' Prevent ihanjrom invading and bvm- 
imft what iUey hvi not ^ct touclied. (*Airi) 


>r /ill/ J think I »haU pukt tMuny fr<i 
tritat I hac« mlh me to tchat /iirj^ Aaec ( 

^ 'Ey Toiainni (_Kaip^). 

I " Read ou fitftr^Qai (^> ««» j|a«,i 
n0^rff7lnn^cr." Don, 

J ^' M(ju*'Oio i^ "■ rcnaaQl of the ob%. j 
wofuu, and appears to rliyoio proVM 
with 3oi>AoM). BIf. 

' Aip€ur9al {at) &»•. 

■" EitougA pcraofu. 

PAGE 49. 

•^ j| dHuckmtnt. 

"' Uuting read : properly, thaving known 
c]iorou|>hly ity so doing. 

'■ A thirtx tit be kepi a secret; properly, 
not to be tuld. 

' Attic of rourov. ^ liiLntf unJered. 

»* So thai it seemed good to him to cease 

' Said U was so. J Pledges. 

FACE 50. 

fc 'Or* ac. iin$ovAt{rH. 

' ('OnoXayw,) ^ yiip ofdyKri {ifrrt). 

•» Not even, %f I shouUi-y uouid you etcr 
think me an. 

» To put out qf (he tcmj, to kill. 

" (Kari) t!> &c, as far as he is con- 

P Acceded to. 1 ('£») r^s, 

" For death, as a token ttmt deatli was 
lo succeed. 

• ToSro 8C. » Then also. 

" Thiii ptirasc seems lo bo said of niid- 
niglil genera Uy, lliuaiircluding a pluialiiy. 
Or one night falls on two days. 

• Kiptnos, Kipaos, Ki'pcts, 

• Began to arrange. 

PACE 61. 

* Not from antf want Af bttrbarioMS. (n«- 
p\} iyQpuwwft 

f J take you with nie to the war, 

* ZxovcTTf. • "IfTTifu, ttrttrt, tirr*. 

l> That I should prefer liberttf bijore. 
Cyrus was the slave of the Gr^nt King, 

^ TlXr)$6s (iirrt). — *EirIa<ri»', itre inrading. 

^ (KotA) t4 KaXo : in other reitpeclt me- 
thinks I am eren anhmnrd to ll'ink what 
land of meg you nillfind ovm to he. 

» ^AfSpdv, kfrifci, ri|ifi<)5cd ii» Ai'Ofi^irovi 
pa' ceding. 

PAGE 62, 

» Satiffying the expeetation, 

^ Confer ted with him, discussed ; 

t' Mh fLaxttrSai {ainir). 

1 Ellipsis: Why arc you diacusjiing 
point ? for do you imagine thut your C 
will hazard a latlle trith yvu ? ^ 

' For &(nrtSrt<li6poi . a£ Tmroi for hrww. 

• "AAAot. as if he liad lOfntioDcd lite cac- 
my'a cavalry before. Ihe soiue waa ob" 
scrTcd above of Sirtpa. 

' That i}, 4yv*yi\HoirTa (futraf), 
" Came too late for. 'Terr ^w, being 1 
S(rrtpa% for OnSartpos, moro below, ta' 

* Suiue construe wpin Kvpov after IhnrtX- 
AtOf, eono after ol abToftoK^aayrts. 

" Sc. <riy. « Sc, d«" nAAtA^V*, 

]PAG£ 53. 



Us! ^ 


* Sacrifieingfirtt. ConsuUia priu* exHs! ^ 

* Max*«^<Taj, ^rrai, e?ra4. 

* Ten talents were iLus Cfjual to 

** il ad passed ly. 

^ To have now yeaolved not tafighM* 

to have made hi» mind so as to be aveta* 
from what he w)«1it:d beforr. 

^ Ti ir6Kv (rb U-) ovt^, tKe greater p«rl 
of hi* army. 

" About the time nf day when the < 
is cratrdcdy i. e. between rooming and i 

' To encamp, Sc. crpirfOfiOf or 1 
Of aKfv6<f>opa, 

* (Ell) Til¥. 

<" Dnving with ait his might, Lni 
rim. 'EXaUmy {iavrhy or M^). 
' In Persian. 

PAGE 64. 

i Holdina <m next. 
^ St. 4<r^. 


pp. 55— 59.] 



< Bitrt of a lielmct, but wilb i turban. 
■* 'Eirl ir6\v (TOW ir«84«u). 

* Btgnn to gtitttr. 
'*• Aceordinff to thtir re$peetite evuntrlet, 

P In a Balid ot>lomg. 

■I Tke intrnt of theMC ckarieti uom that 
thtif Mkoutd drift ofaingt tkt ramkM of the 
Grttk», rrw>iij (»fpl op^Twr) ^f tt\ tKuf 
Tirt» I.e. iXajrirrmVf iK»irrmw. Tbocjrd.; 

' $«rae u As tijraroi'. 

PAGE 65. 

■ Owr hiuineu ti done. 

* i'lM) K^pev *Zim^ bftfond. 

* Ovrr^munded, 

" SC. T^y. 

« H'ai forming frmn the men tu thry itill 
gradvally came up. 

1 " SoH proriUM ipsumjuxta tifrcilum." 
Hutclv. At a small dintance from, 

* 'firh in comp.mgnitw approach, timing 
under, m, 

* Hiving ttopped bc. l.intov. 

•» '* Eustath. : Upk, rk atr\6rfxva. And 
4r0(tyiB may refer to the iroirioua motioos of 
the victim as it ii goin^^ tu bc offeretl. Vir* 
gil : Diun aocra Bccuiidus haniipcx Nun- 
cict, ac lucos vQcet koUia p1ng:uia in tlboa." 

< *Or Attic for avrhs. hi', Cyrus. 

* Sc. aiuyhy^ tht omen, or vir^ittia. 

' Properly t<L TJjc Attic» often make 
the dual article of two tirininntiotiB. 

f A part of the line Jluduafed. D*.h. 

r lif^ore the dart a or the twvmen came 
vp t» them. 

PAGE 60. 

*" Ol Si, Bomt. Hutch. Or. Avf tkey, u e. 
lh« Gr<<tJi9. 

' Widened their ranks, ditided. 

J 7^htre u trho, i. e. $ome. 

■* Kar<A^^>^ litwXayeU, caught by sur- 

' Like Bpectators in Ike Hippodrvmc. 

•" Totkoy rcfcre to fcTTi*- 5<rTU. 

" The army oppnted to them. TTiacjfd. : 
4rp4^^ayro rb ita9' iavrois. LeunclaTim ex- 
plains it a parte nid. 

* tVaM not errn thun or for this incited.., 
P *Htliii (ir'pl) ain6y. Cuoatant phrase, 
a WVe wont to head their armies in the 


' The 000 before mentioned. 

* Except that. Moscliopulua exptaru it 

* CMtained himie{f. 

" Nominative uacd absolutely for p-ax*' 

' Inde/encttf. 

PAGE at. 

* Threw himsey about him. 

' Ol 8< (^acrt 'AfTOMiLnfv) iwt^fd^ot lov- 

r Tacitua : •• Sic Tiberioa Jbriril." 

* TV have exjperience of Cyrut. to know 
him uelt. 

* " The King' a Gate or Door in the Pcr- 
aian idiom i* equivalent to onra uf the King'$ 
Court. In apeaking of (he Imperial Turkiah 
rcMdeoce, the French word Porte is used." 

•> CicTTo: " 'Xce^poff&nfr *o)i:o turn torn- 
penmtiam. turn moderaiionrm appellarc, 
nunituncjuam etiam ruodesdanu" 

* From their tety childhood. 

* Sc. mnti. - Sc. iM9pcntot, 
' TwK ac. KofiriMSyrttw, 

f IVhen it ircu ouitabte to hi$ age, tbe aga 
of t^pcs. 

•» Ti sc. rpalifutra. 

* The Kara of which. 

^ Sc. airtf, — noAAoir, by many. 


^ Considered it a matter ef the uimaat 
importance, if he entered into a treaty with 
■ny one. Vtipl, beyond very much. 

1 Contrary to, i. e. beside. 

■* ^tvyv, I am l^ntihed: ol ^iyoitttf 
the bamithed. 

" Lets M number, 

" Be still u-oroe off. 

P ('Ef) a{n6v. — Ndcff, f« exceed tketn ia 
recompensing ihem. 

^ Bore about, reported. 

' *Z% Tc, unto the time that, until, Tf, 
as in 1(wu re. 

* By requiting. Hc-»^ch. ; itKi{tfais' iant* 
Turof, So ifiitfouM is to retaliate. 

' AUme of those in our timet. 
■ To give up to Ml cart, 

* KaTa7fA^ (alrrov), 

* Take wdyrvr witli ij^ftSiffrara. 

* Sc. KOKoitpyovs 6»ras. 

' Having Kith him u-htttever might bt 
turned to profit i. e. in ibe way of trade. 

' From i9i\», (f0Xw,) in this sense, ia 
ccrlataiy iffBhSs. 

» Xmpas, ^v... *> With regard to, 

' Sc. tV ^auTov iucaiooinir, oi tavrhf 
liicau>r. Order : yivotro favtpbs (Jif) 0ow- 


<* Above erery thing, 

" Et Tis had preceded, having a plural 
t By him. 



[Pp. 60-m, 

!f Ah army of Irvt tjuatUij. lilf. His 
liaving sucli an artnj wm a pruof of his 
riglileouii ailniinisCration. 

>■ BtCauie Ihry knew. 

• Thfv^ monthly pay. KqtA, per: as we 
My Per an»vm. 

■> SkUfnl: lit. to be feared for auy talent. 

k From a principle nf juMtice, JustA 
rathnf. Hutch. 

> KttrcuTKtud^oirra x^ipaM ^t : tiocXattf 
iri/A im]Aementa of huBbanilry, &c. 

"' OblivQ. {rax/Txiv tV x»P«')» ^ newr 
robbed any body of jt^ (lit. us to it, Kori 
roirnjJ» &c.), he nerer appropriated it. 

«• iVho hid it for thtmulm frmm olher$, 

• Made for himself, conciliated. 

P Svyipyovt (^tKtlrav wpdyfiuTOi) ?,T4. 

t (KoT*) otrb, rt* to thin rery /.«r/ww,/flr 
trAiV/i he thought that he wnnled fricndt 

•■ For nn individual. 

• Sc. afrta, itccounts, 

• (/a reference tu) what . . . 

" EJ Toivu»rra -ri ^tcYdtXa, in C0n/crrrj»g^ 

• (A(4) ruAAot/. — Oli'^ iffSfon toijtow. 


* HdflfMVtt. 

^ ^6kuto would correspond better wjtli 


* EcLinunr, I. o, rvy ^/Awr. 

« Afficttd lo discourae cttnually with 
tkem. So Spt'lmfln, wfio jujtljr 1 1 refers ihis 
•nue to tliat of llutdimsun, diuourted on 
seriouM subjects : since •' the siilijeet of dis- 
cours<3 was of littJe conicquence to let tlie 
p^Wctatora know haw mucli he hunured 
tftcni : Uh manna' of conversing wild them 
could Dn[y do it." 

* Take this vrith ovBtra, 
*• Though a subject. 

•^ O&Toi (Oroii<a«) tZptv aurbv, tit ^tro 
nariv ol (hat, (vi/. tho jicrson to whom 
Urontas confided lus di>p.itdJOs to tlic King, 
anil wlio bcti-tijcd liitn to Cyrus,) difcu ^i- 
Aairtpop K u^y t^ iavru. 

•• Via. the King nnd Cyrus. 

•" AirroG, 8c. the King. 

' tVith uli thcdiviiion, — '(is (vpbs) &a<ri- 

■ If At confessed by oil uAo had txpeiience 
^AiM. 'Ex^rrmr {ivtnois) ipiirt.ipvt mnov, 

PAGE 01. 

•' He remained among bii countrymen, 
the S[)flTtan3. Hulcli. 

' I'reavnl, llic tiuio of llie persuasinn. 
: i Uacintf obtained ki* rrqueat oit tKe IfeU 
term* he could from ... lliua Lai. impetrv 
JE fiom ]HUro. 

t, xnno 

^ ToTi (oMfOwriv). 

' For »oiii* r^oaon. 

«' Om< o/ bi* country. 

'> On accoKNt 0/ thla he tnu emidimati 
to die. 

'^ Ma^tratet, TcXot, an oflk», frva 
r^AAttf, <TT^XAw, to eonimi»sion. 

P Livy : " C^xa ferret passim 
ntque ageret.*' 

't Norn, absolute : or for &s i^ ifr : trJhl* 
H wa$ IN his power, 

' To to great a degree* 

"• Sc. irrpdrtvua, 

< As far as couid be expected from ■ wmm 
of hi» temper. 

" To produce in them the o^avlrtna 

* There is when, i. c. nomethnet, 

" tint he ulto pHnished from conviction. 

PAGE es. 

X // it is erpecttd thai he skoutd .1 

•S|)cliiu Si ercubias nt.cTE tit meiv 

y Ab»t»in from pleatmg . . . 

• Prrfcmd to him. 

* Ih his looks. 
*> Audhii hur!,hneu teemed to 6e re* 

tian... Dun, 

*= 'tltrrt {rh xoAwi*) l^airrro 

1 And it MHur granted that the rml^d (S. e, 
the Boldior*) «A<iu/d j'o to other grnerab. 
Hutch, proposea hprxpnivon. Dun. coo^ 
struct thus : and it was permitted tlic aol> 
dtcra to go to other gencmla (&rrf <Tmu) 
iLpx°t*^**'ovst to be commanded. 

'* Were disposed iowurda him, 

f Under the preuure qf irant. 

f! The occasion presented itself /or their_ 
behaving ... 

'" And, if he should enter into the/ri 
<thip of the great, to make proper returmK ^ 

' Enterprise. 

) Sc. arrptrnvTur. 


'' Gire compcnsntinn, be jmvished, 

' Tb alrh {(rvf), the saint thing trit, 

'" The ptfssessions 0/ those nfio were 
their guard, 

" To treat, or to practice on. 

" Tii {aWui), 

f He thought it the u'ay to concitinte 
them by stamiering those irho were fprcmott 
in their friendship. 

') Itecnune he could show that ht k«d ike 
power nnd thi will . . . 

' While he mnde use "/ hi$ $erti€e», kg 
did not ddticij htm. 

?p. 6^—68.] 

PAGE 64. 


* Atlic of JJttji'. 

* At any time, ui in nay MOMHtr. Suoie 
truBsUte )( tandem. 

* rA« orcuwers o/. T/xi^o^au, I write 
down anothc-r'a daidc in urdcr to Wis acca> 

* (Hapa), at Ike hitMd$ u/ the cil^. 

* By not thinking thmt Godi to exist 
«c>4ojn tht city d«et, 

* Sacrificiiig lie was coDSjiicuous, i. e. 
Km mani/ettfy or njjm/y mcrijkni. 

. I Signijieii to him tilings to c«<me. 
• ^« Sc, T*x»T|* ffi't". reaUtj rxitti. 
. * ^H^unVf. — ii^inaii, o)runs derived fr9\n 
the toice of god% or nen, 

'• njen icho by divine ioterpuaitloo sud- 
denly come in one'i fcuif. 
. < That </ti'y themselves «re . . . 
'^ At he decided in hi$ mind, so he tpoke 


PAGE 66. 

•^ Shitteed tilings to come. 

' Advued oMny 0/ Ai« scholars. 

r Sc. to himself. 

'< It conduced to llic good of. 

* Shown, fig^iu/icd.— EZto, ci/Vcr a/I. 

i n«f>l or Ksiri. Tatra. Iti llti-so lliinga 
nonecouM Ujicve in luiy but Llic Di'ity. 7n 
Am quit alii fiJem hulteat quiim (iro* Uon. 

^ As niucli 35 to *ay ; For, thougli he did 
&ot «dmit diviuauon in tUc comtbon ami 
necetsary businen of life, yet he diieciml 
hill diaciples to it in difficult and tinccrtiio 

I '£j>J/u{'er is to be referred to avnPai' 
Xfvc. SotuG read iv6fui!Or, 

« Concerning things douUful at to thetr 

*• Rcisko reads fiayTtiM(i.lyous : as Phiv* 
drus: " Alium rojfanle* rv^ou luiscic iid 
Jovcin :" for rogalurot. 

" To udminiUer the ajfairt f/ n /amili/ ! 
Or to inhabit : witicli is tlu: scum: of olxitau 
aicw line* betuw. 

P (Ti) 7i^7Ci'rfj^o4 Tficroi'Mtiii', ^c. lie 
•eems t« mewu by t!»i» cuiitiu»t, tl»»t ni»y ono 
by the bare use of bi* imlurd fiirultioa nisy 
k-nm any imdr, but that it Ls only by omens 
from lli(! gods thnt we con Icnrii wbctlier our 
learning j|ud fcillowiiig it Vkilt benefit or in- 
jure lU. 

4 Ojic vfko txaminet into, 
f Even. 

* Bni what U^thc tnott purticuiar con- 
$tquemee in thne matters, Twy Iv roiron 
is iKftitmv h 4¥ roirroit iari. lion. 

I In a ]»aa»ivc sctite. 

" tiui that they were equally mud uhn. . . 
' Htf cxerttng their natural ;wwcr» *>/ 

" Older : KftWrop Xafitiv iwl fciVyof Ar«- 
vrtUcyw, a man irko knew hotc tn... 

• By facing in the scule, veigkine* 



y *A fuv $toi iS<Mca» (fLi^irou, A^frt 
sc.) fia/06m»s Toiuf. 1 

• Ailic foiin of JAook, 

• Not in tlic foruuj, but th« (^moMin^ 

** Me was not only tliore, but/iir the most 
part discoursed too. 

'' What teas culled by the snphitls xiv* 
fws, which means order and gt'ticf^ and wM 
honcc tiiinsfoind by tlioin to the world. 

• By what neutiary causes* 

' Zl much tbcaune as in. Or translate 

i Since that ecen those, whn piqne them- 
Nftwf most UjtOH diseomrsins concerning ikese 
tnl^cctif, arc not 0/ the same sentiments teitk 
one another, Imt are like mitdnun tegetlicr, 
" nfi>$ iAA^Aovr, not tounrds^ but betteegn.^' 

«• 'E^ ic. 

' Which meet y«ii at crory turn, every* 
where common. 

J That that which exists is one only. 
Cicero : <' ononi ecM oouiA, ot id cut 

^ Are in motion. 


* For Ikemsclccs and for any one cIm tkry 
{ilease. ' " 

•*• For Kol Ti (UAo t5v toioirvit Srsu " fty 

" As for himself hr conjlned himself t« 
discussion an hnman ajfuirt. 

" Dominion oeer. 

P He inu not clear in Ahovtiu^ koto he 
thought, it usis not cUar how he thttnff^j 

t Judged Oeside or eoitirary to y>li«t waa 
right. ^ 

•■ But tthrit they knew to be just and 
riicht I or, to be his o|)Wiioii». 

' That they did not htive regard to, letplt 

' Contrary tn, 

" Tlisit if), Thrasylui oMd Eraainidet and 
Sfvm others. 

♦ To put thnn to rote ti]ntu it. 

^ And by so doing /« guard himself 
tigainst, defeat the jilaiMi of, 
' fiol in the manner in which. 

PAGE 08. 
Brsidcs what haa Itten already said. 


* To have moderate wiahfs. 

* Though h£ ponicued. 
^ lie rtry tafiltf yrocurcd a luffieiency. 

(Tk) ifiKovirra. 

c Nut So, but he even : immo vtrd. 

^ He made to Utue, — IlM^af, bi/ cdu* 
sing- thtm. 

I'o '^ He pro/et»ed, held hiiiue{f under tn 

' He Curofl frum Ute profcssora to Uio 

)< Which tthen Ut conducted produce much 
Um$ muchief thnn . . , 

k Sc, * Kar^fr^upos. 

* To look down upon, de»pi»e, 
i The tame thingt as tlio>e we obtain by 

violeuce. Or refer to rk cufupipayra. 

PAGE 60. 

' Til' «c. Mp^vr. — A8, on lAr other 

"* They translate this itnpetkre, fiectcre. 

<* Desired, lit. b«at thdr mind to, or 
sttctcbed their IihikHb tuwarJs. 

» Theij were clear in beinf of thia mind, 
JAoJ ihU KfiM their mind i* clear from. 

f* HatliHg away coHtrmjtiuoHit}/ from. 

"i Thrif brgan upon, sc. wiihuui waiting 
for further inslructions from Socrates. 

^ Same as wpcfier^jt'. 

• Having Item trnKtuhcd, 

' Tkt aUUi of ilic city. 

NOTES. [Pp. (J9-1* 

no WQrk badpr g^oH, whcgroms lUrtkfX 1 
(pyoif to be a good work only. 
*■ That f« U petite i» lu^ml ciuf gmiftf 


> He affitnud or meant tkmt tkmt mht 
did tome govd were ictict mmet (werr goal 

doers) trere well empluyed. 

■" And vn thcte grvunds th£ t^ifimgi 
be well. 

u From UiftdB. 18^ 

" *' To /n>A<ti» otlicTfi. not to/enr. . 
SlaiTofiai is nlwajs active." Dun. " . 
Sicrat(T&eu is said in a wide vtjtxsc, 1 
turbal, with a diMtutbed wund to ^ 
drjkirture : for there was no room i 

PACE 72. 

V The acciuei »iid that 
pUined lhe$c itorilit, nai/.,, 

1 Sor the pcofik tlH-mu!lre»m *• L._y 
licatly : so far was he from tiiiuking 
mulutudc nliould be bCKtun, tliat be 
bffnends tlicm." Ben. 

^ Piirticularly if beaidtt tktM thrf f 
redden. 'AAAwt tc (koI) i^, in «*y « 
MM and if. 

• (napA) Tw wi\ft, at tke kmmdt ^ \ 
city. — Kal rot/T yufioht fftcrMrwr, (^ k» ' 
amines according (0 the lawt, 

t Noi ot\\y this, but indeed, 

" Not only thia, but no< C9tn. 

V Liable to : lit. held in. 
" Making them to ctattft^m Ikeu, 

PAGE 70, 

" Middle voice. 

* Mttide them: «:. preaenlcd before men. 

* Yet u'€ do not »» judge concerning 
other matteta. Or (UXa ia tiuiuiiiative. 

« AptKt any art. 

» /f/if r or b^ going to other mastera. 

* That ii, Tifi. Obaoletv toi, santo «a tjt. 

* fiatf hv^ fathert themxeUcea. 

•» Prorw/ed tA^y Ik' ms^/vfj, tJie fathrra, 
AfAaiv correctly. 

c Or And tA« Alamc orsiunicion ^it. 

•' 'CSiSnaicf (roi^r ffiirrfrrai) wpowriKwti^fif 
robi wvripas, 

PAGE 71. 

« Making them betiere that he made . . . 
t Order : abrbr 8i ^JuTKtii' ft^ovs iliovs 

TlftTJl tlvM , . . 

a In cotmpariaon with. Aa aaid of one 
thing brought to another and compared. 

* 1%at he choaefor hia own purpoae. 

* rb (t-aoi)^ the Buying. 

) That no work is bad. The accuser re. 
pr««en(a Socratea as conatruing tliia lo mean, 

PAGE 7». 

« 'flf [pOlJii^Ulv'). 

> Fvr he Mid it wouid nU bt rig 
the g^». 

I This line is from Itesio-l. 

■^ Kar^ ^iyatkip : {Take cnrt) la 
aacrijicea according to your mcaiu. In 
versham Cluxrch is an inscription «'• » : ■•» ' 
who •• relieved the wauta of h. 
neiiftibours in full ]uo))"rtion lo h< 
I'hik 18 however ob kot' &y0p«twop, 

*» fn regard to the rt»t of omr i ^ 
friends nrc a part of uur Juitra, ainccl 
thi-m we ir^tour^ft/^m. 

<^ Thnt thai nxu a good adtite, 
Mya, Do to the beat ofyov power. 

«> (TaiTj) if) Stou'vp . . . ^ . . . 

* VnUaa there ia aome dtvine iiil4 
to the contrary. 

* With confidtnee that be will null 

* So much meana ff erpendHmrt mn 
cause one to live tofi^a^ivt itai i»fiij^f . 

fc OT8a. 

* Ut nud tago m> prepared for it. *M« 
plap. uae4 as impetf , 

i *0 belongs to rovrv. 

i^jb. 7«— 78] 


k Bnntmd tkt (wcadM, it^^nd what the 
' The Mm« u, koI ^^ bt^Arras »(r«ty. 

PAGE 74. 

» Wtlh mttny tueh enti-rduntnciita. 
» Both hy btinf ifmpetaU aa well from 
the $mgge»thn i>/ Mrrcury a$ by his own in- 
dividunl/reUngt, and by kac'mg abttained 
from touckivg cmi k ttiiug* intemiKiuiiltf , . , 
, f At the Slime titnt betnff .'Virion*, 
*^(na/>') AiTov iiaXtyofi^vou irtp\ . , , 
' * For tiai¥ «8i Tivai, are there thine 
whom. A* in Pri>[>ertins : *' Eet quibuB 
FJeoi concurril pRlma riuadrigo;." 

* And he. Fritm koI In 9t<«ttni l<> hutf 
come tfuoi^ fUun, iiUnn^td to fni, &cimc'wliat 
as I|)sus brcanit' Ipsr : *«nil from iral %, ^u<r. 

" nrfrtpa rSiv,.., nj tha things which 
€0nfuin no meant of conjecture nhy tluij 
trere made. 'Ex^rrwv, h'lring ihemKiret. 

' It M becoming to think. 

* Fttr ulilttjif'a sake. 

' fy ere formed in u» ns the aacerialMer if 

FAOE 75. 

pawtifuf tre. 

> SocMtffl answers: 'Ewwtr', then d«il'C 

' Cicero: •• Dru« !i 
to* comtituit, at ileun. 

' Ltwi to ffn/frr ill, birciii^e we OU be 
Ix'tter on our ijuard. 

™ Hesjrt h. : 'E^rrd' ... troir^ Xotvi rir 
dArfywi- ^dmf, K«i Mptnrot, 

PAGE 70. 

" OfaF (t« oRrav), oA/*". 

" 'Hur^Bi (»»pl) (kAv IJti «W, /A/*/ /A-'j/ 

r> Fut hemdt, cvmpHnd mith. 

1 'ExM (T.f) 

•^ .Vm*:* uninmls »» up*!, .^ , 

* Iliseennij <idriinlvife in tL«t, orfi^lv-a 
//fj/rr condition f«>r that, 

' TAr »nicer*al inoridmcr of GtjJ. 

>* Plural, because rl 0«<oi i» e/ 0ca{, 

» VompUltl^ eicape the nttue of. 

PAGE 77. 

y Thii WHS not tlie ttUe of tba «rot4, 

which wtit^n.(Mi. 

y Dnet nnt lbi» aha api>f<i ',> re- * HetMfoHdofjJiiMeing. 

sembte an operalion if Pmt ■'ince ' /« (*<• same manner a* wlint ^^ocnlM 

thesightitdeliciUe,thefi'ii,i.,„.^ .; #ri/A had bt-en ioiroduced aa before iu^iug, 
eyelids tH the tnanner of doors, tchich op,n •■ (Kari) tV>> • 

when there t« awff nccmtion for using li, inu^ 
ehte during sleep f and, thnt not even the 
vindg may hurt it, the making eyt'Utshes to 
grnw by tray of a strainer or sieve, n«d the 
guttrding (bridging) thr parts over the eyr* 
with eyebrows in the nunncr of tares, so 

thitt not even the sweat l^c nrnt that the figure. 

foreteeth are able to cut, and the grinders, ) Wide open, ttaring impudenllj/ 
vpon their receiring their food from (hem, xrrdrrvfu. 

Into salilude. 

* Kai (^if<rt) ^ojr^vai. 
' (XaTJk > T> . . . — 2x^MA« air^ gnit, 
f I'ampered. 
'' Than trhai wtta real. 
More erect and tall thtm her tmturnl 


hare the power of chawing it? Dalz. 

' Sc. iwh rov aupLorat, the txcrementa. — 
Awtrx«p»i {icni). 

• (Tb) ttaraBtTftu. So (t^) tcwotrrpt' 

•• At far as jMStihlr : lit. at far q» it pot- 
tihte to do )o thr most fur. 
*" Oo, i. e. o6k htop». 

* To one rrfieeting : middle. 

A.Afid the eireumstance too that kc 
Alwr tfonfrot; vindersland iiTop^U vArtpa 
T^XHI ^ yyvfsn* trrlr ; 

' Thu U the «n»wer of Atiitodemua. 
*^i\9t, certninly : pmptrly, do mot tromblt 
yourself about it. it is tfuite clear. 

t Obxoiiv. thrr^forr. It jhoiitd be pro- 
periy ntteiidi .1 hy ,.n ugterrogarion : nonnel 

^ In the same equable tcay aa brCoteb 
' {Iltpl) woK^fi^tf. 

"> Formed not from ^porrlJV, but ^pov- 
Tt4tt, ^posntiaoty Utrta, ittts, tsU. Duo. 

" Light en oil these things with /Mfl 

'• Of a want of tlioae mean a by trhich. 

PAGE 78. 

1 On aceomnt of the good things I pow^t. 

f Things as they are. 

* Tkt arts themsttr-et and tki mtde of 
vsing them, 

' 'ttt^riof (VttI), «fv mttt accsiUom. tA 
iriifia ♦mfprr*?* rp yv^ft^. 

Anal Cr. MaJ. 



mm ^t 



PAGE n. 


• Diftrmt, 

• nggmi, ap p — e rf to bmIi f mm X0%,h.c^ 
< Thtf kmn em utit td ar ■ii pl erf. 

' Trve of cvMoiB. 

' 'O t£s fl&U, dl NKVyWiM <••'• 

^ Thimkimif, M Lmw I>«»c». 

• Tbe f«lh«r of » <i>iikm , 

» 8o«e triMhtt 4«4r «li/f, «mi mw. 
Il mmt* nihcr HrMfft tHtmUf. ALU. 

I #»^«#«^ in ]*ocr«trs ia oftea f« •fif'y 
|« tc««r4. AUG. 

) StrerthtUf tk&y rf« ■«/. A* would 
Imrc tiiwwfrcd iN'ttcr tiiitn ^V 'o ^i** ™ *"* 
Xif fiiv. Hut, ■» (tf^oi /lir iirrcrdcH, k con> 
fusion t* pTrvfntri). 

ClUy M^y cuttieate im •^•rai tn tiueeh. (Jr 
jMiMf /A<' icay ill tlwM ili>n|{«.— (Kwri) r& 

' Tw wirr^ om/orw. 

'" nMfNU\7|0ti >• hare a «aii fo thqurnct. 

Far t^timtu u ; kbt^ vXat'aM rMf 

rhMT «nka kmt« it. 
« S<. 4Mn^^ ttrfMUn, WoU-ALL!. 

RAthcT fajfTJr. L c. ^dn». DVS. 

' f«ra«c« M miik thett, h«u bv tWa 
tai (lie lUL 

* JfaJkriic (Aa« Vtiugt f mtti kl e , 

' Off (o«ra) k^'ljnUmn, ^ th4Wt. 

■ TAu nerntheint n mot mU . 6mi Ac 

* //< Aiui«i«drtf 4u rmaxrctfa .• *' fvai 
familiarem enrarit." AUG. 

* Familiar, huMpHmhlf. 

■ Thate trka vatrt mtttnliwr tm kimu 

' TAiil Nitriini/ il*Kp»%itttn «ra« afm^tr 
lAita iA*- (let o/ /ait (tftmriffl niaHitJbjy 

'And cboica ilt«ii mate ■«eniti|y ef Urfk 
and connexion. , 

^^ Wr A«ni« frravf Al via to aiow, «sJWA4lci. 


Pp. 85—90.] 


PAGE 85. 

'I It U hnpcuibit for vne to bt thu» dit- 
poaetl ia tut mini/, tcho . . « 

if fioi Sancviii}! iiriiov>fai xKtlaroy wpiif opt- 
rifti, to muke the greatttt fimgrctt lowanh 
virtue. So Auger. 'EviSUkd/i.! \» to tufter- 
add, mcreaUf get forward. " 'Enrrfdcv^- 
Twy wKtitrrw iic, to dcvute the most of i/our 
attentitm to rirtm." DVN. 

" Hy txerciae. 

1 Acfjuire hy ttud^. AUG, '^wurrhtii) i» 
from itriffrofiat, vfhkh tonietiines aignifips 
to direct (ho ntletitiun lo ; i^lj-njtu (vow). 
Or Iraofllate add to t/our knowltge. 

^ Freceptt, txhuriuliuM, 

PAGE 86, 

' To mert than by teords, to addreu 
them, iu a friendly manner. 

i Toiaihoi, sc. iyKperHfS. 

^ Ifyttu think those to be gaiH$, through 

' If you liold yourself, tehtite, in Hk* 
mtiHner to thou wlto offend againtt you, as 
vou think itjuat that otiurt alto thoutd be- 
have towards yonrteif when offending againit 

"' And a» being a man pat yoarfelf in 
mind of il : i. e, aad rememlicr Ui«t you are 
a muti. 

« Allow uf, take an oath forced upon or 
retinired nftlire^ on two ground* only. 

" Tq your t(i$t or C09t, 

I' You pretend to urant. 

1 for if yim do not gain th«ir offer of 
assistance or thcii secrecy. 

' Approve. • Vaiue your property. 

' On account of iti making up for. 

* Y«m wiU Mkffer the aamr. be treated in 
the tOMc tM»ner with. 

PAGE 87. 

* At indifferent prraont, i. e. who tight 
on you at a Tenture. 

* 'AAAi seems muclx Ibe same aa ned. 
We ahoutd rather liave expected rlrou p.h 
vepj'hi, &AA' 6fiiKriTiK6i. iiul I'lalu liai 
below : 8ti |3affiA«a iroii}<rai' rp iaurov 7»- 
nrp(f rhtf fouy wpoff4x*Wt 'AAAA p,if tAi' 
'BXA^wwv i-tr,$ov\tvfiv <p9op^. 

*■ Vttn put up wUh. 
^^9 Being serious amid joktim 

* Afitalt which mo$t men labor under: 
which 13 Ihr cane with moat. 

* It suffern the iume with, their c«»e t« 
the tame with. 

*> Failiog of. toting, 

' nai8e(a, education, U oppoaed to iarcu- 

Stvaila, ignonactt mmetutkneu, incivility. 
For '* ingrnuas didiciase fideliler artet 
Emallil nioriis nrc linit o»ie feroA." 

'' Do othfr low or icrung (hingt to at to 
he f^uinrrt by tliein, 

' But line (i. e. airoiSfuo^Ia) alone ia woni 
even to ii\}ure mortoctr tkuse who have it. 

' To him they are wont t» git€ retribu- 

t Xpdov : UBC words, speak of the tnaltet 
as if it did not conettn you. 

»> Their trill. 

t'Atit 88. 

i Sc. $lotf. 

i At those good things which happen to 

^ 'lake (itrpius with x«*P* ** **'*'! •■ 
Kvwov. AUG. 

' But do not be conspicuous In others oa 
being in either ^ do not lei il be manifest Ih^ 
you are, 

" Sc. ^y ToA^^y. 

'> At a peculiar privilege lo ihe good. 

^ j4 « regards your present age. 

P By meant of tr in the comrte pf tkt 
tame work. 

1 / thought : middle aenae. 

PAGE 80. 

r / shall have thankt to God, ihalt tfiunk 
God, if I fail nut of the expectation t happen 
to have of you. 

* In the moit genuine manner. 
^ Stick to, cling to. 

" Kol iKt7, ac. iv Tif ^tx0vn*iy. 

" liemember thefirtl atftel the last. 

* That it ti practicable for the bad to do 
t4)W ibiD|;», ur to do every thing they choose. 
For t4 twx<**^* *''<^ tilings of obvious Occur- 
ra&ce, iaditFercot, common. 'EySixf^^i t''* 
nature or tbe case admits it. 

* S II ba Lraturu , foundat to n . 
y It is not possible. 

' Or to hare many centurers. Augrr 
propoMS l> atrroiij fii) voWobs fxfi", t. e. 
without having many ctnsurert. 

* At thoae who profess themseltu t^ bt 
reoBonablf, rational, good, 

•* The common berfl, 

*" Fall tatrer than tbeir professions or tbe 
ezMctatioo* tbay bad rii>iiR<d. AUG. 
^ Think. *■■ Have made. 

PAGE go. 

' In the cote ^ thotc most nearly rehtti 
to them. 

f How thty ur* affected towards* St 

* Ace ro« 

* Vm tkink IWI y** we u dbe caid of. 
ktre mUmmfd peffetiim im, 

* CW V «*<'> * <**'- 

r Givn; ■■ mmu •*# I* «ftaii< to tm 

PAGE 91. 

I To^ii rMf tr ia to take cire th*t k funr- 
nl i« made ; wonia^iu to nuke it oneseU. 

i /a rarioB« ir«|r«. 

^ S/emf : i. e. runs ti>e Aatsarrf of beiog 
thoufbu— TvYxclyct ac. J wlhmi kn9i4tnmr, 

' Understaad ivalvav frvx* vw'- 
■ ** iff roM^oM. " Middle Mase. 

" A^amt a-«fi iitdarov irol tA . . * 

P A beautiful irony. He cecretl; bkmeB 
tbe»e oraton for pr&uing where praiae waa 
not due. GOT. 

t Tnckiiig ttum out mcstfintty $omekoie 
trith namti- 

^ I huee quite noble J'etlingt, I /tet eU- 

* Or« T^ waKXi, same as wt Td iraXAo, 
jilerumqtie. LOERS. 

" To futve tkete tery Mme BentimvnU aa 
loygf If foicardi . . . 
' The re§t »/ ike citt/. 
" AH but M the islandM o/ the ble»t. 

* for 8»T*|) T^¥. 

y (irt OB trfU in liia »peaking. 

» " ,S> enim oiiortcrtt ctl in Pctoponneto 
Athenientei «rarr." FlC Uui 'A^aioi/f 
ii mhcr goTcrncd by «2 \e>«ir, ». e. 9«pl. 


* Do ffou rratlij think y*u %vouU be able? 

* Thai i», rerff tkiltat. 

' KmintHl •iMUf, LA meant loterTal 

* You mtan, 
' You arc right : /ur I mtuu htr. 

^ SHBhemmUhteMe, 
' Qfmf mgm emm^ u nti m m , 
i We k«l afro** Uru i^l iw. 


k SkewptUtkrwmgkfmt mrhmt^mtth^M 
•If OK tuck urn occaaaoa. fmrt exUmfun, 
mmd the rt^fnm lummg/tnmtHp t>mudtnt 
itt irArt, M it $etmM #• aak-. •*€ <«>«^>a«^... 

' Pmttimg («f£lArr •mm: ttrmfjisj.^tm ^ » 

■ Uaieta id»kerttm it^mru, 

frraf es by her. 

" Why then hare yc« M4 recited it f* ^^ 
•// /ikia vkiie .» " Car •«« r^rr» /" TIC 

• t would ttlmutt. 

• Stnpfing mfirt/. 

PAGE 95. 

" 'Erw onpo«e<i to Xjyy t>e>low. 

* a* OMr h. 

■ Vii. fbf 

X a,, fi.. ., 

'Ex .,r, i.e, died 


* Tp praue them netardhtg U IW •■«« 
o/' Molarr .- /o geUct thfv d{fertnt p^itt^^ 
glary ia thrir MnlHntl conmfxium. 

*• Toirrattt refer* to firyiyttup. vpof^, vw* 

' Fir«i frfgraw thtir nohtt biHk. Dalad 
wl-U observes that wc »Loulii raibet b««« 
rxpcclcd KotA r^»< ^jF ciry^cM^, irsvrav 

'' /n/arf oi living in ilieir own mum* 
cfty. ^ 

' Vou trould expect tcupunoutt but Ite 
author paaaet on to tlic infinitirc< to (^rcTcnt 
a concourM of participle*. LOERS. 

' Aii [iari), 

« Contmra tvgtthtr with ihcb cotxatryi 
&ci«f &eNi>r<(/. u hunvred uHh Aar. 

PAGE 91. 
*■ AUvana anil Neptuac ri<jrtt^>»..|^ ^ 

Pp, 9^-9«.l 

tber M t» wliicli aWuld give • name to the 
ok** So U WAS Cttkkd 'A^yai izum. 'A^ffinf. 

> Ai if man iirst spraog from Attica* 

> An uniniul which. 
k Noii/t*! (cTraO* 

* A test by which a wvman atto aAoit'i 
ikat the has pruJucrd. 

•o 0» tnhu{f t^f. 

" Sh* did not bfgrudgt otherii tkit fruity 
Imi dtMtribnted it qfttrwarda to u4hi-r» ut$o. 

" To htr soRC 

P To let be, pa»i over. 

M n«9cv<ri/xtyoi (^ma<) ^p^ous r^X""" 
»!>*». . . 

'' Having inttituiti /or thtmttlve$. 

* Tiokrrtla is • re|>ublic, adininittcrcd by 
Itkwt and institution*. DAL. 

* 'KyerfKBuip {, i<m ) iifXiidat irs .-. 

■ Whote Mna art thoie that hare died. 

" Kal iruf {torn/). 

" Pcricle* cnlJs it a Jemocracy. Socnitea 
bad reapect to liic magistratea. Vericlea lo 
the right aud power of the pwojile. DAL. 

' And auectuiotly for the mott part 
from that time. 

PACE 0«. 

f An^ thing eUe they pltaae to ttXi it. 

* Th* food opinion, good wUL So 
Stephena pruposet fur tMo^lat. ** Cum 
i/itadttm attetoritttte ftoputi." FlC 

* S^nnciiiHra herttittartf , tomttitnttttecttd. 
^ 13 Mt tht people mere for the mMl ptirt 

the dominant party in the ttate. 

■= The offices of ibe staieg, mugistrttdea. 

"^ By rraaun of aickntu, 

" The ohacurily. 

' la wont ta be Ttjected from office. 

t F»r the cttntmty rtanann. 

•» Sed k.rc enl aumma. FlC. 

' So that their gncemmentx ntso itre ««• 
»qttat, both th* abtolute pitwer ^f one and vf 
a few. DAL. 

J Order : iAA' q urd7oi'(a j| Kori ^\>vi» 
ikvayKi^ti rtfteiS ^yfrttv WoifoplaM ttarh v6imv. 

^ In no other thing. 

' With, agiiiHit (jfctka. 

■° Hov they defended the Argivet againat. 

n la too ahort, 

*» Mavotni) i. i*. Tfx^. '• muaiCf poetnj, or 

P In bare prase. 

^ We may ptrhupx appeal inferior to 

' To poM by. 

* Sinee aiao they receive their meed ef 
jnaiae through the poeia. 

' Of thoae erftloHa, which no poet haa 
celebrated worthy of their dignity, «nd 
which atiU lie in oblivion, J think my»e(f 
bound to mention the gallant actora, both 
batowimg on them their meed of praise ^ and 


inriting oihera to make them the aubjeeU ^f 
their jtorma and Tcrxts. DAL. 

PACE 96. 

» That ia h4vxor, reatraitud : and ao it 
should be read. 1->AL. 

* We mmal pereeire thia valur. 

" Hefer Kiy<f to ivcufttr. GOT. 

■ ''tip. As if it bail bren rpiffl jStviAciwi. 

y By hi* magnanimity. 
* i^Hp^ev) Aiyinrrov. ' 

» An far an it tran paitiiihle to prnetrate. 

^ Thought hitneelf equal to rival him. 

' Middle aeuae. 

«• Giving out at a pretext that tee had 
plotted againat Sardia. 

* Detired him tA come letiding capUvi^a. 

' They went down, 

v 'tis {PoiA^omat), aa Judging that it wem 
etuty for thtm lo bring the Atheniana under 
the aaine yoke teith the rrrlriana, aud lead 
them ciiptire. " For us iroi^ov (rftaty Brros 
«c. rov x^piou." cur. ** Vtpule ((UihI illia 
ad id afdiaaimum erat, ut . . ." FR'. 


"• The day ^ter the battle. 

' Were quiet, lit. ted a courae of ^uiet. 
TliB Latins say Ducrre aestafm. 

J Sc. tA nctrit ri/p rpoir^u rmv, 

^ To risk fidx^i*- 

' We muat therefore give i# them the 
palm in vur aik-ech. 

"" The explnit which joined an with thoae 
at Marathon. 'E{^s bss a dalire, being 
from txafAatf l(apat, to bold an with. 

" or^ rs t^*-) iKlyott ipUaaBttt iroX- 
Kabt . . . 

*> Had the idea Ihat they were, or had the 
re]fHtatitin of being. 

r ToSto riiy . . . ifi4p (^irr*»>> iwatrt!^. 

•« 'EAA^Miy is goTemml by ixip-*vo¥, Ti 
^X^M**'^'' Tiwt i* that which >* joint d <» anu' 
thing, ai 6pot ix^h*"** 'PoMirni. COT. 
"t.xofmi in tbia case ii govcmefl by irp6», 
flee. " Metum Gratia inattum." FlC. 

•■ Made thrm to eeaae fearing, 

• The exploit at, 

• '* .Vri/tt(i« tirfteitr caoaam ertilin.*t*." 
FlC. That is, oTrioi'. Or understand Tplrar 
(»«pl, in reg'ird <»,) T^f. 

• Kotyhf ffJij TaDro (tr) . . . 

PAGE 08. 

* (Kara) t^, in thin the greateat mfatr 
all theai' (tbe .\tli«iuans and Laoedemo^ 
tiiana) repelled tbe barbarians. 

* Sc. iyKwixiMT&ffaomai. 
> Sc. ir^SjUoc. 



»tl Sr» ttekntmplrgt tmr tkanh*. 

» To ijlot for. 

* 0« bthalf of Ihcmsrlrcn : plural, be- 
CAttie rif ir6\u coatainv a plurality. 

*> T4iere came upon it that which i» wont 
t9 fall /mm men on thnae who are pro*]>f- 
rnui. Or in tv¥ iyOfxiratv i> belttrr laken 
aftL-r Totj ; »c< T9?» iK r&v avQ^ww cS 

<^ Arrayed thit eity thougli vnwiUing in 
tour iaiw) with €irtvkji. — After Mrra I have 
pul 7^ for 54, ns a tjetler coaoexioD of tiie 

' Sc. al «o\tra^ pi 'Afh^fcubi. 

• The action tphick /allowed decided the 

^ For thete, the LaceilenioQians. 

f ThoK vko were Hniuady expriltd. 

•* H'erc fjtaccd in thit j)ublic monmmtnt 
the first aftfr the Perxlan u?tir who were thus 
honored by the city. B«low, iy6dS4 Ktiyrai. 

' Extensite. TLa PclupunneHan war is 

i Having raraged. 

^ Muking the eit%f a return it did not 
deurcc at then liamls. 


' Up to victory and no fuTllier. 

"> Floral : becaute cfTci is plural in spdsc. 

" Sc. wdtnuv T«*' *EAA^i*i»' Tt»i>i yiryiftiiyai 
Aatttiaitioktoirs above. 

" '£5f ({ar yacSiyTts, tttey Bhtnued /ActI Ihey 

p Tl>u»e who lind Hailed to Sicily. 

1 In thin, hif thi». After iBtMrrix'O^'^ 1 
liavc omitledi a scnleuce, of which the 
whole is confuaed, and the alludioQ i» ao 
obscure thot Loers believes half of it to bo 

' On which occasion. 

* Intirftjtted, Itluckaded. 

' Um>ing, though thu!^ diiitinguished, tmf 
an anicorthf/Jale in not t/eing picked up uut 
of the Siti whvn shipwrecked, lie hfee sc. in 
an empty Innib, in n cunotaph. The hie- 
rarcha 1 herani^nes and TIira»ybutu8, who 
were GomtniaAiooed to exiricate them, left 
the ihipwreckeil iifte r tbe battle to perbb. 
Xtinopbon, H. G. vi. 

u (KaTi) T^v r6T(. 

* Eniertained the Ihougtit. 

PAGE 100. 

* True things were expected by the city : 
U thought right. 

* Utf our own differencet. 

T The domestic tear. He alludes to the 
Thirty Ty ranis. 

* No one would irr«A hit naltd pUue to 


labor under thia iiUitemtprr in 

form : so easily and quietly *nk» thM « 

war tertniunted, 

• Mingled wiih. 

*> naf»' tKitlia. {t^v oIomp) ro'n, ttrntemj 
to the erptciitthn of tke rent of Uut Gfttkt, 

'• True and genuine rtlationtkip. 

f B4$tuos, uf two t^nniQBlioM*. 

' To reameile them tugether^—{Tpimnf} 
y. Or fur ^ (i. e. d<i) nad iLs. 

« for IhuiC who ctinqnered. FIC. *Er ia 
not/ur. Perbfl|i8 we should read iwl, nvr, 
as before : iS<mi Iptl firl toTt i uo t uM m, 
GO r. Or is 4*. in th. ' 

<> It %«as their nii<(c. r their 'fcolt 

' The same {^a-trv) urm uum, of tkt $md 

i WV have forgiveness for^ w/of^ite, ' 

^ They defended them*<lt*m ma wutak m 
they could. 

' Well treated. 

"> Under Lysander. 

" By which. HC. But i»T^. sent 
exprch) this. Unless i.y^' a>r is put 
(ray tpytev St') iy, a$ a recom}tense fit^ 
acts of ours by ichich, aome ti>i«<^ e {•''li^ 
the ic«t. 

" Resolring that it would no lottger amiM 
the Greek*, either ensUtted by emek otkef 0f 
ty the barbarians, the city Iktit renkoMi 

I' Began to take lhi» line of c&nimti, 

1 For I ikoutd not har* to relate tkingt 
done of old nor done many yearn befwe, bat 
wliat ii in your owo recollection. 

PAGE 101. 

' A need of the $ervice$ ofotn jtetithn* 

ingfor them. 

* Tuv T«. PlMu teemi lo hare neant 
after Kaplvdwi to say koI ovrbf i fiaertA.«i»\ 
but nfitrwards varied llic expression. 

* \Vhut ts the molt marvellous of att, 
" It happened or occnrred to hint. 

* 'AAV 1i : andintaad bit4 either frm 
this city, or from none at all. 

* He had atU-mpted to destroy. FIC 
« Tht servant of the treakcrpartjf, 
> Persist steadily nor keep her resmtmtion* 
» Changed htT purpose. 

" Hai'iHg (J rt cere nee for. 

^ And, thoufih she only suffer^ed exiles 
and votunlinM to a.msl him, she wan Hum 
confessedty his preserrer, by suffering her 
exiles . . . 

« 'E(c«<{a/*^»Tj : in eeenn to mean j|g «|> ^ 

<^ Sc. Ti}i r6\*«es. ^ V 

° Required the city and tie allies to girt 

up. — The DipoDt luid Dnisr) carry the p*. 

reniheaia from Iprelptf io evpLnixptt t Ui« 

pp. loa— 105.] PLATO. 

Mnap B^ema 10 rae to requife k ahould slop 
at 4i4i94W. 

' Tkimlamg lee akoiUd nut wish it. 

• Ht was deceived trilk rtfard t». 
. ^ Wr did tn»l emdure. 

" Th T^s itdKtmt. periphruiis for q w^jf." 
■> Bui f maiite Greeka. 

PAGE 102. 

^ Htitrtd oj <i fortifc^ bretd has n)elt<>d 
into, impreued iUelf ctoxety. 

\ W4 wen again lt(/t to act al»He : u «t 

■" Having comt i« the tame ritwttiim om 
that btf n-hiek ur imdrr wkifk we irrrr Jur- 
mcrtff dt^eiUtd, 

" iiy the hety of Gwi. 

" IVt concluded the tear. 

P O&rvT £kc. : the Alhenians liaviag the 
mlTAatagr, llieir etiemiea were gind to come 
tw tenns. 

* 'Ayadol llietw) ical ol t^c. Tb» JUce. 
demoninoB lost the command of tlie era 
aftrr an action fought hy them at Cntdot 
with tli« itUict aud the Ftrniaua undar Co* 
lt0P» Uiccomntondfr of the iVrdiui tlrel. 

* noX^A icai traXa {((Ttk) tk t'lpi^^tiva.. 
' F#f tme icko intended . . , 

" ('M/ios wirr' tjfSpa) ntfurnfi^Povs : if 
behovf$ as, every man of ua. 

* Sc. (^r T^) cia-frr : 1 am juet in Mjiog» 
it i»jn»t for me to say. 

* 'Eir^jtTjUToi' ^M^K A«pry7AXtu» t«>»» X«i- 
«0f^V0(95 to thoso who are left Ix-hind, to 
•W pMlmly. 

* In eiue tkey ahoiUd die, ir Acn thnf »homld 
mAt thrir lires in battle. Tldffxtt rt («I/4ap- 
Ii4if«r or Ain^ir(irro»>). Cicef" : " Velktne 
fJUaoni«Da» in pairiam, si tfuid accidutel, 

» iflkeif hnd ftotctr giren thrm. 

* {naf*) aS/ri¥. — (.'£«) wartpmr. 

' r*oMf /i we kat* ike power. 'Hitiff your 
^ £HNf mlo diigTMie, 


< Tbat it is nut liveable by him wlio . . ., 
that life it < burden to him vho . ■ . (BfoK) 
ifiimrgr. or A^^vrof h imprr^i>nai. 

'^ Kol &AAais very ofti-n used in Grc«k. 
where io o(h«r languages it would h««e no 
place. LOER-S. ( trt^inly tdi' t» intirrc 
woald be quite tutticicut. 

. * Fitting utf detdtuU of, tkie thing, vir- 

f Middlt aense. 

« The more notvriow mAtbeinfoet mftre 

'• Thinking htmuif to be emnethtng, 
htirittg *ome opiniom of kimeeff. 

* Tkrnugk « defieieveif in hie own . , , 
i off tM {wKr4poi).—Xpif, it hehittet out 


^ To exhort themthni... 

' *Ei» llpa, i/ in rii;ir. "Apo connrats tU« 
calamity and ttie sciiuiccence in it. la such 
iM»Unces it is usually Inmslatvd perchance, 
but without much reference to its deriva- 

*" And it beharee o«r soot mot to veep 
u^ith them, i. e. not to rncnurage thfir Rrirf, 
(/fir //u-y, i.e. our noriB, irilt not need any thing 
ehe to trombie them, for their present irovhle 
wilt be emoeigh to grieve thtm,) hot, henling 
and nooiking them, it beharee our soos to 
put them in mind ice. 

" For iLey will not. 

PAGE 104. 

* ff'ho are the gmit<Jit bletoingM. 
f AeccordtHfi to hi* with. 

1 /4 n J themt* he* to be the otime. 

' Yielding to their misfortune*. 

■ Or that our eneomitut* mty whett t# 

' 8c . woiti$f or iKPalftif. 

" Hut it liecuinr» ihtm tnfiMl nf nit to be 
our ematniiuh, by Mnnt/e*tiMg in deed that 
they appear to be in rtatity the brave /ether* 
qf brave ntfa. 

* " Se ifuiU nimtM.*' 

* Dipcnd ujHiT) himtelfoione, 

« Or nrurlt/ so. f Hang, depend, 

* Errn kiJt mm i^airt, 

* (Ai>roi;t;, that they having the tame 
sentiment . . . 

^ If they opjtresa thetmoettes with grief. 

« To decorate w-iiU pfai««s. 

<* Oil ec ting Ihtir attention to them. 

* They will Itett forget their grief. 

f To be Hunounced by un. '* jVm^r* n«- 
mine nostri<i pradiinre mffieiet." ¥iV. 

PAGE 105. 

( ('H T<(Ait) ^Ti^cA^irrTai (a^Twv). 
>• On their behalf. 

' Af'o^uu ruv fiiv, / rrtiKeat the one IR- 
deed, viz. the sons. 

J To hope Ihe l}e*t f*r themaelves, 

' Ai*y tndiriiiiml "/ their friendt. 

•" DifffTtntUj from or emineHtUf oAmw 
their other citizens. 

■* Conuniis ihe cnre of such to the highest 
magistrate. FlC. 'Iliat isi to tba polo- 
march. GOT. 

« Educate them together. 


r ^1 


*1%ninit»fUtitirf^/k^^kmm, Umtmtm ■■in iij ^^^« 
l»«dbc Or iMrf thttt, Jmnmkid mitk A* 

• Amd mitkmwl ditfmU ft^tmg ktn4f m 
tkt tUmmtmm tf «* htw «W jm to Otf 4r- 



• nUak htr f*r hgt jywtf* 

• a«r taW eaft f«a ^ art tal ^pavit 
Mr, i. e. irlJ hrt 1 kMC Mcittd ba nirril. 

f ^( iiu« low «r *»§, 

[^Soirft * uti ^ pttfpUelj ommf.] 
« *Ofl^ w tkt 4am; ** Bfat BAX afaik. 
arc ttaen mu (Hm." Aad V^lpM /Mts b 
fihtf jfrae 40Mi. FISC. IXe <um «*m i> m 
MMl etm^deUtf tkt 4am*^ 

• Are ftmjiui emmt, mr tamt UmK met t 

• Utpderatelj, pnuj well. J pr«l/y f«>d 

' ^^*r rMiM IliMt t9 b* M» Umg «adkr 
Mi w mreUked, m jim waOd Iw, tnd I 
walMd TOO. 

f (Di^> mw. / A«*c Ams /«r «mw time 

k p^uj tj,« time. 

' On ttceouHt qfyoiir frame «/ 

PAGE 107. 

i /}cfn;7 mold a» I am. 

*■ Bui thfir age daet not ernni fimi the 
power ^ mot heing ««« ry with... 't.wiKko- 
ftm, to rr/«x, ffield, grant. 

' 'Er T*?! fiafiVTara ( pip9vai). 

■ TA« lA//* wliich «ra« acnttall; Mot \yf 
the Athciiiiins to UHoti. Duitug ita abftaacft 
no criminalft were exeiut* d. 

*> Vrnm what yrrtons tell mt, 

" M«y it be wilk good luck: if tke gadt 
tpiJih it («,... 

f'Hythtm: fur i«T4fiaia hat ihe natHre 
of fe coni|iar*cive, Trom C«T«p«s. /a<«r. 

f 7'Aqr leA* arc of/pointed onr tkeit mat- 

' Hut tke next to thut. 

• A It (J you term opfHtrtunelp npt /• have 
wiiktd ttw. Kiviwvw, to run tiie riak of 
beinc ili«u|{bt. 

• IJ. ix.SnS. 

" Haw »trange,\iL oMt o/tt» plaeet 
' Sot merely »He. 

• Hemdet tteittg deprived. Xmfis (tou) 

PAG£ 1«^ 

explaisiiS he adiAa a bcU» iHOwtii 


gnmnm MgarM^ Mr imb ^m^ i 

party ok ! i/ rAnF «a|rAf , i 
f /'^•r l*«y «aa m«A[« « 


<rMti^, or iri«l<rrr m^m/tru. 
^ llMt u. / gnml k. 
' Jr« yMi mmt aari iMi •• ai^ _ 

(aa^ aA refoae to Imt« Um pri^m,) I 
i Tkt m^mwenmmfmmtf mm mm kmttat 
^ Smferitt9«9kgH»l0tmm,gt*rtd^i 


• F^ we tut rigiU «• rwm tkim. thk 
mting yMi- 

» i>o aotf <to Mkenaim thaa «« aria^ 
■ Tket tktn ewe ekem^ i. r. aaay i 

briWd. «Mf lAat «r awald wf rrfairv 

wtometf to ftpcnd «/w« (Arwi. 

• Wlu£k it ik0 mmt I mm wfmm. ** 01 
fte^MJUMttmgimg.^' J'lC. 

P Tkcf. (/"yaa coaw aiK, jhw w— W 
*■«•«- trfutt to do vith yamritttf, " 'O^ 
i^' 5,Tt. i. e. wmu" im.NN. -* fr*af 
(/r(/Tia{ar a/MW< yvur ' 
trAnrrr jroa tkould 
" Whither yoH tkouifi lum i,i'>tr»e^f. ^^g 

PAGE I09. 

1 Ai/r«rf , tmrnoif^ trmmbte yon. - - 

' Kord ac. : /vV fmmr part | <M /af «• 
garde yoa. 

• Sernoua; j^ow rrpaar tktm ww tm 
ekanetj m tk'$t, wkmtevtr •fiors ti49^t 
rmndomy thut thc*f uitt do. Atmph, bd* 
!f9U cmmmit th<tr mot alt tm fetint — *"' 

pp. 110— HI.] 


%Vhtttevfr fortune offers, nhall kapprn to ft2i racBtii tni'y erttnigh : but this is bo cx- 

them. FOR. Wfiatcrer may bt thrir for' pknation. 

ttmCf they KiU have to encountfr it, DUN. p Since or (hat I am (hm^ in prison. 

* *Ey rail opi^ayiuit might hare be^u ^ It was wont to he said from ttnu to 
oodtlad, ■ince it is contsin^d in «-fp) ro'vi time. 

iffawoh: and Fk. omiis it. HA A UK. ■" Waa laying JMit now. 

* ^dnmrrd yt {tri), tjou. at ieatt it be- * Insnniuch at least a» human mattert 
kmt e t wk» ynft»», amo\tnt to, in ull hutnan pntbahilitu, vmh art 

* fitl^\p trov KaMtwipii)iStP. With tliit out of the danger of Jtjing to-murrvw. 

h would have correi{K>nded better to have < The ^tttnt diatrett cannot make yoH 

•aid kyarSpitf. rci'i rn [tnf iral] ijfitripa^ Aa err. " XlapeMpoitot. Some Mm. vapaKfwCu, 

we bav« at a linle distance a{<rx^ p ooi rt 
nai iifut'. 

* All «b« affair, ttoth the entranee of the 
acii»n into ctymrt — koir. that h, ijnu entered 
thfcnvrl, trht^ you might have utat^d ainitf. 
** El<ni0t T^f diiCTjj «if rh SMaaritpiav is 

belter : for oi>K &y itaipaKpovai is uon falleret , 
OUK iw wttpaxpovti is nonfaltut." FiSC^ 

" But onlff wnUf and otJura n4t. 

• XpflK.' 

■ *ip* {iTt)i like Ayt, come then. 

> I a&k again, upon what graandt ictrt 

vrhen the accused is admitted into conit to such things atserted ? D.'IL. 

pUad his cause, 'Cit <i'a-^\0<r was acidcd for i A man in training and who is really 

ezplaiiation^ ju»t a« its iyiyrro. Nor waa thus engaged. — 'lorpii Ace. For they jiei- 

it necessary fur Plato to refer the words to fonn these exercises either for thoir heakli, 

th« cause icielf, aad aay tkriiXdfK," FISC. or to improvo their ability. Fur the first a 

• And the tery pleading of the cauie, pbysiaan was needed, for tii« se«otid • 
how it was, i. e. the tnanner e/it. ina»ier. 

» The compute foUy of the matter : ** the * Tmirri.., p, in the «'*y it «wy atem 

most ridiculuut part of the whole affair." right to that oik person, the'$upttinlenduHt 

FOR. and an intelligtnt man. 

• Out appearing to have kept ahof. 

• If there hid been nwy. even Httk^ a$- PAGE UK 

turtance affbrdtii you on our pari, 

* Ttgetkir with the misehi^ nf Ihm^ 
L p. hurt to yourself. 

' Bol rather. 

'' The mare trouhlnome or painful to me : 

* npsutTia¥ (Jrrl) ravm, agendum sit to go through aU iiidiviJuiilly f 
heec* * If he be an intrlUgent person. 

' {lifd) Towvror aTer (^(A«r) itti9vT$au ' Thnt. which has been wont to imprave 
«u ia woa( (o be perntaded litf nothing else by justice^ but to perish by ir^justice. That 

• To b« aure : for hour can be not suffer? 

*> Whither doeu it tend, and to trhnt part 
of the posussions of U\e disobrvung imrn / 

c Are not all other thingn, br.xidcs t^ 
yu/tyit^to'ifsu, in the same predicitment, — not 


PAGE 110. 

is. tht> soul. 

' Or is this to be taken for nothittgj 

c He has just spoken of the morni part. 

he speaks now of tl»e corpurenl part of 


'■ M)) rpruv i» a SyncL^sis for nf rd» 

^. FISC. r*H> iiraUtnon^] the inteliigent. 

* Not even if it tetrifie* me (tforA) 
9Ksla*ot, IN »M#re pointt than there are now. . 

• fi«»*, »«oi< cuiiri//p. Vise. Most rt«- opposiMl to Tfiy iroAAwi'. 
mnably/fairlvi. ' Can ve surrive the corwidivn of that 

J We ttbsll do BO. t/'irrtvsMine. i Ihu is « npetition of the question, 

'' That tee ought to give heed ta some opi' the body taking now the place of its |ien- 

«t«tts of the multitude, and to others itot. plimais. 

* 8c. 4 \iya%. .* That of our possessions unhateter it is, 
" \irfOi is hero used twice, and some, about which injustice and justice are con. 

what ia different aeases: trvy *i {\4rfos) vfr*aHt,tak< ognizance : " arc preditMled^" 

iyivtTo xaT<l8i)\ar 5ti Tr«itR Kiryov ihiyt-ta : DjI. 

hut now the remark has become mani/'tst * (n»f>l)n^ar. 

that it uas spoken for mere ta